Flaming Mountains barbecue gives you a different barbecue experience

said barbecue first impression of you is not the street clean tears DC Flaming Mountains barbecue stalls, you do not like to barbecue experience. Elegant environment, fashion taste, attention to let you enjoy the taste of barbecue barbecue bring joy.

Flaming Mountains barbecue shop environment elegant, stylish and elegant decoration style, comfortable environment allows each customer to better taste the store dishes. A variety of dishes and to awaken your taste buds, let you feel the charm from the barbecue. Flaming Mountains barbecue weeks of the service with sincere, warm and elegant atmosphere, let you eat at ease, eat enjoyable! Delicious barbecue, fashionable delicacy, let barbecue become healthy and fashionable, more delicious, more healthy, well received. Delicious difficult to block, the market potential is great, unlimited wealth.

at the Flaming Mountains VS sizzied barbecue barbecue shop, colorful dishes, barbecue style encounter tongue! Let you fully feel the charm of the barbecue, wandering in the world of delicacy to extricate themselves. Fashion fish, grilled shrimp features. The store has a unique style of decoration, welcome to the young fashion you come to Flaming Mountains barbecue shop to enjoy delicious barbecue.

join advantage:

1, assist the Flaming Mountains barbecue franchisee on-the-spot investigation to find the site investigation of buildings, merchants, customers, evaluate the possibility of shop. Including turnover estimates, operating profit and loss estimates for the franchisee location reference.

2, in order to ensure the headquarters of a unified image, the design of the Flaming Mountains barbecue restaurant designed by the headquarters of the designated design paid to provide a complete renovation of the drawings, by the headquarters of qualified engineering team bidding construction.

3, in order to ensure quality, Flaming Mountains barbecue restaurant equipment unified by the headquarters.

4, before the shop to provide human resources recruitment and personnel system reference information for the Flaming Mountains barbecue franchisee, management team, the team set up the corresponding courses, the total time of 2 months.

5, shop, Flaming Mountains barbecue investment headquarters dispatched to support personnel for business support, and provide the post training kitchen.

6, before opening the shop, the headquarters for the Flaming Mountains barbecue franchisee, management team, restaurant manager, management team, staff and reception were set up the corresponding courses, qualified before passing.

7, after opening the shop, Flaming Mountains barbecue investment headquarters will continue to set up the corresponding education courses for each level of management, not a regular meeting will be held to strengthen communication with the franchisee.

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