Off-season operation should be more details in the service effort

any business will have a low season and peak season, the season does not need to do business operators, customers will continue to come. However, if it is off-season business, operators need to be able to take a more correct approach, so that the development of the business will benefit. And now how to operate the off-season business? I think retail households in addition to take time to sort out the store, but also should have a good attitude, more details in the service effort.

hospitality. The door is the guest, even if some people just look around, I will warm greeting, can not see people without the intention of buying, is indifferent. In fact, the smiling faces of retail customers, customers naturally feel comfortable, even if he does not buy your things this time, the next time there will be a demand to buy you.

sincere hospitality. Some customers even buy some small things when retailers love tiaotiaojianjian, patience and sincerity, take the initiative to recommend high quality and inexpensive goods, make it satisfied. Some customers often come shopping, retail users to communicate with them, familiar with their character, consumer preferences, so that they feel your sincerity. Sincere hospitality to win more loyal customers.

flexible hospitality. Some customers spend less 10 Fen will be very careful in reckoning, very happy, this is normal. In the face of this part of the customer, I will simply remove some of the settlement – fraction although I eat a small loss, but it can make them happy, make them more love shopping here.

the same goods, the same shop, but because of changes in sales time, resulting in business has a short season, therefore, if we want to improve the operating conditions of the off-season in a store, it may be from the service details of the above efforts, this will help to store off-season business.

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