Sichuan home venture number train start

this year to help migrant workers in Sichuan, Guizhou and other provinces have launched a new action with "home business people," trains equipped with migrant workers home. And on the train to return home entrepreneurship policies to attract more people to stay in their hometown entrepreneurial development.

1 31 am on the morning of, from Shanghai to Chengdu for the 3257 time to return home venture in the Jiangyou Railway Station after a short stop, once again set off to the end of the road. Inside, the 45 year old Li Benxue’s difficult flat, ten years he has been working in Zhejiang shoe factory in Taizhou, has decided to stay in the home next year Deyang venture, do not work to the birds".

more than and 10 years, Li Benxue with his wife has been in Zhejiang Taizhou shoe factory workers. After years of shoe making, this time, he wanted to change his identity. "Open shop, do the real shoe store in Deyang." Start when the boss’s idea, Li Benxue has been planning for a long time, "so many years, have resources, delivery is not a problem, while in the store to sell, while using the Internet to sell online, as long as the order, I can coordinate the side of the Taizhou factory direct delivery."



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