Bazhong to improve the three environment boost migrant workers return home employment

under the guidance of the policy, various provinces and cities all work at home business to boost the migrant workers, Bazhong city currently active in improving migrant workers’ entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial environment is good, I believe more and more migrant workers are confident of home business!

optimize the service environment to take the stage, guide home business. Additional public business in the city center of administrative examination and approval, the highly innovative service window, for the return of migrant workers to open "Easy Access", arrange to provide policy and regulations, business consultation, coordination office immediately, to meet the conditions of the incomplete guidance office, the special circumstances of the office; on major investment projects shall be returned office, teshiteban, early intervention, "nanny" service.

and encourage migrant workers use their technical and financial advantages, through the establishment of small and micro enterprises, farmers’ professional cooperatives to achieve business and promote other migrant workers employment. This year, a total of 151 migrant workers to help successfully bid for the company, the registered capital of $1 billion 558 million 440 thousand, to achieve employment of 2265 people.

through the mainstream media to actively promote the "double" series of preferential policies to encourage migrant workers to cultivate and promote the development of family farms, the new rural market. Has issued propaganda messages more than 70, more than 12000 copies of promotional materials for the return of the masses, eliminating confusion of more than 560 passengers, 181 passengers carry out on-site guidance.

try to optimize the business environment, protect the home business. Business, agency, by letter, science and other departments to strengthen coordination and cooperation, create the return of migrant workers to increase grassroots entrepreneurial base, support online entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial guidance; active banks and migrant workers to start a business matchmaking, matchmaking, held by fair, to build cooperation platform to success the "double" financing, stimulate vitality, guarantee business success.

currently guidance of migrant workers returning home run Pakistan Pakistan proper food series of products sales shop 12, 38 households to help migrant workers to achieve 76 million yuan financing.



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