Ye Ning to make friends with customers so that the store has more repeat customers

how to be able to retain more repeat customers, which is currently a shop in any of the business processes are extremely annoying problem. For ye Ning, he has a business law, which is to make friends with customers". It is by virtue of such a business law, only to make his business is more prosperous, repeat customers is more and more.

Wuming department store is operating a large area of the operation of the small grocery store, the boss is a young man, not a long time, but a set of their own business. 2013, actively carry out the development of modern terminal, in his words, is to enter the modern era of selling cigarettes. Install the system scanning gun, ye Ning Meizizi said: "before the purchase, the sale of tobacco, now aware of unsuspectingly. You see, we’ve got 35 more fights this month." Quite a bit proud expression, open the information system, in April the gross profit reached 10848 yuan, the purchase of the specification of the month, the monthly sales of 498, very beautiful sales performance!

filed a modern terminal, terminal management system, Ye Ning’s words more up, speak closely reasoned and well argued. He said: "the use of terminal information system, customers buy cigarettes do not bargain, I looked at the scan code, while the curious side of praise, said I was selling cigarettes with Conditions are becoming better and better., a high-tech." Ye Ning under the guidance of the client manager, the establishment of cigarette consumer profiles, watching him carefully collected dozens of consumer information, it was curious to ask him: "do this work?"

Ye Ning eyebrow pick, said: "how does not work, these customers are my parents, my shop is VIP customers, what time they come, I know what the smoke pumping." Sure enough, there are customers, ye Ning enthusiastically said: "Wang, welcome to today, or to two packs of ‘Dragon World’ right?" Smoke two handed greeting, customers sit down, pour yourself a cup of tea, opened the chatterbox.

go ye Ning shop knows, Ye Ning couple enthusiasm, careful, good popularity, many repeat customers. Asked how he sold cigarettes so well, he said: in fact, it is not so complicated, doing business is also making friends. Usually put a few chairs, bubble tea to greet customers to shop. But remember, even if it is just a quarrel with his wife, my smile is the most brilliant, the customer is interested in a certain topic, the customer happy, the smoke will sell well, come to my shop to buy tobacco customers rarely left empty handed."

Ye Ning also introduced to often come to the store to buy cigarettes and old customers, he will try to beat around the Bush, understand and collect their birthday, occupation and interest, holidays and birthdays customers hair when a message of blessing, this will let customers remember you is the one who little touches, may it adds a repeat. "I want everyone to remember my store, remember my friend!" Ye Ning >

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