Shrimp ten brand list

in a variety of snacks, shrimp’s popularity has been high, the market popularity is very high. So, shrimp which brand is better? Below, let Xiaobian to secret shrimp ten brands list, so that you can choose suitable shrimp brand, really delicious taste.

shrimp ten brands list NO.1, shanghaojia:

(China) shrimp is Oishi Oishi Limited’s well-known brand, good (Chinese) Co. Ltd. is a Philippines LIWAYWAY company in 1993 to invest in china. LIWAYWAY and Shanghai Prawn Crackers food factory cooperation project of Shanghai Chenguang Prawn Crackers Food Co. production " Gepai; " lobster slices, with new products constantly, the yield increased year after year and sold all over the world more than and 50 countries and regions. Now, the popular national Oishi shanghaojia series of puffed food has developed 100 kinds of taste, with excellent quality, moderate price and excellent service, the " " series; Oishi; leisure food sold in major city centres, favored by consumers.

shrimp ten brands list NO.2, Mimi:

Mimi shrimp Shantou SEZ Xinxing Food Industrial Co. Ltd., established in 1998, is one of the eastern region of the larger, the strength of the food company. The company’s main brand "Mimi" shrimp series, "Mimi" shrimp is support provided by the Malaysia Star Food Industrial Co. Ltd. technology.

shrimp ten brands list, NO.3 kiss:

"kiss" is the Fujian Limited by Share Ltd’s well-known brands, Fujian Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1985, specializes in the production of jelly, puffed food, seasoning, seaweed, candy, bread and other snack foods. One of the main products jelly, puffed food, spices sales and market share ranked the forefront of the national counterparts.

Over the years,

products favored by consumers, "kiss" and "jelly, puffed food seasoning, seaweed Xianggeli" were identified as "Fujian famous brand" and "Chinese brand", "Chinese green food", "kiss", "Shangri La" trademark were identified as "A Well-Known Trademark in China", "Fujian province famous trademark", "kiss" brand was awarded as "the youth favorite brand", "famous brand Chinese" and "China top 500 most valuable brands".

The company has been China

kiss Food Industry Association awarded the "China food industry outstanding enterprise", "outstanding progress in science and technology enterprise", "national excellent food industry leading enterprise" and so on, by the Fujian provincial government awarded the "Fujian province"

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