Join a chicken brand can get much profit

many places have fried chicken snacks, because people like the delicious chicken, so more and more people know that this is a small business, if you want to start, you can consider joining a chicken brand can get much profit.

Liu is a common fried chicken dishes, the ingredients of chicken meat, the main process is fried, although simple, but the taste is very delicious. Therefore, fried chicken is almost a leisure time, dinner will be a point of the project.

How about the cost and profit of

fried chicken?

as everyone knows, Liu fried chicken is a small cost of investment projects, at less cost, the profit will be prominent, it is reported that fried chicken profit of more than 50% in most. So, how specific? Please see the following details.

What is the cost of

fried chicken?

assuming that the flow of business operators, then the cost of the required less rent, renovation costs. So the biggest expenditure on equipment and material costs, we look at the following.

equipment fee: fried chicken willow trolley car equipment mainly includes cars, electric frying stove, electronic scales. According to the current market, the current EMU purchase cost should be around 2000 yuan, fryer approximately 500 yuan, 100 yuan is enough electronic scale. Therefore, the total cost of equipment for 2600 yuan.

materials: the materials mainly include fried chicken chicken, marinade, special bread crumbs, bamboo sticks, seasoning powder etc.. In general, the monthly cost should be around 3000 yuan.

What is the cost of

fried chicken? Coupled with unforeseen expenses ($500), the cost of fried chicken business should be 6100 yuan.

read the text, you will want to join a fried chicken, so today to introduce you to the fried chicken and how much does it cost, how much profit, worthy of choice, so that many people optimistic about this project.

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