What are the lightning protection methods in the history of P2P financial

P2P is now hot, suction gold P2P products many potential investors, in fact P2P investment threshold is relatively high, attracting a lot of entrepreneurs. So how to invest in P2P products to obtain higher returns while minimizing investment risk?

1. investment P2P products before learning, do not understand, do not understand, do not invest in

In the absence of a

2. do not blindly believe the security on the

platform and cheap celebrity recommendation, television advertising and reporting

blindly believe well-known platform and television reports, such as X, a financial industry in rent treasure CCTV into huge advertising costs, a business loan on the recording of television programs, many people mistakenly believe the well-known platform was mine. "In fact, with interest and well-known platform for mine or not mine never mind, the key is the ability to control their own wind, do not know what the platform, what are the danger."

3. beware of the group background and the entity’s P2P platform, which is a double-edged sword

A group of business entities and background backed platform

4. to choose the Guarantee Corporation P2P platform

P2P Guarantee Corporation, it embodies is a kind of risk sharing concept, once the borrower overdue, the third party Guarantee Corporation compensatory borrowers should have not yet all principal and interest. This does make some P2P friends eat a reassurance.

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