Let the woman lazy lured a career

compared with men, whether it is mentality, or physical quality, women have a lot of disadvantages, but this does not mean that women must be worse than men, women are not as good as men. Take business, lazy word, also can let the woman accomplish great things!

in the business sector this full of patriarchal society, there are more and more female entrepreneurs, and its achievement has become more and more important. Why can the woman man in perpendicular and horizontal on the battlefield? I think those successful women entrepreneurs must be lazy ants".

What is the

Somewhat similar to

A new thinking of

women more often than men are more careful and patient, because of this, women must become entrepreneurs is "lazy", even very lazy". Because they little attention will make many chores into chaos, the limited energy struggling to cope with the chores and a greater chance of loss.

should be the lazy ants, more important for female entrepreneurs. Because they are facing challenges in the market economy, because of their physical, psychological and family burden is heavier than male entrepreneurs, people to them, than to male entrepreneurs more demanding and not more tolerant.

But if the woman is

, pipe company, not much, as long as the first encounter failure, people would say: "this can not blame her, she shouldn’t have been in the back seat, or.

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