How much is the cost of a barbecue shop Shop budget

        how much is the cost of operating a barbecue shop? Grill the seasonless business, so many entrepreneurs of all ages, many are now ready to invest barbecue shop, of course, the grill will cost extra attention, today on the open grill the investment budget and about the profitability of small for you will introduce


        house rent

        in 30 ~ 50 square meters is appropriate, the price varies; decoration fee: 3000 yuan (simple decoration); open fee: 1200 yuan; equipment fee: 10 thousand yuan (freezing cabinet, kitchen equipment, barbecue utensils, tableware and furniture etc.); initial purchase funds: 4000 yuan liquidity: 2000 yuan. The total investment is about 25 thousand yuan.

        menstrual budget

        by 500 yuan / day, monthly gross income of 15 thousand yuan, after deducting the purchase cost, monthly rent, staff wages, utilities, taxes, general net profit of about 2500 to 5000 yuan / month, a year to recover the full cost of investment.

        open a profitable barbecue shop you, through the above shop budget, do you understand? Quick action, barbecue join more information to get a message.

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