Four key points of product marketing copywriting in network marketing

product sales copywriting, is one of the effective tools to create sales. The audience through these words, get the information they need, and then determine whether the product is worth buying. Therefore, product sales copywriting, is a major event in the network marketing. To carry out network marketing project in Tan roots has been very, pay attention to the network marketing copy writing, now share with you my sales copywriting experience.

sales copywriting, and not your good will be able to do a good job, only the basic requirements of writing skills. Sales documents generally do not need gorgeous stunning, debauch rhetoric, the most important thing is your last words summed up the point, is able to perform wonders. Seize the key points, with concise text in the core, can make products perfect role. To do this, you need to read a large number of case information to understand the product, the market, the customer, to seize the core, deepen the creative, in order to achieve results.

art, the enemy can ever victorious. Write sales copy is to do the enemy. So, Tan roots in advance, must spend a lot of time to understand the following three aspects. First, the product, two is the consumer, the three is the competitor.

first, a detailed understanding of product attributes to describe, and sorting out its features, such as selling and striking place; then, to understand consumer product groups (remember consumer products, not your customers), types and characteristics of consumer groups, such as sex, age, income, culture, life analysis of their habits, preferences and concerns; then, must understand the product in the market environment, regional characteristics, especially in this environment to understand product competition, his strengths and weaknesses compared with you where the copy should pay attention to and competitors weaknesses, complete product demand. Good copy, can not be separated from the creative. Tan roots his writing sales copywriting experience, summed up the four aspects below, we supply the exchange of learning.

a, title, is the soul of the copy

is a good copy of a very good score, then the title can be worth at least seven points. A good headline, you can instantly make readers for this copy, check out of curiosity and desire to browse; a good title, can examine real industry perspective, can be sharp words, can be from the public mind of doubt. There is no doubt that the excellent title, are derived from a deep insight into the consumer. Only with the insight of the title, so that consumers can see light suddenly xinyousuogan.

two, the text is copy of the trunk

is a good text, probably to achieve the following points: first, the key point to, let the consumer remember; two: to undertake the needs and desires of consumers, with which can meet the readers needs and desires of the benefits of the product; three: detail to describe or prove the product benefits; four: back the needs and desires of consumers again, and gives the product a commitment to consumer. The >

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