Teng million fly where the electricity supplier formally launched the seamless connection with Tongz

Teng million fly where the electricity supplier formally launched with Tongzhou Wanda seamless

[TechWeb] August 1st news reports, by the Tencent Inc, Baidu Inc, Wanda Group together to create electricity supplier fifast announced yesterday officially launched, will completely realize the integration of service line of business center. In order to allow users to be able to actually experience the convenience of the electricity supplier who brought the fly, flying where APP to do not cat home, come out hi as the theme, hand in hand, Wanda Plaza, Tongzhou, jointly launched a large-scale promotional activities in Beijing.

on the line, which will further open up the fly, Tencent, Baidu and Wanda resources for the vast number of consumers to provide the perfect experience of the scene, while creating an open platform for business management. Fifast open platform by the membership management platform, integration platform, intelligent alliance payment platform and marketing operation platform four management platform, with a large membership, integration, union card, big data and cloud platform, providing coverage, product marketing, membership, payment of the whole business management services for businesses and shopping center and in a rapidly changing Internet environment, more efficient and accurate grasp of every sales opportunity. At the same time, provide for shops, parking, queuing and wisdom film perfect experience the scene, solved by the set of intelligent hardware and software solutions, the construction of a new generation of digital shopping center, in the customer’s entire shopping journey to deliver the best experience consistent from beginning to end.

yesterday, the first to take the lead where the electricity supplier Wanda Plaza, Tongzhou seamless. Consumer Lee said that when she was on the two floor in the mobile phone on the APP with the original price of nearly $1 to grab the Xu Liushan dessert, WeChat paid, APP will guide her to the direct access to the 4 floor. In the past shopping to the point of the meal, but to find the food area needs to line up, and now I just need to open the fly in advance where the APP offer ‘gourmet’ function can be". Ms. Wang said consumers, she made an appointment on the phone in advance of a long queue, you can still continue to shop, and so on line up to their own, APP will remind".

at the end of last August, Wanda, Baidu, Tencent "Dahuo" announced a joint venture Wanda e-commerce company CEO Dong policy Wanda holding 70%, Tencent, Baidu each holding 15%, an investment 5 billion yuan. In June this year, Dong Teng million turnover policy, no new CEO business performance. Fly on the line where the electricity supplier can be said to be Wanda Group from 2012 to explore new products of e-commerce, but as of press time, Wanda electricity supplier CEO candidate has not yet been determined.

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