A 49 humorous sentence minon the classic

01. the early bird catches the worm, the early worm eaten by the bird!

02. and MM argue that whale is not a fish, and finally I said, "I also have a personal word," she agreed that whale is not a fish.
and a customer dispute com good or CN, I finally said sina is using "", she only agreed to buy

03. iron pestle can be ground into a needle, but the wooden pestle can be ground into a toothpick, not material, then it was no use trying to.

04. if there is a kind of virtue, then I would become a saint.
if the domain name registration, can sell tens of thousands, I have already become a billionaire.

05. life can not cook, all the materials are ready to the pot.

06. heard that women are like clothes, brothers like brothers. In retrospect, I actually all flurry and confusion streaking 20 years!

07. wear other people’s shoes, go their own way, let them fight to find it.
see others flicker, see others being fooled, they go down yy.

08. is a very ancient legend, that is to see the beauty of the people will be ever-young in our campus……

09. is it possible for the world’s eggs to break the stone?! So be realistic……

10. is not afraid of the tiger as the enemy, afraid of pigs as teammates! M not afraid of

11. summer is not good, I do not even have to drink the Northwest wind……

12. I had a pair of wings, but I can’t use it in the sky, but let it stew in the pot…… I have

13. water to clear there is no fish, people are invincible to the base!

14. I’m not a casual person. I’m not a casual person.


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