Return of traditional channels the sink of brand communication

when the Internet Co began collective "go to the countryside", which is a typical phenomenon of brand communication return to traditional channels. Brand communication should be based on the traditional channels to promote channel communication, and form a linkage effect.


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recently found an interesting phenomenon, the Internet Co began collective rural whitewashing. Taobao, Jingdong, 360, Yi Xin, Dangdang, jiayuan…… One after another, "go to the countryside", and that the slogan is more interesting than one.


crowd, there is a problem: why these are keen on "Internet thinking" of the company is willing to "going to the countryside"? Just want to get a gimmick, fry a? Of course not! Want to hype, social network has too much, why go to the countryside a


obviously, there is a brand communication channel selection logic. Careful friends will find, in addition to the village musicians, many of the company’s brand communication channels began to choose more focus, subway, bus stop, etc. these traditional outdoor channels.

admittedly, this is a typical phenomenon of brand communication return to traditional channels.

why traditional channels will return to


recently, and some do marketing friends chat. They are all talking about it, now more customers want them to provide creative and marketing programs based on traditional channels, and social media to do linkage. Simple social solutions, they do not pay……

after listening, had to sigh: change really too fast!

just a few years ago, micro-blog just emerging, social marketing has emerged. Most business owners began to increase the social network budget investment, which, especially micro-blog, WeChat based. It is understood that the operation of the official account and some related projects, the monthly fee B company to ten (not including the channel difference).

however, in less than 5 years, the demand of the party seems to have begun to tend to the traditional channels. Why?

first, the social marketing bubble burst. Need to explain is: social marketing bubble burst does not mean that social marketing does not exist. As long as there is a social network, social marketing will exist. Therefore, here refers to the virtual high social marketing value burst, business owners began to look at the value of social marketing.

secondly, brand communication needs to sink". When the spread of the brand began to "high", it is easy to fall into the "self perception" of the cycle, that is, communicators will see their own circle that the spread should reach the circle.

so, when you operate a micro official, it is easy to fall into the number of forwarding, the number of fans grow KPI cycle, but rarely think about who your users are, where they are, what they want… >

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