A few points of SEO knowledge that need special attention

here is a list of factors affecting the positive and negative SEO. Some of the comments on these lists will directly affect the ranking of other search engines in GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN, BAIDU, etc.. Today the first to write positive SEO translation, tiring, negative SEO day for all of you. English level is limited, we do not paizhuan.

1 ITLE among the keywords

this is one of the most important places, because the key words in the TITLE will be displayed in the page title in the search engine user search results. TITLE keywords can not be too long (2~3 phrases for the most appropriate). Score: +3

2 address of the key word


URL on your SEO with the help of a very important, for example, the http://s.nydyy.com.cn website has a name for a web service on SEO seoservices.html, this page is about seoservices, this page again using the http://s. www.nydyy.com.cn/seoservices.html form (we can also use seofuwu.html), then this behavior by the search engine will be very good, when the user through the search engine " SEO service " when the page is displayed right of priority. Try to name your web page. Score: +3

3, keyword density

another important factor, you need to check your site. 3-7% keyword search engine is the most appropriate. If you have more than 10% keywords in your web page, you need to be careful. Score: +3

4 link text

it is also very important, when you exchange links to other websites ", remember to use text links, and the link text to your website and related topics, such as hyperlinks, you click from the site, not only for your website to vote, more importantly, also you set a key vote. Score: +3

5 EAD keyword


set in HEAD, should pay attention to, don’t in order to improve search engine rankings, add some of the "irrelevant keywords, so only to increase search engine antipathy to the web page. Score: +3

6 key words in the text

if you use the first sentence in the text you want to show the key words, this is your keywords in the search engine ranking is also very helpful. Score: +2

7 LT tag keywords


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