The company network promotion effect analysis how to do Analysis of generalization data using cloud

introduction: network promotion ranking is a long-term accumulation of maintenance process, the information of Internet marketing must change rapidly, follow the pace of the Internet, so the network marketing effect evaluation is very important, that once a month to do the evaluation analysis, to understand the self covering the amount of products on the Internet and the recent dynamic competition rival


step 1: keyword search (Baidu as an example)

purpose: to find the key words, first find out 5-10 on their own industry core keywords, such as: weight loss

. Method: the search box into a drop-down box core keywords will appear in Baidu keyword, but also those customers often search, as shown in figure


. Method two: in the Baidu search box into which a core keyword search, search to the bottom of the pull, users often search keywords is shown in figure



and so on, every existing keyword can find such extended keywords, recorded as Excel, 360 (keyword search is the same, the more accurate, better promotion effect) so that each product related keywords more than 500


step two: check the company’s products in the rankings on the network

Every one of the words

used to search the search box to search in Baidu, see Baidu 1-3 page how many of your company’s information (a product or brand), the company contains links to information, the corresponding key words, the position recorded together in the EXCEL form, in order to calculate on the network ranking, Ltd. products such as: Bo Yang software — micro-blog search keywords forwarding software

Baidu query as shown: Baidu 1, page 2


record form excel diagram:


step three: check the industry’s high weight promotion channels

Every one of the words

used to search the search box to search in Baidu, see the first 3 pages are what website, for example: Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu, Baidu and other Post Bar experience is ranking the first page, good effect, links to these sites to record the corresponding keywords, all links, snapshot time records in table excel, summary of classification and counting of these links, promotion channels count the highest type weight is the highest. Through such an analysis, you can know a good promotion for their own channels of the industry, they can also do network marketing through these channels, as shown in Figure:


record form excel diagram:

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