Taobao mall deal with attacks temporarily off the cash on delivery

October 13th afternoon news, according to Taobao business seller said, in order to deal with the small sellers of brand sellers attack, part of the brand of the seller has temporarily closed cash on delivery, and no recovery time.

sina science and technology in one of the attacks on the Korean brand clothing homes found that it has stopped payment function, while the customer service staff said, no notice when to restore". Taobao mall stakeholders to confirm the above message, and said there are other measures introduced.

had Taobao mall most businesses support cash on delivery and 7 day package returned, Taobao mall price dissatisfaction of small sellers, it is attack by using the rules.

specific way: small sellers involved in the attack on the specified store centralized purchase, if the shop seller 72 hours delivery, you can apply for compensation to the Taobao mall, and shops will be penalized; if the delivery, according to the 7 day package returned right after receipt immediately apply for a refund, and unified to store ratings hit 0 points or 1 points.


starry, Ou Sha and other dozens of shops are affected by the incident, starry CEO Zhao Yingguang had sent micro-blog said: "I would say that we as ordinary businessmen, innocent? This is a non rational behavior to the healthy development of electronic commerce China, starry never bow to the network violence."

participates in the attack of small sellers said, settled in Taobao mall each year to make technical service fee, increased from 6000 yuan to 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two grades, margin also increased from 10 thousand yuan to 50 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan and 150 thousand yuan three grades. Such a rule would like to go to a lot of Taobao mall to do business outside the door of the seller, and because of dissatisfaction with the attack on the brand merchants.

although Taobao mall position has been an alarm, and never compromise malicious attacks, dissatisfied with the small sellers still through the forum, IM tools together, and attract more people to join. In addition to the false purchase of goods, they attack on Taobao through advertising, so that the advertising brand sellers pay high fees.

these involved in the attack, the seller said in an interview, they want to fight for a long time, until Taobao mall to compromise". Taobao mall President Zhang Yong said that they welcome in order to solve the problem of communication, not to disturb the market order, he stressed that dissatisfaction should not be implicated innocent brands, and said it would do its utmost to maintain the brand and business interests. (Cui Xi)

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