Adsense network broadcast WeChat public record was put on the agenda again Ali shares Suning

1.95 after basically do not use WeChat: the 13 "brain hole" data to tell you how to capture 90!  

1, after the basic, WeChat users are all 98% of adults are WeChat. The QQ community, accounting for 10-29 years of age accounted for 80%.

WeChat game features less, and based on acquaintance circle. For the love of the game, but not a large circle of acquaintances after 95, WeChat’s attractiveness than QQ to several levels of weakness. And when people are obsessed with WeChat, micro-blog, QQ has become a paradise for children.

2, in the daily shopping, 77.3% of 90 will pay attention to whether they like, the price level will be concerned about the 40.5%, the 31.9% will be affected by the recommendation of friends.

90 is a more assertive group, more from their own personal preference as a starting point for shopping. Advertising promotions, shopping guide and other external factors on their impact is relatively small.

2 WeChat public record number was again on the agenda? Netizens said again received notice  


A5 ( station network August 10th news, recently, some netizens said once again received a notice about the record number of the public network of WeChat, WeChat, or the public record was again on the agenda.

in August 7th last year, the national network information office issued the "Interim Provisions" of instant communication tool of public information service development management, the service provider in the public information service is required to obtain the qualification, emphasizes the protection of privacy of the real name registration, to comply with the seven bottom line of the public need to review the record number and restrictions on political news release and clear violations punished.

entered in 2015, Nanjing, Xinzhou, Jiaozuo, Shuozhou, Heze, Fuyang, Xuzhou and other places have started WeChat public census registration.

3.O2O entrepreneurs sad: all become "PPT speech Daren"!  

There is no doubt that O2O

in recent years has become the most popular topic in the Internet industry, various O2O venture project appeared in the major media, circle of friends, a project sponsor also released at various meetings "to subvert the industry" heroic utterance. Today, O2O projects such as leeks in general, stubble down and a new batch of projects also emerge in an endless stream emerge, rarely see the real subversive and persistence of the project, and the recent star entrepreneurial identity is "PPT Master speech", circulated a variety of entrepreneurial mind chicken soup has been seldom mentioned in the project itself.

4 network to pay for the new regulations cited multi hot industry deposit risk of 5

July 31st, the central bank "non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "draft") after the announcement, a stone arouses thousand

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