Sales password marketing is like love

Internet era, micro marketing frenzy struck, fans of the business is not easy, like love to talk about a! Dongsheng information to all marketing staff in 10 military regulations, I wish you success in love.

are you her food,


if she love high handsome rich, and you are a poor grass root, her love is about 30 years old, you are over 50, you’re obviously not her dish.

: a military enterprise should clarify your own goals (user) fans who, not to the non target user attention, otherwise empty.

two, are you ready to win her heart with sincerity?

if you really love her, you should show your sincerity touched her, rather than take the usual unconventional means to cheat her hand, either bawanggengshanggong or camouflage, the former is called rape which is called seduction, eventually will not last long.

catch two: either micro-blog or WeChat, this action is very subtle, and the relationship was consensual, enterprises can actively search to strike up a conversation, or through the activities to create opportunities, but to cheat powder and gadfly means are ultimately not long, can not really retain powder silk, their business acquisition value. And here, Dongsheng students do relatively well, there are many in their various fields have a lot of performance improvement, more students can click on the Dongsheng success stories to view information.

three, what have you got to love her?

she chose you, it must be because you have something she needs to be able to provide value for her, or some of your qualities that make her adore.

Rule three: micro-blog

or WeChat fans attention enterprise, either of these two tools provided she felt valuable information, or she itself is already support the enterprise brand, and most of the enterprises should be more through WeChat or micro-blog to provide specific attention to the value of rigid fans. Reference standard: an Dongsheng: micro marketing how to quickly attract high-quality fans

four, your image and behavior will make her hate it?

you need to show their best side in front of the person you love, just as women who have capacity for Yue, if you often sloppy and careless about dressing her out, this is a lack of respect, not to mention a good impression, to win a reputation.

catch four: layout of the decoration enterprise micro account is also very important, from the nickname, avatar, should be concise, focused, clear, marketing often start from the details, giving fans a good impression bright.

five, do you like the way she talks,


you are an easy to close, to respect others? Who do not love with a superior, opinionated people, you need equal communication with her, and pay attention to the way you speak expression.

rule five: mobile era everyone has the right to speak. "

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