Look at how technology companies sell themselves

in a professional website construction company to work, but also like many companies, there will always be many forms of marketing. Among them, there are Baidu, there are 360, there are Tencent, there are classified information sites, but also to do the domain name host counterparts, as well as recruitment sites, etc.. This is not the only one。 As a result of door-to-door sales is not much, and the phone is really a lot of sales. Analysis of their telephone marketing, and how to share the information from which to choose the effective, refused to more harassment.

, a homemade

this is usually not a telephone marketing on the telephone will be straight to the point, but the drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters to ask a lot of questions, for example "you are busy", and say "what some of your company business."…… Wait。 This way of marketing calls to get more information, and easy to narrow the distance between the two sides, it is easier for marketers to quickly understand each other’s personality characteristics in order to achieve better marketing purposes. And because there is no direct business, is also not directly refused to sell. But such calls often cause the phone side of the problem, especially when the hands of busy work, this time, you can directly ask each other what he wanted, ask directly after the decision to continue to understand it or refuse. If the other side said that just want to know the company’s information, but refused to show identity, then you can let them go to the site to see the company on the.

two, went straight to the theme of

this phone marketing can be said to be relatively simple. On the telephone, confirm the object, that identity and purpose, the other party can make quick judgment reply, are interested in continue to talk, no interest will directly hang up the phone. Generally speaking, telemarketing skills are not high sales will be used in this way, or the product price is relatively low, such as the domain name of the host space agent and sales. This method is simple and direct, but the success rate is also low, because the phone side did not leave any message to the seller, which also means that the loss of potential customers. However, some people will be smart, the customer is now not needed, but also think of ways to get to the other side of the QQ/MSN/ e-mail account, and then e-mail marketing and other marketing activities.

three, loaded passenger

usually answer the phone is the front desk / clerical / administrative department and so on, but sometimes our sales target to reach the decision makers or the relevant departments of the position is often blocked by these posts. Sales are directly rejected by the bottom staff, but in fact, the relevant departments or policy makers have such potential needs, how to do? Some people think of the customer into the form. The first is to get through the phone, and then use standard Mandarin and expression of professional and rich tone like direct to say "I’m looking for your XX (boss or a department responsible person)", if do not have much experience of customer service staff, the phone will be smooth over, if the customer service staff ask one more sentence reply to the identity of the other party, saying "I’m his client", probably can also receive.

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