Baidu the interests of the chain of Department of Putian ranked the top five customers agents

reporter Ma Xiaojia Beijing reported

51 small holiday, Wei Zexi event will Putian, the army hospital, Baidu three parties are involved in the whirlpool of public opinion.

and this event may also bring a certain impact on the market three new board, according to the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter combing, a Putian Department of hospital and business engaged in Baidu search promotion company has been dormant in the new third market.

Through the

company in the listing process of information disclosure, the company disclosed in the listing process and public listing information after the market seems to be from behind more dimensions of Wei Zexi event interest chain.

Baidu Shandong exclusive agent decryption

currently, part of the Baidu business search business promotion by a number of agencies to undertake, and this type of agency is the link between Baidu and Putian.


twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter recently to promote corporate identity call Baidu to promote customer service, also is the guide to the local station.

the staff member told reporters: "leave your company’s information, local business to undertake our business will be someone to contact you."

reporter learned that every year for the contribution of Baidu more business resources, create a local agent group is planning listed on the new board, in October 30th last year, has been the National SME share transfer system of the company (hereinafter referred to as stock transfer system) to submit the listing application materials.

According to the

group to create a public transfer instructions (hereinafter referred to as the "revolution"), the company’s main business is the search engine promotion service for Baidu, Baidu is the only supplier.

because Baidu implement regional proxy system, regional agents are only, a group’s business model for the exclusive rights to Baidu in 7 areas of Shandong region, and provide "Baidu promotion and Internet based services for small and medium enterprises in Shandong Province, in the specific transaction, the company procurement" Baidu money "sales to customers, customers through the consumption of" Baidu money "buy Baidu search engine promotion service.

A person close to the

group of Shandong to create a large brokerage investment bank branch told reporters: "a group of Baidu search engine as the general agent in the area of Shandong is ten years old, a close relationship with Baidu."

data show that in 2013, to create a group in the Baidu channel agent system in the first place in the performance rankings, in 2014 is still second cards, and is expected to be ranked in the top performance in the top two in 2015.

The close relationship between

and Baidu to create a group brought benefits — the genuine goods at a fair price in 2014 operating income of 980 million, net profit of 12 million 280 thousand yuan. In the first 6 months of last year, its operating income and net profit were $560 million and $8 million. As the sole supplier of the group, Baidu

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