CDN acceleration thematic QQ group lectures package download

        October 17th 14 PM CDN QQ,

          CDN,   accelerated download package materials;  

        webmaster friends, the afternoon of October 17th 14:00 – 15:00  us will be invited to the CDN alliance founder Mr. Huang Wangen told us a lecture about "CDN" class. CDN special lectures QQ group: 47012513    interested class webmaster friends please add group, and in 17, before 14 PM to half an hour ahead of a line to the group for training.

        CDN thematic knowledge lecture QQ group: 47012513      want to know how to improve the speed of the site to open the method of friends please do not miss it!
        each QQ group communication is always messy, always need to spend a lot of time to manage the discipline, but not T who can not let the group be quiet, in fact, we do not want to T, but there is always some people, do not discipline, today I again repeat discipline: CDN special lectures, please consciously maintain discipline, breach of law in the unconditional, direct T group, to create a good learning environment for other people!

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CDN Alliance: to build a common use push free CDN

since its birth in 1998, CDN in the past ten years in the course of the development of the peak and trough. Today, in the context of booming Internet applications, CDN began to distribute more rich and exciting content in a broader space. As a new CDN mode: CDN Alliance (CDNUnion), that is, you have to participate in the common construction, the common use of the CDN network. The traditional CDN services are set up their own node server, and then sold to users at high prices. The CDNUnion is free to provide technology, users will need to use CDN services together to form a service for everyone

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