The report says the world lost $445 billion a year in cyber crime


technology news Beijing time on June 10th morning news, the U.S. Center for strategic and International Studies (hereinafter referred to as "CSIS") report released Monday, the network crime brings about a loss of $445 billion a year for the global enterprise, including intellectual property theft loss than the loss of personal data theft.

reports that cyber crime is growing and has had an impact on trade, competition and innovation. Conservative estimates, the loss will reach $375 billion, the largest is likely to reach $575 billion. The study was funded by McAfee, a network security company.

cybercrime is a tax on innovation, because innovation and reduces the rate of return to investors, so it slowed down the pace of global innovation." CSIS Jim · (Jim Lewis) said in a statement, "for the developed countries, the network crime will have a serious impact on employment."

the study also found that the rampant crime in the Internet, the world’s largest economy bear the brunt of the United States, China, Japan, Germany, the annual economic losses suffered by $200 billion.

global annual credit card data theft and other personal information related to the loss of $150 billion.


report found that about 40 million Americans have suffered from the theft of personal information, accounting for about 15% of the population of the United states. The important network crime also affected 54 million people in Turkey, Germany’s 16 million people, China’s about 20000000 people.

Intel’s McAfee said that international cooperation is to strengthen the network has begun to gradually reduce the crime rate, for example, multi-national joint police last week destroyed a network of criminal gangs, the gang infected hundreds of thousands of computer through the main Gameover Zeus software. (Yu


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