Taobao daily independent P over 40 million target this year, 80 million


Taobao CFO, Taobao mall supervisor Zhang Yong


technology news April 28th afternoon news, Taobao CFO, Taobao mall director Zhang Yong said today in 2010 China B2C e-commerce summit, Taobao is currently the number of independent access to the user IP every day has reached 40 million, the Alibaba group senior vice president and general manager of YAHOO Chinese Wang Shuai in the micro-blog Taobao revealed that this year’s goal is to achieve 80 million.

2010 Chinese B2C e-commerce summit held in Beijing today, will be on the Taobao CFO, Taobao mall director Zhang Yong made "Taobao mall pioneered by Taobao B2C new era" keynote speech, he’s revealed for the first time that Taobao is currently the number of users IP has more than 40 million independent daily trading volume, far more than the Jingdong Taobao mall online shopping mall other competitors, but did not disclose the specific amount of the transaction.

Zhang Yong said that Taobao mall this year’s goal is to increase sales at the end of the year than the same 5 times. Wang Shuai, senior vice president of Alibaba group and YAHOO, general manager of China’s Sina in its micro-blog (http://s.t.sina.com.cn) revealed the goal of Taobao users need to visit this year.

, I also leak it, this year’s index of 80 million independent ip." Wang Shuai said in micro-blog, which is the goal of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma issued.

according to public information, 2009 taobao.com the number of users reached 170 million, turnover more than 200 billion yuan, but also help create 808 thousand and 800 direct and full employment opportunities, lead logistics, payment, marketing and other industry chain employment opportunities 2 million 305 thousand and 100.

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