Transfer category business point 100 bankruptcy is looking for buyers

in extensive network Beijing on March 7th news (reporter Wu Chengbo) according to voice of the economy, the "world" report, e-commerce industry to voice of the economy, said: "the apparel business" point 100 "currently facing bankruptcy transfer, buyers are looking for. In order to understand the truth of the matter, the "world" to "point 100". The current executive confirmation, the other is neither admitted nor denied, but said, send e-mail to reporters, but did not say the email address, hastily hung up the phone. Thus, the reporter went to interview the Yao point 100, a former executive Chen, Chen confirmed the authenticity of the news.

Yao point 100 was founded in 2009, the company is headquartered in Shanghai. In 2010, "Yao point 100" won Qiming Baidu Inc and fashion brand Daphne investment. In August last year, has been trying to test the waters of China’s e-commerce market, the international chip giant Intel, also to Yao point 100 injected their own funds. "Yao point 100" executives believe that the reason why Intel watch "Yao point 100", a "e-commerce platform" point 100 "independent research and development of the electronic commerce department; two is the company’s core team has many years of rich management experience.

Yao point 100 former executive Mr. Chen, is leaving the company in February of this year, it should be said that he is "Yao point 100" very understanding of the situation. According to him, Intel said it would invest ten million, but in the end it should not be implemented. Although we are relatively optimistic about the early Yao point 100, but did not expect it to be able to operate late:

Chen: the first investment is the investment of Yao Ming, Baidu and Daphne are late in additional, probably at the end of last year may July, August Intel over investment, that is for 10 million, but the specific 10 million should be not implemented in the technical field of Yao point in the background, because Baidu investment in it, the technology is not much problem, before you over optimistic, because the Taiwan YAHOO in the B2C is still doing well, because it is this part of the whole team from YAHOO this piece, then we are more optimistic about the early, but not late this operation might be the early assessment of possible differences should be like this the.

Chen said, "Baidu investment" point 100 "is mainly for traffic, while Daphne involved, mainly because the relationship between Taiwan," Yao point 100 "management team from YAHOO Taiwan company.

Chen: Baidu is more optimistic about this piece of electricity supplier, the original investment music cool days, Baidu investment is the return on investment for the final platform. This is basically YAHOO people here, then they may be in the use of Taiwan’s resources in the department store, the use of various resources to pull him over investment, before everyone on the stage are relatively optimistic about the electricity supplier, this may especially as Daphne is trying to invest, Baidu is a >

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