Taobao will be announced on the 15 Taobao app store Taobao box

January 11th news, informed sources revealed to TechWeb, Taobao will be announced on the 15 of this month, Taobao App Store – Taobao box. This means that Taobao open platform is entering a new stage of development.

TechWeb get a data show that in June 22, 2009, TOP (Taobao Open Platform, Taobao open platform) Beta release. At the end of September 1, 2009 -12, based on the application of TOP design and development of the "win in Taobao" contest in the curtain, guide and encourage developers using TOP provided by API to provide innovative applications and services for Internet users. A total of more than 3 thousand and 600 people signed up to win in Taobao". January 2010 win in the Taobao contest in the top 30 outstanding works will become the first settled in Taobao box application.

informed sources, said TechWeb, the first batch of Taobao box settled applications, Taobao will be massive users to promote and operate.

it is understood that, in September 2008, Alibaba announced the launch of the big Taobao strategy. In this strategy, 5 billion yuan of financial support as well as the combined operation of the advertising business brothers Ali mother is the highlight of the two. Big Taobao is to do e-commerce service provider for all e-commerce participants to provide water, electricity, gas and other basic services. This is like some places in the investment before the first to achieve the "three links one ping", provide a good production and living environment, then you can come into the nest, a prosperity.

industry insiders believe that the Taobao app store launch is an important measure for the development of the open platform, means entering a new stage of development, which is the specific implementation of Alibaba Taobao strategic performance.

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