Electricity supplier system evaluation a small business and a small Jingdong contrast

Chinese in changing the pattern of the electricity supplier, at the same time, the electricity supplier system service industry is also accelerating reshuffle, now it seems that once relevant industry ECSHOP system a huge amount of users from a simple B2C market, gradually evolved into a self owned and merchants settled in the business model, which is B2B2C, and currently on the market the fire also belong to "taking a large" and "small Jingdong" in paragraph two of this system. The author is an electricity supplier system enthusiasts, from the ECSHOP era has been to today, the big business creation and small Jingdong have been studied, in this I would like to share with you my views on these two products.

these two systems can now be free trial, interested friends can go to the official download and install their own.

below, the author of the following two aspects of the parties to the product comparison, I hope to give the electricity supplier system is to choose a friend to provide a reference:

main functions:


‘s record" and "small Jingdong" by merchants settled in features, but the two systems are somewhat different, generally a large business function is more abundant, and the small Jingdong function relatively simple, the current location, a large business is suitable for large, have on downstream resources enterprise. The small Jingdong for start-up companies or individual entrepreneurs.

1-1, merchants settled module

‘s record of the merchants settled in module is more complex, in addition to the standard upload documents, also need to upload industry specific proof, such as food inspection and quarantine marks and so on, and the whole process settled a number of steps.

foreground process:

big business set up a front desk guide settled into clear guidance, and can view the progress of the settlement, at any time to understand.


background control:

merchants settled process management, there is no need to shut down the module can be hidden.


settled business audit, distribution rights, clear list, easy to operate.


small Jingdong settled in the business than a simple, as long as one step can be more convenient for those individuals settled settled merchants. Of course, the deficiency is the platform of the party may encounter a lot of non qualified black merchants settled, settled in the business will feel no sense of security.


settled in the foreground process can not be fixed.


settled merchants list is simple, the search function is not strong enough to create a big business.

1-2, platform and merchant settlement management module


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