The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! November 2019 Disney Outlet Store Photo Report

first_imgLet’s take a quick run out to CALIFORNIA and see what @ChristelaMcC found in the Outlets closer to Disneyland. Keep in mind that Christela had a baby THIS VERY MONTH, yet her dedication to you – Dear Reader – had her out at the Outlets. That is the type of dedication and work ethic generally only seen in Florida theme park bloggers, so for this month Christela is an honorary Floridian and gets all the perks and privileges that comes with (premium parking at Publix, the right to keep your turn signal while driving on for two hours, and membership into the Bath Salt of the Month Club).Unfortunately for those at the California outlets, they got a sneak peek of what we are about to be deluged with down here in Florida: 2019 branded items.First up is the lanyard and pin starter set. I like the simplicity of the 2019 pin designs. Originally $29.99, marked down to $8.99. The lanyard pouch. Original price $8.99, marked down to $1.99. With the effective end of most people using actual Disney “tickets” and paper Fast Passes being a thing of of the past, I’m not quite sure what most Disney guests would need a lanyard pouch for. Show me the lie.Okay, with that out of the way let’s hit some merch. First up, a pair of items marking the end of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. Have to say that I was never a big fan of IllumiNations, but I also understand we’ll probably never get another show like it. Have to say that watching The Imagineering Story on Disney+ really hits the point home for what EPCOT was supposed to be compared to what it has become. Anyhoo, this glow in the dark shirt was originally $24.99, now $5.99.The “farewell” hat was reduced to $5.99.November at the Outlets means you’ll find plenty of Halloween themed items, including this “candy corn” spirit jersey. Reduced to $24.99.Spirit jersey. (photo by Ben Wszalek)This shirt was sold at this year’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Originally $34.99, now $9.99.MNSSHP. (photo by Ben Wszalek)Can you imagine paying the original price of $9.99 for a SLAP BRACELET? That is next level bonkers. The top side of the slap bracelet has the Disney characters in Halloween outfits while the bottom side has the phrase “Are you SCARED of the park?” No. I’m scared of the PRICE.Slap bracelets. (Photo by @DreamfinderGuy)Plenty of Halloween themed pins were available. Originally $17.99, now $6.99. I guess these are targeting people who “have” to collect everything because they are pretty awful. You “open” the pin to reveal the picture of the character who’s silhouette is on the front.Halloween pins. (photo by @DreamfinderGuy)Such as Jafar…Jafar pin. (photo by @DreamfinderGuy)Or Ursula. You know what, if Disney wants to sell really scary pins, how about making one for Flounder in that Little Mermaid live show.I feel like that saying on the left is trolling the people who actually paid full price. (photo by @DreamfinderGuy)There were several particularly AWFUL hats this month, including this Maleficent-themed “I’m a monster at heart” one. Originally $27.99, now $7.99.Maleficent. (photo by @DreamfinderGuy)Get a load of this. Originally $27.99, now $12.99.It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. (photo by Ben Wszalek)Dooney and Bourke bag featuring the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. Originally $288, now $133.99. America must be a fascinating country to try and understand for anyone who lives outside of it. We have stories of massive college debt, homeless people, and countless people using places like GoFundMe to pay medical bills… yet we have plenty of bags like this for $300.Hocus Pocus. (photo by Ben Wszalek)Bag themed to the Grape Soda pin from Pixar’s Up. Originally $75, now $34.99.This Haunted Mansion bag had a lenticular photo of the hitchhiking ghosts on it. Originally $19.99, now $9.99.Here’s something I don’t understand and maybe one of our fine women readers can clue me in. We have a pizza-themed bag here. Okay, maybe I could see a young kid walking around with this, but the originally price was $74.99! It’s been reduced to $36.99. There’s also anti-theft tags on it. WHO IS STEALING THIS BAG?!!!Pizza. (photo by Ben Wszalek)Whoever can explain why any adult would buy the bag above, can they also explain how this Mad Tea Party is used? Seems like the most impractical purse/bag ever made. Originally $19.99, now $9.99.More questions. My original guess is that this was a Dole Whip themed bag. But Dole Whips aren’t served with a cherry. Neither is just regular soft serve ice cream. So what is this supposed to be? Originally $19.99, now $9.99.A Mickey Bar bag. Originally $19.99, now $9.99. As you can see, even Disney is billing them just as “Disney Souvenirs,” so maybe even they know they aren’t actually useful for anything in the Real World.Speaking of Mickey Bars, here’s a giant plush of one. Originally $27.99, now $9.99. For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, Mickey Bars are my “trigger” ice cream because I pay more for them that any other place in the world.Plush Mickey pretzel. I bought one of these for a Christmas present for the kiddos. Mickey pretzels are one of our go-to snacks at the parks. Originally $14.99, now $9.99.I was THIS CLOSE to picking up the plush pizza slice. Originally $27.99, now $9.99.Plush Dole Whip swirl. This was a “scented” plush, like how they had Lotso bear plush smell like Strawberries when Toy Story 3 came out. Originally $27.99, now $9.99.Dole Whip dress for kids or adults like @JLap64 of the Disney Moms Panel. Note no cherries on any of these Dole Whips. Originally $78, now $24.99.Dole Whip Mickey ears. Originally $19.99, now $7.99. Imagine walking the parks and seeing someone wear this.Much better looking Rainbow ears. Originally $19.99, now $7.99.Rainbow. (photo by Ben Wszalek)Mardi Gras-themed Mickey headband. Originally $19.99, now $7.99. I appreciate a good pun, and this Dumbo hat delivers.Love Finding Nemo, don’t love this hat. Would make a great luggage tag design though. This hat was reduced all the way down to $4.99.Back up to $7.99 for this Queen of Hearts one targeting the Millennial crowd.Another cute one featuring Flower from Bambi.This Beast hat below may be the worst hat Disney ever made. Almost like something you could win in some cheap carnival game at your state fair.Genie hat. I like the detail of the earring.In a previous edition of the Outlet Report we covered the cool Genie lamp tea set that were originally $60 being brought down to $24.99. They also have a more golden Genie Lamp that is $59.99. Not sure of original price but probably close to $100. Note the typo on Aladin. Ready for an onslaught of Disney hats? All were reduced to $7.99. First up are a couple themed to Mickey Mouse.I liked this Timothy J Mouse one.This Mad Tea Party one is certainly something. Share This!Welcome to the latest edition of The Magic, The Memories, and Merch!, the longest running monthly look at the Disney Outlet Stores in Orlando.  We have “Bargain” Ben Wszalek covering Vineland and myself – Discount Derek – at I-Drive (addresses are at the end of every report) and we are here to give you the Outlet Report you really want totally deserve. This month we even have some extra special assistance in Orlando courtesy of Outlet Intern @Dreamfinder_Guy. Of course Christela “Clearance” McC is also here with a look at some Outlet items from out in California.Enough jibber jabber! Ready to see what we we found? Alright, let’s go!First, let’s start off with a recurring theme that we have been seeing over the past few months. People going to the Disney Outlet Stores and thinking, “what happened?!!!” 2019 cinch bag. Original price $19.99, marked down to $7.99. We can definitely appreciate that this is themed to Disneyland and not “Disney Parks” in general. It’s nice seeing thins like Monstro and Grizzly Peak in the designs.Not a snow globe in general, but I like this one. Originally $16.99, down to $3.99 The 2019 photo frame original price category TEAL, marked down to $3.99.The 2019 backpack is certainly too “busy” for my taste, but again I like that it’s branded to Disneyland specifically. Originally $39.99, marked down to $10.99No idea who is buying stuff like the 2019 light up lanyards. Original price category ORANGE, marked down to $7.992019 Disneyland keychain with space mountain, fun wheel, grizzly peak and castle charms. Original price category RED, marked down to $3.99.Nana Limited Edition plush. Original price $27.99, marked down to $8.99.“Limited to the amount we can sell.”That’s it from California. Before we head back to Florida we would like to send a big CONGRATS to Christela and thank her for adding another person into this world who will shortly be standing in front of us in line at the Outlets.Okay, we’re back in Sunny Florida. We’ll start off with our plush, which is a Food & Wine Minnie Mouse.Originally $16.99, now $9.99.Food and wine. (photo by @DreamfinderGuy)There’s a cottage industry on Etsy filled with people who took the concept of Disney buttons and made their own version. So then Disney went and made their own version on those people’s buttons. It’s like the movie Inception for bad merchandise. Originally $9.99, now $1.99.More buttons. Same price.Mary Poppins pin set. Originally 14.99, now $6.99.This pin set is based on Disney video games on the old Nintendo Entertainment System. You can see Goof Troop and TaleSpin below done in “8 bit” graphics. Pretty cool. What doesn’t make sense is the controller that “hangs” off.  Just odd. Reduced to $6.99.Disney Afternoon! (photo by DreamfinderGuy)Frozen character crayon set. Originally $19.99, now $7.99.  Not sure if the Orange Anna crayon is a “spoiler” for Frozen 2.More Disney pillow pets (they are called something like Dream Lites.) Here we have Sven from Frozen and Dumbo. Both were reduced to $14.99. Picked up a Dumbo for one of the kiddos.Plush Marshmallow from Frozen. Originally $24.99, now $16.99.Over five years ago I did my first ever “live tweeting from the Magic Kingdom” under the @TouringPlans Twitter handle. Everything was fine until I got to the Merchant of Venus gift shop in Tomorrowland and referred to the plush below as Pink Stitch. Long story short, that was the last time I live tweeted from the @TouringPlans account. Originally $27.99, now $9.99.Here we go. One of my all time FAVORITE characters in all of Disney lore is the “dog with a key” from Pirates of the Caribbean. If he’s on a piece of merchandise, I’ll buy it, that’s my policy. Here we have the dog Wishable. I think this was originally $9.99, but now only $2.99.This Cinderella Castle water globe was originally $54.99, now $19.99. There wasn’t one out of the box so I don’t know if it works like a “snow globe” or if it’s literally just a castle inside a dome of water that you look into. Who knows. What we do know is that even this castle is bigger than the real one inside the Disneyland park out in California.Here’s another item that I was SO CLOSE on buying. A pirate ship playset featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto in pirate outfits. This was originally $54.99, reduced to $24.99. I think it if was down to $19.99 I wouldn’t have thought twice.Looking closely at the back of the box now I see Pluto is dressed as the “dog with a keys” character so you can probably imagine THE REGRET I FEEL NOW.How ridiculous does this look. Kids watch the movies and cartoons and know what things should look like. In no Star Wars movie is there a tie fighter where the pilot is standing halfway outside the ship. Originally $29.99, now $14.99.Plenty of Star Wars stuff at the Outlets, most of it pretty bad.Let’s start off with Vinylmation featuring The Last Jedi. I didn’t even know they were still making Vinylmation. The “Mickey mold” is just horrendous for stuff like this because they just add on the ears and don’t know what to do with them. Originally $14.99, now $6.99.High end Star Wars action figures from the “black” series. These were REDUCED to $19.99, so who knows what they originally cost.The two figures below were die-cast metal. Originally $29.99, now $12.99. You can make the case that there would be a market for C3-PO figures, but that droid on the right? WHHAAAAAAAAAT?!!!!Star Wars. (photo by Ben Wszalek)Here’s a couple magnet sets. Both were originally $9.99 reduced to $1.99. Set on the left is themed to Minnie Mouse and trying to imagine the potential serial killer perfectly sane person that would want a magnet of Minnie’s skirt. I bought the “Mickey kitchen” set on the right for a stocking stuffer.Several MagicBands arrived, each reduced to $7.99. First up, Fox & the Hound.And we got Emperor’s New Groove. Anger from Inside Out.I’m sure there is a story behind this Disney key set, but I don’t know it. Reduced to $4.99.I was actually pleasantly surprised with the new “live action” Lion King remake. I was watching the movie wondering how they would be able to do the “dress up in drag and do the hulu” moment, and I audibly laughed out loud when that scene came on. Just an insane idea and I loved it. Not sure why ANYONE would want the Funko Pops below based on the movie, but they were originally $14.99, now $6.99.This postcard is GORGEOUS. The print is called “Belle in the library” by artist Hediun June Kim. It was the non-discounted price of $5.99.This postcard was also $5.99 and was also FANTASTIC. The title was “Magic on Main Street” by artist Fenway Fan.The art is so good that the coffee mug with it was only reduced to $9.99 instead of the $5.99 the million other coffee mugs are priced at. Originally $15.99.Mickey Mouse tumbler with built in straw. Originally $17.99, now $4.99.Does the person who would buy the bookends below actually be someone who reads enough books that they need bookends? Let’s be real. Originally $34.99, now $14.99. These bookends should be holding up the notebooks that they find in John Doe’s apartment in Se7en.Themed socks are all the rage this year. Originally $9.99, now $3.99.Who’s ready for some Cruise Line merch from the Disney Wonder sailings to Alaska?! I absolutely adore Mickey in his fisherman (or whatever it is) outfit. This shirt was originally $21.99, now $10.99.More stuff from ALASKA!Alaska sailing coffee mugs. Originally $19.99, now $9.99.If I were on the Alaska sailing, have to say I probably would have bought this E-Ticket magnet that looks like a tree stump. Even though I know that EVERY ITEM FROM THE CRUISE LINE ALWAYS GOES TO THE OUTLETS. Originally $14.99, now $5.99.This is a cute fleece throw I would have grabbed if I didn’t already have way too many Disney fleece throws. Reduced to $9.99.I guess this is the new logo of the Disney Cruise Line? Or maybe an old logo I never noticed? I’ll have to consult with Captain Cruiseline @TheDCLBlog to get an answer on this. Anyway this travel blanket was originally $59.99, now $35.99. If you’re wondering if I bought a “travel blanket” for $35, just know that I think we bought one off Southwest airlines on a previous flight for $5 and I feel I need to keep reusing that to justify the money.I couldn’t even figure out what this was supposed to be. Maybe it’s some sort of medal they give you once you sail with Disney more than 100 times. Reduced to $5.99.Jacket from the “Magic of Europe” sailing. The sleeves can be taken off the jacket. Originally $110, now $32.99. Almost bought it just on principle. Not every day I’d see a windbreaker that costs over $100. It would be like shopping for sneakers at the store in Disney Springs run by Michael Jordan’s son that already went out of business.Did you ever think you’d see a uniform from PALO at the Disney Outlet Store? Originally $64.99, now $31.99. Apparently these are from a “Be Our Chef” gimmick that guests could do on the Disney Fantasy.Would love to see more Roger Rabbit-themed merch, like this Jessica’s Diner shirt.  Originally $24.99, now $9.99.What does Jessica Rabbit have to do with a diner though?! (photo by Ben Wszalek)LOVE this graphic of Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto. It’s a Disney white shirt though, so you could basically put a magazine underneath it and still be able to read it. Originally $34.99, now $12.99.The rare Toy Story Land shirt. Originally $24.99, now $12.99. Notice they didn’t show Wheezy’s microphone cord that has been fixed with duct tape.Cute Monsters, Inc shirt. Originally $24.99, now $9.99.Fantasyland sequin shirt. Originally $24.99, now $9.99. Might want to buy one of these for every one you know who thinks Rise of the Resistance is going to open up this week and run flawlessly.Some princess-themed shirts. Belle shirt on left was originally $34.99, now $12.99 while Jasmine-themed shirt on right was originally $34.99, now $14.99.Two more shirts for Jasmine and Belle, these were both originally $39.99, now $14.99.Here’s a shirt for the all-time books. It says “In my defense I’m a princess” but the only way to read what it says would mean getting so close to the woman wearing it that you’d be #MeToo’d off the face of the planet. Originally $29.99, now $9.99.Minnie Balloons tank top for kids. Originally $24.99, now $9.99.Haunted Mansion t-shirt. “Cast Member” tag says Ghost Host. Originally $29.99, now $9.99.1971 shirt from the Tom Corless Collection, originally $59.99, now $17.99. The perfect shirt to wear when at Animal Kingdom and requesting a personal ride vehicle at Dinosaur. White polo on the left was originally $44.99, now $12.99.What is going on here?!! Originally $42.99, now $19.99.Park Hop ‘Till You Drop hoodie. Price? Well, you see…For some reason my phone was having a “delay” in taking pictures with my phone. I’d hit the button to take a photo, but it would be a couple seconds before the “snap” sound would be heard. Several times I had already started putting the item on the shelf. So my camera roll was filled with shots like this, and a couple I didn’t notice until too late.These are “4 Piece Layette Set.” Today I found out the word “layette” exists. I don’t know what it means, but at least I know it exists. Both sets were originally $49.99, now $19.99.Layette! (photo by Ben Wszalek)Here’s a look inside the it’s a small world’s a small world LAYETTE. (photo by Ben Wszalek)And the Dumbo one.Let’s end on an item that perfectly showcases my relationship with the Disney Outlet Store Photo Report.In this metaphor, I’m Pinocchio.Hold on, what is this sign on the outside at the Outlets?My thoughts on seeing that sign?SEE YOU NEXT MONTH!There are actually two Disney outlet stores in Orlando. Both are in Orlando Premium Outlet shopping complexes, and they are called Disney’s Character Warehouse, presumably because The Land Of Misfit Toys was already trademarked. There is one Character Warehouse located on International Drive close to Universal Studios (4951 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819), and the other is on Vineland Avenue, right across I-4 near the exits to Disney World (8200 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821). They do not ship. There are items at the Outlets that you can buy both in Disney stores along with the Shop Disney Parks app, but you will be paying full retail for the items. For our CALIFORNIA OUTLET trips, @ChristelaMcC goes to the Las Americas outlet in San Diego. It is located right off the last U.S. exit.I often get asked “which store is better?” That depends. Vineland is close to Walt Disney World, while the I-Drive location is a hop, skip, and jump away from the Universal Orlando Resort. The Vineland Disney Outlet Store is much, MUCH bigger than the I-Drive location. However, the Vineland outlets in general are much, MUCH busier than I-Drive. Each have their pros and cons, and ultimately they carry much of the same items. For a Disney Outlet Store FAQ, check out this SATURDAY SIX Presents: Everything You Wanted To Know About The Disney Outlet Stores (But Were Afraid To Ask)Previous editions of Magic, Memories, and Merch: July 2013, August 2013, September 2013, October 2013, November 2013, December 2013, January 2014, February 2014, March 2014, April 2014, May 2014, June 2014, July 2014, August 2014, September 2014, October 2014, November 2014, December 2015, January 2015, February 2015, March 2015, April 2015, May 2015. June 2015, July 2015, August 2015, September 2015, October 2015, November 2015. December 2015, January 2016, February 2016, March 2016, April 2016, May 2016, June 2016, July 2016, August 2016, September 2016, October 2016, November 2016, December 2016, January 2017, February 2017, March 2017, April 2017, May 2017, June 2017, July 2017: The FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY special, August 2017, September 2017, October 2017 (tribute to the O.O.G.), November 2017, December 2017, January 2018, February 2018, March 2018, April 2018, May 2018, June 2018, July 2018 (FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY special with the introduction of the OUTLET HALL OF FAME), August 2018, September 2018, October 2018, November 2018, and December 2018, January 2019, February 2019, March 2019, April 2019, May 2019, June 2019, and July 2019 (SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY), August 2019 (major changes come to Outlets), September 2019 (camera hat) and October 2019.We also did an edition of Magic, Memories, and Junk for a non-Disney owned Outlet Store, and for you merch addicts like myself, you may also enjoy a look at the official Disney merchandise available on the Disney Cruise Line, Castaway Cay, and at the Orlando International Airport. Want to see our favorite WDW resort-specific merchandise? Well, CLICK HERE!If you liked what you read here, you may enjoy THE SATURDAY SIX articles every week on the blog and you can follow your humble author on Twitter (@derekbugan).last_img read more

Forget Bitcoin: There’s A Better Model For Mobile Money

first_imgRelated Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Bitcoin has all the buzz right now. But there’s another financial innovation that could have a far more meaningful impact on the lives of billion of people without bank accounts across the world.In 2007, two years before the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the original proposal for Bitcoin, Safaricom, a Kenyan telecommunications company effectively controlled by Vodafone, launched M-Pesa, a service that let anyone with an active cell-phone line send and receive money instantly.Coin Of The Unbanked Realm“Pesa” means money in Swahili, and M-Pesa, short for mobile money, has become synonymous with money in Kenya. M-Pesa transactions accounts for 40 percent of the gross domestic product. It has spread beyond Kenya’s borders to South Africa, Afghanistan, India, and most recently Romania. It doesn’t require smartphones; it works on the very basic so-called “feature” phones that are common in the developing world. If you can send a text message, you can bank with M-Pesa.M-Pesa has enabled millions of the unbanked to emerge from subsistence living into the makings of a middle-class life. Being able to get paid dependably and store up assets is something we take for granted in the West, where parents often open up savings accounts for their kids as an introduction to the modern financial system.Bitcoin is the answer that Silicon Valley is putting forward for the 70% of the world that is unbanked. It’s easy to understand why entrepreneurs and investors are charmed by the technical elegance and openness of Bitcoin, which provides both a decentralized system for transactions and its own form of stored value.Therein lie two key differences between M-Pesa and Bitcoin:M-Pesa works with existing national currencies, making it far simpler to withdraw and spend.M-Pesa is controlled by Vodafone, whereas Bitcoin is an open technology.The AOL Of Mobile Money?Could M-Pesa be the AOL of mobile money—set to become big for a brief period, only to be overtaken by more open technologies?It’s hard to remember how powerful AOL once was compared to its current reduced state. At one point, half of all American households on the Internet used its dial-up service to get online.AOL was criticized for being a “walled garden” which offered its own content and services, like news, shopping, and email. Early on, that all-in-one service was highly successful. Ultimately, it was defeated by broadband providers which simply provided high-speed Internet access to any websites people wanted to visit.“AOL served a very useful purpose and became a hugely valuable business,” Blocktech CEO Devon Read, a Bitcoin entrepreneur, told me recently. He’s obviously a fan of the metaphor. But it strikes me as damning M-Pesa with faint praise.There are four reasons why this way of thinking about M-Pesa could be wrong:Adoption drives innovation. Now that millions of people use M-Pesa, entrepreneurs are creating new M-Pesa related services in areas such as lending and remittances.M-Pesa fits within existing regulatory structures. Initially, banks tried to stop M-Pesa, but they’re now partnering with Vodafone in places like India.M-Pesa is designed for mobile, and it’s clear how to use it. Until recently, Apple banned Bitcoin apps from its App Store. There’s a confusing array of Bitcoin-related apps, some of which store bitcoins, others of which facilitate transactions, and they all present different interfaces to consumers.Retail adoption. There are 40,000 M-Pesa agents in Kenya, small retail outlets that are effectively bank branches for the unbanked. This means M-Pesa works well in the physical world, where cash still dominates.Bitcoin transactions are theoretically instant—but only theoretically. In practice, to have any confidence that a transaction has gone through, you may have to wait hours. In the meantime, it’s possible to spend bitcoins twice. Call it Schrödinger’s currency.M-Pesa avoids the double-spending problem by having a central authority—in this case, Vodafone or its subsidiaries.It’s up to Vodafone if it wants to avoid M-Pesa becoming the AOL of mobile money. Vodafone has more than 400 million customers worldwide, but that’s a small percentage of the world’s global mobile users. As of March, only 17 million of them used M-Pesa. Vodafone will never reach the billions of unbanked who need it if it limits M-Pesa to its own markets.So it will have to let M-Pesa free, either by open-sourcing it or licensing it on very fair, simple terms. It can still make plenty of money processing M-Pesa transactions on its own networks, as well as swapping M-Pesa for voice minutes or mobile data fees. It could even reach some kind of accommodation with Bitcoin: Kipochi, a Bitcoin wallet, allows users to transfer their balances into M-Pesa.Battlefield IndiaIndia is the best country to watch Bitcoin battle M-Pesa. India is a far bigger economy than Kenya; it is one of the big emerging economies that all global companies target.Today, Indians love gold. For many of the same reasons—distrust of the government’s stewardship of the rupee, among others—many people in India want Bitcoin to succeed. And yet at some point they’ll need to spend bitcoin on food. Sure, you can buy pizza with bitcoin in Mumbai, but many Indians will want to send money back to their parents in rural villages, and that will have to be in a form that local merchants will accept.Vodafone is a big player in India but also has competitors both big and small. Nobody in India wants the unbanked market controlled by one company. So this is one market where Vodafone may need to give their precocious child some more independence. If Vodafone does this in India, then the M-Pesa revolution has a good chance of sweeping the world, leaving Bitcoin as a fascinating footnote in the history of digital money. Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagementcenter_img Tags:#bitcoin#Contributed#currency#digital currency#M-pesa#mobile money#Mobile Payments#money#Safaricom#Vodafone The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology bernard lunnlast_img read more

Puerto Rico ~ Corporate Income Tax: First Circuit Affirms Puerto Rico’s Corporate AMT Violates U.S. Constitution

first_imgThe First Circuit Court of Appeals, affirming a U.S. district court decision, has found that parts of Puerto Rico’s corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT) violated the U.S. Constitution. The district court had held that it had jurisdiction and enjoined the enforcement of the AMT.The First Circuit addressed three threshold matters relating to jurisdiction. The court found that (1) the taxpayer had standing to bring the suit, and that the case was sufficiently ripe; (2) the district court had jurisdiction in the case; and (3) the principle of comity did not compel the federal court to abstain from exercising jurisdiction.The First Circuit agreed with the district court that the amended AMT was facially discriminatory. The dormant Commerce Clause precludes a state from taxing a transaction or incident more heavily when it crosses state lines than when it occurs entirely within the state. For the measure to pass muster under the dormant Commerce Clause, Puerto Rico needed to show that there were “no other means to advance [the] legitimate local purpose.” According to the First Circuit, the amended AMT was a blunt and unnecessarily over inclusive approach to combatting profit-shifting abuse. It essentially established an irrebuttable presumption that all intercorporate transfers to a Puerto Rico branch from related mainland entities were fraudulently priced to evade taxes, the court concluded.Wal-Mart Puerto Rico, Inc. v. Zaragoza-Gomez, United States Court of Appeals, First Circuit, Nos. 16-1370 and 16-1406, August 24, 2016last_img read more

Gonzalez releases statement on Mexico switch

first_imgMexico ‘I am ready to earn a spot for many years’ – Gonzalez releases statement on Mexico switch Ben Valentine @bvalentine14 05:12 1/10/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(1) Mario Osuna Jonathan Gonzalez Morelia Monterrey VICTOR CRUZ/AFP/Getty Images Mexico United States World Cup The former United States youth international has declared his pride in being able to represent El Tri Jonathan Gonzalez has released a statement thanking U.S. Soccer for its support but declaring his intention to represent Mexico at the international level.News broke Monday the 18-year-old midfielder would file a one-time switch with FIFA to change his international allegiance from the U.S. to Mexico, permanently tying him to El Tri.The Monterrey midfielder had represented the U.S. on the under-17 and under-20 levels, but controversially did not receive a senior team call up with the U.S. for a November friendly against Portugal. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player While U.S. Soccer has insisted Gonzalez was in their plans for the future, the teenager later confirmed in an interview with Soccer America that he had not been contacted about his status for the friendly at the time.However, that was absent in Gonzalez’s statement, released via Twitter on Tuesday, which focused on his career and ties to Mexico as the reasons for international switch.— Jona (@jgonzalezz25) January 9, 2018“Four years ago I arrived in Mexico with the dream of playing soccer professionally, something that I have accomplished with a lot of hard work, dedication and above everything else, with the support of my family,” Gonzalez wrote in the statement.“It is not easy to leave the country in which one is born, however, Mexico is also my home as it is the country where my parents were born and, consequently, where my roots originate.”After thanking Monterrey, his coach, Antonio Mohamed, and Atletico Santa Rosa for helping him with his development, Gonzalez goes on to confirm what he called “perhaps the most important moment” in his young career, declaring his intent to play for El Tri.“Today I want to announce my decision to represent Mexico and their national team. I am ready to earn a spot for many years.”Gonzalez also followed that up by thanking U.S. Soccer, adding: “I want to express my gratitude to the United States Soccer Federation for all their support and trust during my first few years of soccer development.”If he can get his switch approved in time, Gonzalez is in contention for Mexico’s January 31 friendly against Bosnia and Herzegovina.last_img read more