Ranking the Top Return Men in OSU History (Part 2)

first_imgWhile you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. Yesterday we went through Nos. 10-6 on our list for the top return men in Oklahoma State history.Let’s get to our top five.No. 5 Tyreek HillDuring his lone season in Stillwater, Hill averaged 24.7 yards on 30 kickoff returns. That’s the fifth-highest average for a season at OSU. His two kick return touchdowns still leaves him tied for fourth-best for a season at OSU.Another guy you just wanted to see with the ball. He was the featured returner on both kickoffs and punts but his punt return average was a pedestrian 9.5 yards. But he had a pretty big one you might remember. That 92-yard punt return is the second-longest in OSU history and his 99-yard kickoff return at Kansas is alone in the No. 2 spot.AdChoices广告No. 4 R.W. McQuartersMcQuarters was the definition of a Renaissance man. As a freshman, he was the first OSU player in over 30 years to gain offensive yardage, return a kick and make tackles in the same game.The Booker T. Washington product and Super Bowl champ averaged an impressive 23.4 yards on punt returns and 15.3 on kickoff returns. He was an All-Big 12 punt returner in 1997. He gets points for his overall production and being featured in both phases of the return game.No. 3 Barry SandersThe top 3 are not only elite athletes and playmakers, they’re separated by a razor-thin margin. I’m sure I’ll get a couple of comments on the Barry sacrilege but since looking strictly at the return game, production had to be weighed.When Barry Sanders came to Stillwater, he knew he would be playing second fiddle. Another future Hall-of-Fame running back in Thurman Thomas was well on his way to stardom. Pat Jones stuck Barry behind Bobby Riley at both kick and punter returner and he quickly showed his all-world talent.As a sophomore, Sanders led the Big 8 (No. 2 nationally) in punt return average and led the nation in kick return average. He is the only Oklahoma State player to score on multiple kick returns and multiple punt returns in the same season (1987).Sanders recorded three of the school’s five 100-yard kickoff returns. He broke more NCAA records over his three-year college career than most players know exist. There’s little argument against his claim as best football player — if not athlete — to lay his head down in Stillwater.No. 2 Justin GilbertGilbert’s NFL career hasn’t quite panned out as of yet but that doesn’t take away from the special career he had while in Stillwater.Gilbert holds the record for most kickoff returns in a season at OSU (32) and is the career leader in kickoff return touchdowns (6). His 2,681 career kick return yards ranks him second in both Oklahoma State and Big 12 history and his career kick return average of 26.3 is second in school history.Gilbert lands at this spot because of his consistency and overall production. He had three of the top 10 OSU seasons in kick return average. He’s also the only Cowboy other than Barry Sanders to record a 100-yard kickoff return. Sanders had three. Gilbert recorded two.No. 1 Perrish CoxCox had it all. The production. The big-play threat. Great name.All of the top three on the list ended their careers with six return touchdowns which made it that much harder to separate them. But Cox gets the nod for his overall production and being the featured returner on both kickoffs and punts. It took a player like Dez Bryant to usurp Cox in punt returns and that was just for one year (2008).Cox is the all-time leader in OSU and Big 12 history in kickoff return yardage (2,804) and lands at the top of my list. More importantly, any time he caught the ball off another team’s foot, you knew there was a chance you were about to see something special.This doesn’t hurt either.Click for the TD. Stay for an all-time call from Brent Musburger.“And Bullet — exhausted.”last_img read more

Twitter Reacts to Bob Stoops Retiring from Oklahoma

first_imgLesson here: Don’t take Gundy for granted. Could totally see him pulling a similar move and calling it quits in a few years— PFB_Nate (@PFB_Nate) June 7, 2017 Bob Stoops is retiring before Bill Snyder.I would’ve lost a lot of money on that bet.— Matt Schick (@ESPN_Schick) June 7, 2017 Gundy reacting to the news that Bob Stoops will retire: pic.twitter.com/meMZLOcJVk— Kyle Boone (@PFBoone) June 7, 2017 “We’re six deep at WR and have a potential All-Big 12 RB returning. Our defense is stacked. Bob’s gone. We got OU at home.” pic.twitter.com/pV5c5zbeja— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) June 7, 2017https://twitter.com/PFTCommenter/status/872533154464247809Calling up every OU recruit like pic.twitter.com/A19miu9hb0— Adam Lunt (@AdamLunt817) June 7, 2017 In a stunning move no one saw coming on Wednesday, it was reported that Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops would announce his retirement effective immediately from the university.The 56-year-olds decision was met with shock and awe and some playfulness on Twitter as you might imagine, and we’ve got a roundup of some of the best reactions ready for your viewing pleasure.New king. #okstate pic.twitter.com/M0QEqbt04w— Weston Shepherd (@WShep) June 7, 2017 So jealous of my son right now, who is taking a nap and still living in a world where he thinks Bob Stoops is the head coach at OU.— Royce Young (@royceyoung) June 7, 2017 While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img read more

PFB Predictions for Oklahoma State Football in 2017

first_imgWe’ve already made our own individual very specific predictions for the 2017 season, but now it’s time to take a look at who we think offensive and defensive MVPs will be, how many yards James Washington will attain on offense and what Oklahoma State’s record will be at the end of the season. Let’s jump right in.Offensive MVPKyle Porter: Mason Rudolph — It has to be No. 2 simply because of how much talent OSU has around him. That is, those touches should get distributed so evenly that nobody else will shine as brightly as Rudolph in his last lap around BPS.Phillip Slavin: Mason Rudolph — If it’s not Rudolph, then OSU had a disappointing season. The offense is running through the QB, which means he should have the biggest impact on each and every game. Plus, he’s a Big 12 title away from being the best quarterback in OSU history.AdChoices广告Kyle Boone: Justice Hill — So long as Mason Rudolph’s healthy, you know what you’re going to get from him with the amount of weapons he has on the outside. But Justice Hill is the X-factor who will keep defenses honest and in the box, allowing for QB1 to have opportunities to chunk it deep. I think Hill goes for 1,500+ and has a beast of a sophomore campaign. Nick Welch: Mason Rudolph — Mason has numerous weapons at his disposal this season. A solid running back (Hill), a deep threat (Ateman), and go-to-guy (Washington), a speed demon (Johnson), and solid O-line cement Mason as one of, if not the best Quarterback in school history.Hayden Barber: Aaron Cochran — Dylan Galloway would be the No. 10 Oklahoma State Cowboys’ starting left tackle if not for Cochran. Without Mason Rudolph, the offense would be worse but fine. Without Justice Hill, the freshmen would still run plenty. No James Washington? There are 10 others behind him. Victor Salako opened up the deep passing game last season. Adding, or keeping, that extra second in the pocket changes the complexion of the offense. Cochran isn’t the best player on offense, but he is the most valuable.Steven Mandeville: Ju$tice Hill — The Booker T. alum is about to shine like a Garth Brooks belt buckle. The guy did abundantly more with less last year and adding frame, a more experienced offensive line and an even deadlier passing game will result in gaudier stats. Justice Hill is the difference between a Texas Techy offense — a deadly one-dimensional attack with no ability to stop the clock – and the 4+ points per drive offense ‘bout to put d-coordinators on ventilators.Kyle Cox: Mason Rudolph — QB1 has got to be my pick for MVP for the simple reason he would be the hardest player on the roster to replace. Justice Hill would probably be next in that regard but I still think you’d much rather depend on one of several unproven tailbacks than an unproven quarterback. Without Rudolph, the Cowboys are probably not a Big 12 title contender.Defensive MVPKyle Porter: Calvin Bundage — I acknowledge this is a terrible pick, but I own all the stock.Phillip Slavin: Ramon Richards — If the move to safety has the impact coaches think it should, then Richards should end up with the biggest impact in the most games. I really think his “gambler” style of play will pay-off at safety. Kyle Boone: Kenneth Edison-McGruder — When you think of breakout candidates, you likely think of a guy like Calvin Bundage or AJ Green or Rodarius Williams. But I’ll go down the board and pick the guy likely to be 1A at the star position all season in McGruder, a hard-hitting safety moved down the box. He can exert his violence and ranginess perfectly with the move to star, and I think he’ll be in the backfield as much as any linebacker on the team. Nick Welch:  Jarrell Owens — With Ogbah gone, Owens has incredible opportunity to become the force on the defensive line. I think he has the talent and drive to have the best season of his career and really cause disruption up front.Hayden Barber: Tre Flowers — His experience and level-headedness in the back end of the defense is invaluable. Jordan Sterns seemed almost like a redeeming character on a mediocre squad last season. With him gone, Flowers fits the mold on a semi-experienced defense.Steven Mandeville: Zach Sinor — Once every four drives when opposing offenses aren’t starting on their own 25 (OSU points -> touchback), Ol’ Coffin Corner Sinor will give the defense little to no turf at their back. It’ll take seven or eight first downs to get into the red zone – plenty of time for Glenn Spencer’s defense to take it back. (I love Nick’s pick for Jarrell Owens – he and Walterscheid will be up in everyone not named Baker Mayfield’s business this year)Kyle Cox: Justin Phillips — This will be a hard sell because most of us don’t pay super close attention to the starting weak-side linebacker. But Phillips has done nothing but produce when given the opportunity. And with Devante Averette gone, Phillips has big opportunity to replace one of OSU’s most underrated defenders at the Will linebacker role. I predicted Phillips makes an all-conference team this year and I think he becomes a fan favorite in the process.Yards and TDs for Justice HillKyle Porter: 1,430 and 11 TDsPhillip Slavin: 1,300 yards and 8 TDs. Kyle Boone: 1,520 yards and 14 TDs.Nick Welch: 1,190 yards and 11 TDs.Hayden Barber: 1,410 yards and 7 TDsSteven Mandeville: 1,400 and 10 TDsKyle Cox: 1,350 and 13 TDsYards and TDs for Mason RudolphKyle Porter: 4,340 and 32 TDs.Phillip Slavin: 4,200 yards and 30 TDs.Kyle Boone: 4,324 yards and 25 TDs. Nick Welch: 4,500 yards and 29 TDs. Hayden Barber: 4,250 yards and 27 TDsSteven Mandeville: 4,000 and 30 TDsKyle Cox: 4,250 and 35 TDsYards and TDs for James WashingtonKyle Porter: 1,410 and 9 TDsPhillip Slavin: 1,300 yards and 11 TDs.Kyle Boone: 1,456 yards and 14 TDs. Nick Welch: 1,350 yards and 10 TDs. Hayden Barber: 1,280 yards and 10 TDsSteven Mandeville: 1,250 yards and 8 TDsKyle Cox: 1,492 yards and 12 TDsFreshman of the yearKyle Porter: Brock Martin — The hipster pick.Phillip Slavin: J.D. King. — I don’t think a lot of true freshmen are going to get to play, which is why King, if he can hold onto the No. 2 running back spot behind Hill, should end up as the freshman with the most impact this season.Kyle Boone: J.D. King — As soon as the Georgia beast is unleashed against Tulsa, fans will get a good idea about how special this youngster will be as a Cowboy. He hits the hole hard, he’s got breakaway speed, and most importantly he can pass-block — which is the biggest reason why he’s the No. 2 back to start the season. Nick Welch: J.D. King — It’s hard not to pick this guy. He has a great chance as the bigger back to get major touches near the goal-line with JW Walsh gone. He’d be a great late round fantasy handcuff pick.Hayden Barber: J.D. King — Mike Gundy might like Dillon Stoner more, but King fill a hole so perfectly. King has followed the Justice Hill progression with the body and skillset of a young Chris Carson. He has the makeup, physically and mentality apparently, of a potential star.Steven Mandeville: Chuba Hubbard — King is the obvious choice here but a counter argument is to be made for Chuba. Gundy’s comments lead to believe he’s some sort of Joseph Randle/diet-Tyreek hybrid. Don’t be surprised if he hops in around game four like Justice did last year and carves out a nice role.  Kyle Cox: Dillon Stoner — I’ll take the technicality here with Stoner who was allowed to basically redshirt after an injury cut his freshman year to four games. I think he gets some burn at the slot but that he leapfrogs Jalen McCleskey on punt returns. A nice showing in the return game plus a couple of wildcat scores makes his case.Return yardage leader (punts + kickoffs)Kyle Porter: Tyron Johnson — I think it has to be him because he’s going to be the main kickoff returner (I think) and OSU doesn’t really return punts anymore. Or they didn’t last year. Phillip Slavin: Tyron Johnson — I think Johnson actually ends the year with more return yards than receiving yards.Kyle Boone: Tyron Johnson — I’ve been riding the Tyron train since he transferred, so you better believe I’m taking him here. It’s bag year for No. 13, and he’s going to collect the future checks weekly. (Did I do that right?)Nick Welch: Tyron Johnson — Mike Gundy is incredibly high on him. It’s hard to believe we got a former 5-star receiver in Stillwater. I hope he has great year.Hayden Barber: Tyron Johnson — This seems close enough like a no-brainer. It’s bag year for the street’s hottest youngin’.Steven Mandeville: Jalen McCleskey — The third year receiver will get more shots at the yardage totals than the first year TYJ and he’s equally phone-booth slippery. I expect more punt return opportunities than kick return opportunities for the guys in orange.Kyle Cox: Tyron Johnson — I think Tyron could put up the best kickoff return year since Tyreek Hill. Not that we’ve seen a ton of big plays on kick returns during the last couple of years. And I could see him getting a shot on punts too if he’s that dynamic. Gundy has shown the willingness to let someone handle both jobs if he can make plays.Tackles LeaderKyle Porter: Tre Flowers — Moving into the Sterns position will bump his tackling a bit, and I think the other main candidate (Whitener) might not see the field quite as much as he did last year because OSU is so deep at linebacker. Phillip Slavin: Chad Whitener — He finished second on the team last year with 71. I think his year he improves on his total and reaches into the mid-80s which might be enough to finish at the top of the list.Kyle Boone: I’m going with big Darrion Daniels up front. The former four-star has been a load in small sample sizes up to this point but lived in the shadow of Vincent  Taylor. I think he has a memorable year stuffing the run and disrupting offenses in the middle of OSU’s defense.Nick Welch: Chad Whitener — I’ll go with Whitener as well. He had a great year last year and I think he will have plenty of opportunities at the linebacker position to tackle. (Great analysis by me)Hayden Barber: Kenneth Edison-McGruder — I predicted it a couple of weeks ago, so I gotta roll with it. Edison-McGruder’s physicality around the line of scrimmage with manageable coverage skills make him the most athletic guy on the Cowboy defense. Only problem might be Calvin Bundage splitting his reps.Steven Mandeville: Tre Flowers — With Sterns leading the team in tackles for the last three years, Flowers has been sitting in the top five waiting for his turn. Flowers will surely be counted on from that spot while Ramon will sit back to play center fielder more often, and the numbers will pile up.Kyle Cox: Justin Phillips — My pick for All-Big 12 selection has shown that he can pad the stat sheet when give a chance and he’s stepping into his first full-time starting role at Will linebacker.Sacks LeaderKyle Porter: Cole Walterscheid — The forgotten man! He was a stud for stretches last year, and the year of experience will only help him. Just keep him away from Jimmy Johns.Phillip Slavin: Tralund Webber — Despite backing up Cole Walterscheid on the depth chart, I think Webber end the season with the most sacks. He finished second last season to Vincent Taylor with six. No reason to believe he can’t reach that total again, if not exceed it.Kyle Boone: Jarrell Owens — Owens has been a solid presence coming off the edge, but he’s never been able to physically impose his will the way Emmanuel Ogbah did wearing orange and black. I think he makes a leap this season and leads the team in sacks. Nick Welch: Jarrell Owens —  He is my defensive MVP in part because I think he will be able to get to the QB. The Big 12 also just traded two quick pass offenses for two slower tempo offenses (Texas, Baylor). I think better coverage this year will provide an increase in sacks this year for the big fellas.Hayden Barber: Tralund Webber — I’d wager that a lot of people, mostly students, don’t even know who Webber is, but he finished No. 2 on the team in this category with 6.0 behind Vincent Taylor with one 7.0. Watch out for DeQuinton Osborne though. He had 10 tackles last year; 3.5 of them were sacks.Steven Mandeville: Cole Walterscheid — This season will be that dominant Pitt game all over again. Love Webber rotating in with fresh legs and Owens seems more athletic but big Cole will get his chances with DQ and Sugar Loaf drawing so much attention in the middle.Kyle Cox: Jordan Brailford — Gundy talked about his physical skillset in spring practice citing him as being able to do things no one else could. If he’s 100 percent, I think he rises above the crowd of deep DEs and headlines the group.Interceptions leaderKyle Porter: Ramon Richards — Any number between 2-12 wouldn’t surprise me. Anything. All of it. None of it. I have no idea. Phillip Slavin: Ramon Richards and Tre Flowers — This goes along with my belief that Richards is the defensive MVP for the season. I think he and Flowers both end up with four this season.Kyle Boone: Tre Flowers — He’s never been a ball-hawking safety in his career, but I do think he’s going to go out with his senior season on a very high note. I suspect he’ll have five INT’s by the time it’s said and done. Hayden Barber: Ramon Richards — He hasn’t gone a season with fewer than two, and I don’t think anyone else on the defense will grab that many. His move to safety should allow him to read the offense more wholistically.Steven Mandeville: Ramon Richards — The charmed little booger is just always in the right place at the right time, it’s undeniable. Give him more ground to cover and this fortuitous, opportunistic DB will have the ball in his paws more than anybody – maybe in the league.Nick Welch: Tre Flowers — He has terrific size (6’3”) and range and i really see  him having a career year in his last season at OSU.Kyle Cox: Rodarius Williams — I could see conventional wisdom leading me towards Ramon but I think the Williams makes a splash. He showed to be a ball hawk in high school and he’s got the physical tools to win the tip drill.Surprise of the YearKyle Porter: Marcell Ateman, not James Washington, will be Rudolph’s “I have to have this first down or touchdown or this game is in jeopardy” go-to receiver this year. Phillip Slavin: A.J. Green. It was a surprise to see Adrian Baker not on the two deep at corner. I think it’s because the coaches have found a gem in Green. It might be a rough start to the season, but by the end of the year, we’ll be talking about one of the best corners in the Big 12.Kyle Boone: I’m all in on the young starting corners OSU is deploying to start the season. And while most are incredibly high on AJ Green, I’m actually going with Rodarius Williams here. The former high school track star is a versatile athlete and speedster. While I don’t believe he’s as technically sound as Green, I think he’s got the game-changing speed to play at a high level in the Big 12. Steven Mandeville: A dominant defensive line — Joe Bob has this group reloading like Joe Wickline groups of yesteryear and the overall depth and dominance will give some breathing room for the young corners. 32 sacks last year will be passed – look out 40.Kyle Cox: Rodarius Williams would have been my Freshman of the Year had Stoner not qualified.Rudolph’s finish in Heisman raceKyle Porter: 3rd — I think this is a real thing, but I’m afraid that ultimately Oklahoma State will have to go undefeated to get it to him, and I don’t think Oklahoma State is going to go undefeated. Phillip Slavin: 5th — I want to put him higher, I just don’t think he is going to get enough credit, no matter how well OSU finishes. I think he finishes one spot outside of an invite to New York. I really want to have him 2nd, but I just don’t know if he can jump Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield/Sam Darnold, Alabama Running Back to be named later, and freshman quarterback we’re not talking about yet.Kyle Boone: First — With a wide receiving bunch that legitimately goes seven-deep (eight deep?), QB1 won’t lack for weapons. He’s going to put up video game numbers. So long as he can stay healthy and the offensive line can keep him vertical, Rudolph will become the program’s second-ever Heisman trophy winner. Hayden Barber: Outside of the top 5 — There are too many stars in places that get far more coverage than OSU. Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Jalen Hurts, Deondre Francois and five others are all ahead of Rudolph. Hell, Jarrett Stidham has better odds right now, and he’s in his first year at Auburn. Rudolph is a better football player than almost anyone in the country, but he plays in Stillwater, America.Steven Mandeville: Bronze Medal — It’ll be a thrill to get a Poke to Manhattan and a revenge win over OU in Dallas (after losing in Stillwater) will punch his ticket. Lamar Jackson will get second and an Alabama running back will take it home (best player on best team). Nick Welch: Outside Top 5 — The Heisman trophy has turned into a popularity contest. For Mason to win or even be invited to New York, OSU needs to be featured in heavily watched primetime games to get the attention of the national viewers. Last season, OSU was featured in hardly any night primetime games, if any at all. I think he puts up great numbers, but it’s hard to get recognized playing on FS1 at 11am every other week.Kyle Cox: Second — He will definitely be in the mix and could win it with the numbers he has. What some of my esteemed colleagues don’t realize about Heisman voting is that the helmet sticker rule is not as prominent here.No one watched Louisville last season. They saw the stats and watched SportsCenter. Each comeback win led into the previously-laid narrative. Early-year dark horses win because no one is watching them early in the year. If Rudolph finishes strong with a Big 12 title and with the numbers we expect, I’d take him to win it.Oklahoma State’s Best Spot on AP Poll this yearKyle Porter: 2nd — Before they lose to West Virginia on October 28.Phillip Slavin: 4th — When they make the playoff.Kyle Boone: Third — I’ve flip-flopped on this one, but I think an undefeated record and a win over OU in the middle of the season will have them No. 3 in mid-November. Hayden Barber: 5th — I predicted it, and I’ll say it again: Oklahoma State will not make the College Football Playoff because it plays in the Big 12 Conference.Steven Mandeville: 3rd — The Pokes will get some mad props after beating West Virginia and Texas and set up a nice 2:30pm matchup between top five teams for Bedlam (LSU/Bama gets the prime slot). Nick Welch: 4th — I think this is the ceiling and end-of-season ranking for the Pokes and thank goodness because it will equal playoff admission.Kyle Cox: 4th: Two different scenarios in which this could happen. 1. It will take a Big 12 13th data point to get OSU into the playoff if they make it. They take one loss into Arlington and come back with a trophy. That should be good for at least a No. 4. finish. 2. They rattle off enough straight wins to leapfrog a couple teams that falter early — looking at you in Week 2, Oklahoma — but hit their own rough patches before finishing somewhere in the top 15.Oklahoma State Big 12 record (and place)Kyle Porter: 9-1, firstPhillip Slavin: 9-1 and first place (I’m including our Big 12 Title Game Championship Game victory in here).Kyle Boone: 8-1 regular season, 1-0 in Big 12 title game.Hayden Barber: 9-1, First.Steven Mandeville: 8-1, tied for first place I just get an eerie feeling that the Sooners, Cowboys and Wildcats will land in a three-way tie reminiscent of the ol’ Big 12 South days. I’ve got OU and Kansas State playing for the Big 12 championship.Kyle Cox: 7-2, Second. Wins Big 12 title game for 8-2.Oklahoma State final record (including bowl)Kyle Porter: 12-2, loss to Ohio State in the CFP semisPhillip Slavin: God help me. 12-2 with loss to Alabama in the CFP Semi-finals.Kyle Boone: 12-2 with loss to Florida State in CFP semis. Excited Oh Yeah GIF - Find & Share on GIPHYHayden Barber: 11-3 Steven Mandeville: 12-2 with a loss to LSU in the Cotton BowlNick Welch: 11-2 with loss in playoff semifinals Oklahoma State postseason game(s) (against who?)Kyle Porter: CFB semis against Ohio StatePhillip Slavin: CFP Semi-final against Alabama.Kyle Boone: CFP semis against FSU.Hayden Barber: Sugar Bowl against FloridaSteven Mandeville: LSU in the Cotton Bowl – with Les on the call.Kyle Cox: 12-2 with a New Year’s Six bowl win. While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img read more

Wisconsin, Under Armour Release Mock-Up Uniforms For Football, Basketball

first_imgA view of Wisconsin's Camp Randall from midfield.MADISON, WI – SEPTEMBER 10: A general view of Camp Randall Stadium as the Wisconsin Badgers take on the Oregon State Beavers at on September 10, 2011 in Madison Wisconsin. Wisconsin defeated Oregon State 35-0. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)Friday, Wisconsin and Under Armour announced that they’d signed a 10-year partnership worth $96 million, which kicks off next July. It didn’t take long for the duo to release mock-ups of what both the football and basketball teams could look like in 2016. So far, all they’re showing are classic looks with the UA logo. Check it all out:#Badgers officially going @UnderArmour. pic.twitter.com/PdHHRRw6zz— Curt Hogg (@CyrtHogg) October 9, 2015Wisconsin an @UnderArmour school starting July 2016 & lasting 10yrs pic.twitter.com/Bvvbcn7zjT— Darren Heitner (@DarrenHeitner) October 9, 2015Here’s a first glance at how Wisconsin could look with Under Armour. #Badgers pic.twitter.com/ig5UVyZYQw— DailyCardinal Sports (@Cardinal_Sports) October 9, 2015Some new Armour next season. #OnWisconsin #Badgers pic.twitter.com/rjX8l70oDi— Wisconsin Basketball (@BadgerMBB) October 9, 2015We assume we’ll see much, much more in the coming months. Wisconsin fans – what do you think of the first look?last_img read more

The same bitter taste Like the football team OSUs mens basketball team

The Ohio State men’s basketball team was undefeated — it had gotten 24 wins in as many games — and with a 15-point second-half lead at Wisconsin, the Buckeyes’ unblemished record seemed safe. Barring a furious comeback, coach Thad Matta’s Buckeyes were prepared to move to 25-0, furthering what stands as the second-best start in school history. A furious comeback, however, was exactly what the Badgers had in store. Junior guard Jordan Taylor’s 21 second-half points fueled a 15-0 run that erased OSU’s lead, and, along with hot shooting from several other Badgers, Wisconsin beat the Buckeyes, 71-67, on Saturday. The loss, which was OSU’s sixth in as many tries at Wisconsin’s Kohl Center under Matta, ended the Buckeyes’ reign as the nation’s only unbeaten team. “You come on the road; you shoot 54 percent; you shoot 88 percent from the free-throw line; you outrebound your opponents; you only have seven turnovers; and you feel pretty good,” Matta said following the loss. “They had to play, for that stretch, damn near perfect to get us — and they did.” It was the first time since March 26 that Matta and the Buckeyes left the court on the losing end. That loss, a 76-73 loss to Tennessee in last year’s NCAA Tournament, ended any chance OSU had at what could have been its first championship in more than 50 years. Ten months, 23 opponents and 25 games later, the Buckeyes lost again. But unlike after the last one, OSU gets to keep playing. “It’s a bad, bitter taste in your mouth, especially when we had a lead like that and thinking that we had the game in our hands,” fifth-year senior forward David Lighty said Saturday. “But I mean, it’s just on to the next one.” That mentality, Matta said, is one that both he and his players have embraced all season long. One in which neither Matta nor his players think about anything but the game at hand, and one that doesn’t allow for sulking, despite the loss of a perfect season. The Buckeyes’ 11-1 record in Big Ten play still has them atop the standings, two games ahead of Wisconsin and Purdue. Beginning Tuesday at home against Michigan State, OSU has just six games standing in the way of what would be its second consecutive regular-season conference title. That title, as well as both the Big Ten and NCAA Tournament, is what the Buckeyes have been eyeing all along. “When we get back, we start preparing for Michigan State and away we go,” Matta said. “The goal of this basketball team, as we set out, was not go undefeated. I think we’ll see our character and how we recover when we come into practice (Sunday).” Though the next several weeks will tell for sure, Matta said he suspects his no-longer-unbeaten Buckeyes will be just fine. “We never talked about being 24-0; we just tried to talk about playing better basketball,” Matta said. “I told our guys we have to pick ourselves up and get ready to go. I think they’ll do that. I really do.” read more

Mens volleyball French connection of Nicolas Szerszen and Maxime Hervoir crucial to

Junior outside hitter Maxime Hervoir (23) serves during a match against Fort Wayne at St. John Arena on March 23. The Buckeyes won the match, 3-0. Credit: Hannah Smith | For The LanternThe top-ranked Ohio State men’s volleyball team will attempt to capture its third national championship in six seasons when the NCAA tournament begins in April. If the Buckeyes do manage to repeat as national champions, it’ll be due in no small part to the play of two French teammates — junior outside hitters Nicolas Szerszen and Maxime Hervoir, who have made large contributions to the team’s 23-1 record in 2017. Both Szerszen and Hervoir were born in France and even competed against each other overseas prior to their careers at OSU. They didn’t know one another very well then, but that’d soon change when Szerszen decided to take his talents to the Buckeye State in 2015. “Even though we played each other a couple times in France, we weren’t that close before Maxime came here,” Szerszen said. “Since he’s been here, we’ve obviously gotten closer. On the court, we view each other as regular teammates. Off the court, though, we understand each other better, because we understand our culture.”Then-National Player of the Year Nicolas Szerszen (9) hits a ball at the net during a match against George Mason on Jan. 15.Credit: Courtesy of OSUBefore Hervoir’s arrival in August 2016, Szerszen had already exceeded any and all expectations at OSU. On top of winning a national championship last year, Szerszen was named the American Volleyball Coaches Association National Player of the Year, the Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association Player of the Year, and the MIVA tournament MVP.He also set all-time OSU records with 63 total service aces and 0.42 aces per set average.None of that would’ve been possible, though, without the help of his sister, Anna. “My parents always told me that I have to get my degree first, before playing volleyball,” Szerszen said. “So, I was basically looking for both, and I honestly just followed my sister’s footsteps. She played here about 10 years ago and suggested OSU to me.”While he’s been living on campus for only about eight months, Hervoir’s adjusted pretty quickly. The two-time French Cup winner has Szerszen to thank, who’s playing the same role his sister once did.“I asked him tons of questions before coming here,” Hervoir said. “We talked a lot, and he helped me a lot in deciding whether I should go to OSU or not. Living in France, you’re kind of in the dark, because I had no idea how it was at OSU.”Being from the same country, a closer connection seamlessly formed between the two in what is now their home away from home.“I think there’s a special relationship there with us being from the same country,” Hervoir said. “I try to express most things the best way I can, but it’s always great to have someone to talk to in French if I want to fully express myself. He’s here for me and helps me a lot.”Hervoir and Szerszen were a part of a historic run that recently came to an end at the hands of UC Irvine, after recording 42 straight wins, spanning 399 days.Coach Pete Hanson said the importance of the two outside hitters reaches beyond the volleyball court. “Both Nicolas and Maxime are vitally important to our team’s title chances,” Hanson said. “They’re two of our primary passers that help our offense excel. Nicolas and Max bring a level of maturity and stability to our team that will be essential to have a chance to repeat as national champions.”Szerszen said he understands that in order to bring home another national title, the team will have to balance out the lows and highs every season holds.  “We’ve started pretty well and I hope we keep going like this,” Szerszen said. “We’ll definitely face some lows, and we won’t win every game, but we know it’s not going to be easy every time. The goal is to win another national championship, so hopefully we’ll be back for the final four.”The Buckeyes will put their four-game winning streak, and No. 1 ranking, on the line at Penn State on Tuesday. read more

Bahamas Minister of Youth Sports and Culture Lauds Junkanoo Commandos

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, November 3, 2017 – Nassau – Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture the Hon. Michael Pintard recently commended the Junkanoo Commandos for the work they have done in helping to promote and enhance the Bahamian cultural art form of Junkanoo and for the recognition and awards they accumulated while doing so.“One of our goals is to assist Junkanooers in making sure that Junkanoo is a ongoing concern, that it is able to generate employment and income,” Minister Pintard said during a courtesy call with the award-winning group.   “In order to accomplish that, we need to work with organisations that are able to stage events, create places where Bahamians and visitors can enjoy a part of our culture – Junkanoo being the most popular expression of Bahamian culture – and we need organisations who are able to internatonalise aspects of our culture.“The Junkanoo Commandos is one of the best possible examples of an organisation that is doing that.”The Junkanoo Commandos is an organisation comprised of young Bahamian men and women from various New Providence Junkanoo groups, and its members have traveled nationally and internationally, showcasing the various expressions of Junkanoo and Bahamian culture for at least a decade.CEO and Founder Angelique McKay said that one of the many things that makes her proud of the Junkanoo Commandos is that its members destroy the myth of the “tribalism” amongst the various Junkanoo groups.“That myth is dispelled by the cohesion in our organisation because are made up of members from Valley Boys, Saxons, Roots, One Family and Genesis; and you do not tend to see the tribalism that people in the general population speaks about,” Ms. McKay said.   “Everyone moves as one unit to showcase Junkanoo, with one common goal; so I’m proud of the fact that they are in the position to dispel that myth that Junkanoo has become totally ‘tribal’ amongst the groups.”Ms. McKay pointed out that she wanted to put the Junkanoo Commandos forth for consideration as “cultural ambassadors for The Bahamas – when it comes to cultural exchange programmes because it was something that the organisation had been doing for years.   She wanted to familiarise Minister Pintard with what the Junkanoo Commandos has done in terms of teaching the creative arts of Junkanoo, highlighting Junkanoo as a cultural expression of the people of The Bahamas.Locally, the Junkanoo Commandos organisation has conducted national workshops throughout The Bahamas, since 2007, designed and built lead costumes for stage plays produced by Shakespeare in Paradise, introduced and judged the off-the-shoulder category in Junior Junkanoo, raised funds for various relief efforts, appeared in music videos and even donated 500 books to Stephen Dillet Primary School when the school won the primary school Junior Junkanoo Division.Internationally, the Junkanoo Commandos lists in its accomplishments the honour of conducting Junkanoo workshops on the Isle of Wight, UK; performing at the Grand Opening of The Carnival Learning Centre there, as well as being included as part of the first-ever Junkanoo Backline National Tour of the United Kingdom, in 2008.   From there, they conducted workshops and performed in festivals throughout the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe – including the Edinburgh Jazz Festival, the Nice (France) Carnival, the Broughhaha Festival in Liverpool, and the Virginia Carib Fest.One of the highlights of the Junkanoo Commandos history was performing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the “I Have A Dream” Speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.“The fact that the Junkanoo Commandos was the only international act that performed at that venue, at that historic event – in the presence of three U.S.   Presidents and we performed immediately after the (then) Prime Minister of Commonwealth of The Bahamas spoke; and the fact that that was the widest broadcast, to date of Junkanoo globally – I would say that that is the proudest moment that we would have had,” Ms. McKay said.   “We were actually a part of history and with the importance of what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., did, it makes us even prouder to have been an instrumental part in the 50th Anniversary.Among the accolades and awards that the Junkanoo Commandos have attained, two of particular note were received this year – the U.S.-based International IndigoLife Black Life Treasure Award and, closer to home, the Cacique Award in the Creative Arts from the Ministry of Tourism.“The Cacique Awards recognises the best in our preeminent industries, and for them to have achieved that is an outstanding accomplishment and is a testimony to the power of Junkanoo and the discipline and teamwork of the Commandos,” Minister Pintard said.Ms. McKay said that she wanted Minister Pintard to see that the Junkanoo Commandos takes the creative arts very seriously, in that they had created a business from it, and its members move as artists.“We are self-sustaining,” Ms. McKay pointed out. “We have created our line of products that we generate revenue from for the organisation, and (utilise) the best practices for a cultural entity, taking advantage of the fact that the ‘orange economy’ is growing.“We are an example of the success of Junkanoo, being able to be exported as a creative art.”“We are proud of the work that they are are doing,” Minister Pintard said. “We are honoured to be partnering with them and we encourage other groups to look at this successful programme, and model themselves after them or adopt portions of their programme.”By: Eric Rose (BIS)Photo caption: Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture the Hon. Michael Pintard pictured with senior Ministry officials and representatives of the Cacique-Award-Winning Junkanoo Commandos (JC), during a recent courtesy at his Ministry.   Shown (from left) are Permanent Secretary Nicole Campbell, JC Strategic Analyst and founding member Dr. Erecia Hepburn, Minister Pintard, JC CEO and Founder Angelique McKay, Director of Culture Rowena Sutherland, JC Administrative Coordinator Shereka Pinder, and JC Project Manager Jamal Riley.(BIS Photo/Eric Rose) Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Governor Dunleavy Travels To Swan Lake Fire To Thank Firefighters

first_imgThe fire is estimated at 77,732 acres with roughly 454 crew members and at currently at 14% containment primarily on that southern and southwestern edge of the fire. Hot and dry weather has continued to fuel the Swan Lake Fire, and continued smoke and record-breaking temperatures are predicted for the Fourth of July holiday week. The Swan Lake Fire was started by a lightning strike on June 5 in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Governor Mike Dunleavy traveled to the Swan Lake fire on the Kenai Peninsula on Monday to see first hand the impacts the 70,000+ acre wildfire is causing.Photo Credit: Governor Mike Dunleavy Facebook PageGovernor Dunleavy: “Thank you to the hundreds of firefighters from across Alaska and the lower 48 that are working to contain the fire and protect life and property.”center_img Dunleavy: “The weather has been dry and it’s heating up again. It’s a big fire, and we just wanted to  let those on the front lines and those behind the scenes that the state is behind them.” last_img read more

Hyundai Kona Everything to know about all new electric SUV

first_imgReutersThe feature loaded Hyundai Kona was launched in India on July 8, 2019. The electric SUV, which boasts of a futuristic design, was launched with an ex-showroom price of Rs 25.30 lakh. The launch comes at a time when India is increasing the pace of EV adoption. Hyundai Kona packs in powerful magnetic synchronous electric engine powered by a 39.2 kWh lithium-ion battery. The four-wheeler has a pick-up speed of 100 kmph in 9.7 seconds and delivers a horsepower of 136 PS and torque of 395 Nm. The battery allows the vehicle to roll for about 452 kms with a single charging. The vehicle also features LED headlights, DRLs and tail lights. It rolls on 17-inch alloy wheels with muscular multi-plate suspensions all handled by a 10-way power drive seat. The SUV has a 17.77 cm touchscreen infotainment system, power bass, digital instrument cluster and an electric sunroof.Hyundai has gone overboard with multiple offerings and guarantees to attract the attention of the buyers. The company is offering a warranty of three years on the SUV and about eight years on the battery pack. The company assumes that with proper infrastructure for charging, the giant will provide a hassle-free experience to its users. ReutersMultiple proposals by the Modi government such as the rebate of Rs 1.5 lakh on the interest paid on the loans for EVs and the dip in GST from 12 percent to 5 percent might also influence the sale of EVs in India.The biggest problem Hyundai will face is the competition against other SUVs in its price range. Creta has already created a benchmark in the SUV market with its varied features and price advantage. The ex-showroom price of Kona is about Rs 10 lakh more than Creta, which might create problems for the parent company to push Kona’s sale while holding on to its star performer. Hyundai has left no stone unturned in building the electric beast. But the biggest challenge it faces is on the infrastructure front, notably with regard to the number of charging points. Hopefully the EV adoption in the country wil hit top gear soon.last_img read more