first_imgTraditional Irish set dancing group Cosa Beoga, representing the West, are the 11/4 favourites with Paddy Power to win this year’s ‘All Ireland Talent Show’……But Burt’s Brian Sheerin is a close second favourite – and the people of Donegal have a chance to help him win….and make a few quid at the bookies!The group from Abbeyknockmoy, Co. Galway, stole the show in week five despite receiving criticism from fellow judge Amanda Brunker. If Cosa Beoga are successful in being crowned this year’s winners it will be the second year judge Daithi has mentored a winning act.Kerry man and ‘Daily Show’ host Daithi mentored the Mulkerrin Brothers to victory in Series 1 in 2009.Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power said: “Amanda might be bored of traditional Irish acts but the public it seems are not. There’s been plenty of support for Cosa Beoga in the betting proving that old Irish dancing is alive and well.”Donegal singer Daniel O’Donnell also likes the Galway group – and our own Brian. He said: “I hope that Brian goes all the way because I really do feel he’s going to be a big star and it was lovely to hear his Donegal accent coming through in his singing.“The standard on this year’s show really is tremendous and there is great variety. I was also very impressed by Irish dancing troupe Cosa Beoga from the West.“I thought they were fantastic and it’s great to see young people keeping our traditions alive.”Brian Sheerin is at 7/2, young soprano Daniel Furlong at 6/1 and Daithi’s Sean Nos ar an tSionnan at 7/1.Winning Region5/4 West (Daithi O’Se)5/2 North (Dana)3/1 South (John Creedon)8/1 East (Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh)8/1 Dublin (Amanda Brunker) All Ireland Talent Show – Outright Winner11/4 Cosa Beaga (West)7/2 Brian Sheerin (North)6/1 Daniel Furlong (East)7/1 Sean Nos ar an tSionnan (West)8/1 Shauna Buckingham (Dublin)9/1 Don Stiffe (West)9/1 Fitzy Chicks (South)10/1 2 Day Nation (South)10/1 Politically Correct (West)14/1 Mad 4 Road (South)BURT’S BRIAN SECOND FAVOURITE TO SCOOP ALL-IRELAND TALENT SHOW was last modified: March 1st, 2011 by gregShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

N.C. Forest Service battling multiple wildfires across state

first_imgThe N.C. Forest Service is battling several wildfires across the state, and residents are being asked to be careful when using open flames while dry conditions persist.“A lot of personnel and equipment – including aircraft and fire dozers – have been moved to fight these blazes,” said Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler. “The N.C. Forest Service will continue to battle these fires until they are contained and fire personnel are confident that they no longer pose a threat to people and property.”Whipping Creek Fire, Hyde CountyThe Whipping Creek Fire in Hyde County, on the Dare County line, began on private land and has grown to about 14,000 acres on public and private lands. It is 15 percent contained. Accurate mapping of the fire has been hindered by dense smoke obscuring the flame front.The fire has caused local law enforcement to close about 30 miles of U.S. 264 between Stumpy Point and Engelhard. The road closure is due to the fire’s proximity, dense smoke, and burned-out utility poles and power lines causing safety concerns to travelers. Fire managers are working to contain the fire south of Jackson and Maple roads, west of U.S. 264 from Pains Bay north, north of 2nd Avenue, and east of Barge Canal.The fire is currently affecting private lands, N.C. Wildlife Resource Commission gamelands, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuge lands, U.S. Air Force lands and property owned by The Nature Conservancy. There are currently 66 personnel fighting this wildfire, not including local and regional cooperators. In addition to personnel there are 14 Type 6 engines (pickup trucks with water tanks and pumps), 11 fire dozers, one helicopter, three single-engine air tankers (SEAT), one patrol plane, one lead plane and two water tenders. The N.C. Forest Service will be transitioning management of this fire to a Type 2 incident management team today.To learn more about the Whipping Creek Fire, visit http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/4691/.Clemmons Road Fire, Brunswick CountyThe Clemmons Road Fire in Brunswick County is currently about 1,600 acres and is 70 percent contained. Battling this wildfire are 27 personnel, four Type 6 engines, eight fire dozers, one helicopter, three SEATs, one patrol plane and one lead plane. This fire is being managed by the N.C. Forest Service Whiteville District’s Type 3 incident management team.Stateline Fire, Cherokee National ForestThe Stateline Fire, which started in the Cherokee National Forest on Saturday,is burning along the Tennessee and North Carolina state line. This fire is 1,068 acres, with the majority being on the Tennessee side of the state line, and is 60 percent contained. There is a Type 3 interagency incident management team battling this fire. The 83 personnel are working to contain the fire in the next day or so on the North Carolina side and to start sending personnel home. Work on this fire included four hand crews, three Type 6 Engines, one fire dozer and one helicopter.For information on any of these fires, contact Brian R. Haines, public information officer with the N.C. Forest Service, at 919-857-4828.last_img read more

Fraudulent Recruiting?

first_imgOne of the many conventional wisdoms in HR is that it is important to increase the diversity of the applicant pool by posting positions and recruiting externally. I could not agree more, except when I disagree.Let’s look at the case of the vacant Marketing Director position of Company ABC. Renee is a Vice President of Marketing and wants to promote Alexa into the vacant position.Following the conventional wisdom relative to increasing diversity, HR strongly encourages Renee to post internally and to recruit externally. Renee reluctantly agrees in response to HR’s persistent encouragement.There are three (3) very strong final candidates. Ultimately, Renee goes with her first choice, Alexa, and promotes her.Alexa is a white woman.  One of the unsuccessful external candidates, Max, is a man of color.When Max looks at Alexa’s credentials as she has described them on a social media profile, he concludes he is more qualified than she and files a charge of discrimination with the EEOC alleging race and gender bias and ultimately sues in court.When deposed, Renee admits, as she must, that she really knew whom she wanted to hire before opening up the position to internal posting and external recruiting. As a result, a number of candidates invested time and emotional energy on an opportunity that was an oasis.How do you think a jury will feel about applicants being played this way? In this case, I am with the plaintiff and not the defendant.What would have happened if the position has not been posted internally and externally? Alexa would have gotten the job but there probably would not have been a charge, let alone a lawsuit.When the deal is effectively sealed, the posting has a fraudulent feel to it and does nothing more than create a pool of potential litigants. Legal and fairness considerations argue against posting in these circumstances.Some employers still post or recruit in these circumstances but add something to the effect “strong internal candidate identified.” This is not transparency but a transparent hedge that may invite attack.I don’t foresee it. I have seen it. So let’s go back to the general recommendation of not posting when you know who you are going to hire.Of course, make sure your policy on posting does not lock you into posting all vacant positions. If the policy states or suggests that you will post in all circumstances, then your failure to post may be used as evidence of discrimination.HR policies need to be drafted to allow for exceptions to general rules to reflect the need for agility in the business world. But let’s not stop there.Where an exception is made, document contemporaneously the legitimate non-discriminatory reason for the exception. This will mitigate, not eliminate, the risk of not posting.Yes, in the case of the vacant Marketing Manager position, there are risks no matter what you do. That’s why HR needs to think more about managing as opposed to avoiding risk.It’s a bit uncomfortable. Once we accept this, we can get more comfortable with it.last_img read more

iPhone 6 Problems: Not Safe For Your Pants Pocket—Or Your Microwave

first_imgTags:#Apple#iPHone 6#iPhone 6 Plus#problems Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology helen popkin What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Related Posts Who else need a new iphone and microwave? ?? pic.twitter.com/qRP9Xt2pQp— Ralph (@ralph23jays) September 19, 2014Lead image screencapped from Microwaving My New IPHONE5 Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement There are worse things in life than a free U2 album automatically installed in your iTunes library. And now that new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners have had some time, we get to hear exactly what those worse things are. See also: You, Too, May Want To Delete That U2 Album From iTunesThumbs strained! iPhones microwaved! Apple phablets wilting under the strain of wedding attendance! Never mind the iOS 8 changes that troll our resistance to change or your inability to carry on now that Camera Roll is gone. Here are some very real and ridiculous iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus problems worth complaining about. Will It Bend? (It Might!)One thing SquareTrade apparently overlooked in its iPhone durability tests was to place an iPhone 6 Plus in a wedding attendee’s front pants pocket for 18 hours of driving, dancing, dining and otherwise celebrating nuptials in the typical way. But for the MacRumors forum commenter who claimed to have inadvertently put his new iPhone through such an endurance test, the results were not so celebratory:As I lay it on the coffee table and sat down on the couch to relax from the drive (yes, sitting again ), I saw the reflection of the window in the iPhones slightly distorted.As MacRumors’ Kelly Hodgkins points out, the larger-yet-thinner smart phones get, the greater the pocket storage risk. “Unlike smaller phones that can slide out of the way, pressure points from sitting or bending now have greater potential to cause the longer iPhone to flex in a way that will damage the device,” Hodgkins writes. The solution? Don’t sit down with a ginormous iPhone in your pants pocket, unless it’s encased in something as rigid as your resolve not to be careful. Best feature of the iPhone 6? It will bend in your pocket and cost $200+ to fix— Diego Figueroa (@Dfigs23) September 23, 2014Operating Outside The “Thumb Zone”Big mitts are no longer immune to the thumb strain common to smartphone users cursed with delicate hands. “Thanks to the larger new iPhone 6 Plus, some men are now experiencing the smartphone ‘thumb stretch’ that has plagued women (and their generally smaller hands) for a while,” observes NBCNews.com’s Julianne Pepitone, who illustrates her point with some choice quotes from a variety of male sources. Indeed, all iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners are in for stretching, as illustrated in a “thumb zone” heat map by Quartz designer Scott Hurff, using data from mobile interface expert Steven Hoober:How are the new iPhones going to mess with your designs? I tried to find out for you: http://t.co/KghJf1pKZ4 pic.twitter.com/YBUrdqn2uF— Scott Hurff (@scotthurff) September 18, 2014As Hurff points out, iPhone screens may be getting bigger, but our thumbs stay pretty much the same. The best way to avoid the owies, it seems, is switching up how you hold your iDevice—which, Hoober found, people pretty much do anyway.Not Microwave SafeWhether or not people are falling for an iOS 8-themed prank executed over the weekend by those scamps from 4chan is unverified. Then again, owning a smartphone doesn’t make you smart by proxy. Since the faux Apple graphics encouraging iPhone users to try charging their smartphones in the microwave appear far more authentic than photos of that three-breasted woman in Tampa plenty of people want to believe is real, let’s be clear on two things:With or without an iOS update, you cannot charge your iPhone in a microwave.Since everyone’s mama—with the exception of Paris Hilton’s—taught their kids that metal and microwaves don’t mix, those #AppleWave photos and videos of allegedly microwaved iPhone 6es circulating on social media are likely not real either. As Lisa Vaas of Sophos writes:I’m very suspicious of whether the photos going ’round the Twittersphere as purported evidence of the con’s effectiveness aren’t in fact borrowed from the video Mr. Toasty iPhone 5 posted two years ago.last_img read more

Dhiraj Nayyar on Montek Singh Ahluwalia’s offer to make tea a national drink

first_imgDhiraj NayyarPlanning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia wants to make tea India’s national drink. According to some surveys, it already is-83 per cent of Indian households apparently consume tea. The Government’s stamp of approval for this relatively innocuous decision, which involves no commitment of expenditure or issuing of tenders,,Dhiraj NayyarPlanning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia wants to make tea India’s national drink. According to some surveys, it already is-83 per cent of Indian households apparently consume tea. The Government’s stamp of approval for this relatively innocuous decision, which involves no commitment of expenditure or issuing of tenders, will take one whole year. Ahluwalia has an explanation. He says the Government wants to make the announcement to coincide with the 212th birth anniversary of Maniram Dewan, Assam’s first tea planter and a revolutionary against British rule, on April 17, 2013. He may as well have made the announcement on April 17, 2012.But the Government of India works by due process. Ahluwalia says he needs to talk to Commerce Minister Anand Sharma. The commerce minister will no doubt want to talk to his bureaucrats. Cumbersome files will pass up and down. It’s quite possible that milk, not tea, will win eventually the coveted title-Amul began lobbying for it shortly after Ahluwalia’s tea announcement. Expect water to enter as a last, but hardly the least, contestant. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, presumably the final arbiter of all things national, will have to make a judgment call. As an MP from Assam, he should rule in favour of tea rather than milk. But lest he be seen making a firm decision, he may leave the matter to another Government.The popularity of tea will certainly survive the UPA’s indecision. Given the dismal state of some other national symbols-the national animal, the tiger, is battling extinction as is the national sport, hockey-tea may yet welcome its narrow escape from a potential kiss of death. The star status of India’s economy, however, is unlikely to survive UPA’s indecision.advertisementThe Government has been quick to respond to messengers of bad news. Chief Economic Adviser Kaushik Basu was admonished for speaking the bitter truth. Standard and Poor’s downgrade of India’s economic outlook from stable to negative was met by a “do not panic” and “we will overcome” response from the finance minister. Words, whether of admonishment or of reassurance, are no longer enough. The Government needs to change the message. It needs to show real progress on passing reformist legislation, on getting the bureaucracy back to taking decisions, and on reining in its runaway expenditure. That is how India will once again become an attractive destination for investment, so crucial for a growth rate of 8-9 per cent.UPA 2’s track record is discouraging. The few major decisions it has taken in the last three years have been the antithesis of reform. The recent decision to enforce a tax amendment with retrospective effect has spooked all investors, not just Vodafone. Frequent decisions to ban the exports of key agricultural commodities like cotton, wheat and onions have hurt farmers. The decision to demarcate large tracts of forest land as no-go areas for mining has led to a serious coal shortage and a crippling power deficit. Ironically, paralysis, if it means status quo, may be a better state of affairs than retrograde policy action.Would someone please give the UPA’s top brass a few cups of strong tea to awaken it from its slumber?last_img read more

Sania was used without even being consulted: Bhupathi

first_imgAdmitting that his pairing with Sania Mirz a in the mixed doubles category would have been the best bet for India in the London Olympics, Mahesh Bhupathi today said that the Indian star player was used without even being consulted.”Absolutely! We have good record. Recently we won the French Open together,” said Bhupathi when asked if he would have liked to play along side Sania in the mixed doubles during the London Games.”She was used without even being consulted as to what her best options are. But I think let her cut it all,” Bhupathi told ‘a news channel’.Sania , after getting a wildcard for the London Olympics on Tuesday, hit out at AITA for treating her as a ‘bait’ in the selection row. She was also critical of Bhupathi and Leander Paes.But Bhupathi said he could completely understand her outburst and stood by her.”Obviously, she issued a very emotional statement and I totally understand where it is coming from and what transpired into the whole thing.”As far as I am concerned, I stand by Sania and think we are the best mixed doubles pair,” insisted Bhupathi.Sania had earlier said that Bhupathi had “sacrificed” his commitment to play with her at the Olympics after their French Open title early this month.”Mahesh Bhupathi has firmly stood by his commitment to play together with his men’s doubles partner, Rohan Bopanna as he genuinely believed it was good for India. However, in the process, he sacrificed the commitment he made to me to try and win an Olympic medal together for India,” Sania had said in her statement yesterday.Sania, however, made it clear that although she preferred Bhupathi, she is ready to partner Paes in the larger interest of the country.Bhupathi, meanwhile, said that he and all his country mates were trying to put behind the controversies and concentrate on the ongoing Wimbledon, which is also the venue for the upcoming Games.”For us, we are actually trying our best to put everything behind us and try to focus on the Wimbledon,” said Bhupathi.advertisementlast_img read more