Love the sea index tool to upgrade the webmaster of the gospel to you

NO2: love sea index and real collection have much error

NO1: if there was a direct query love sea index of the amount of


August 28th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement: the last two days many sites included the number fluctuations, the reason is that the site command error, in fact, the site command have been collected on the estimated value, it is clear to everyone, see included data is still the best view love Shanghai index. This is the site command must be accurate, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform August 31st announcement, with sea index tools upgrade adds new features: Custom query. Notice that Shanghai will continue to upgrade the love index tool for webmasters, this is great news, means to deal with love Shanghai website problems, in order to more accurately understand the ZhengZhan collected volume, it is only one copy of URL, and then use the love to go to Shanghai to check one by one. Or development tools to query, there are many online query tool is included, according to this principle to design. For the love you have what sea index tool suggestions or comments? read more

Love Shanghai search results today show the priority of original content

it is understood that love the sea will increase the original protection and support in the upcoming month.

love Shanghai has been brewing in the original spark program has been quietly on the line. In the search engine results, with priority identification, through Internet show original content, help users more convenient access to the original information content, users will be more traffic oriented original party to protect the Internet original content.

it is understood that the original love Shanghai spark program will be through the "original Easy Access, the original author, the original column brand zone" three mechanisms to the greatest degree of outstanding original. Love Shanghai original spark program is used to judge first invitation, original news agencies, mainly for Internet original content is more concentrated in the original author, love Shanghai according to the original party of the qualification, the original volume, the invitation, at present, the original Easy Access has accumulated into 4 million 500 thousand original links, dozens of well-known authors love Shanghai original spark program search show support. The future, love Shanghai are also interested in the original spark plans to expand to other fields, such as the original music, original video, animation and so on, and will adopt an open application mechanism in the future. read more

On purely for the several ways of optimization of the Shanghai Dragon

in addition, perhaps for the majority of traditional articles will at the end of the part summarizes the reason of the whole article, a method for improving the degree of correlation appear at the end of the article is also recognized as the target keywords.

target keywords optimization, usually in order to make the statement more smooth and use other forms of keywords. When you write the.

is currently online more generally is the keyword density control in 2%~8%, the author does not deny its correctness. But according to my observation of low density 1%~2% page to get the ranking is not. So in general, the article page keywords short piece of two to three times on the line. Longer article page keywords appear 5~8 times is enough, do not be too elaborate keywords. As long as the normal writing, the natural words on the OK. read more

Keywords to find the law through millions of words of Shanghai dragon strategy

, er for the Shanghai dragon, it was the most known as search terms or search needs. So in the development of Shanghai dragon plan must be in the heart there will be a Shanghai dragon strategy, the beginning of the search keywords has become a priority among priorities. Because in the deployment to the page keywords, search needs (keywords) has become the core of the basis, and then we have to do is just beginning


this time again, I need to think about how to put the title page to write, but found that planning page, this is just a channel with a column, you can down the subdivision? So I according to the "Beijing second-hand car market" and start digging work, car brand with the second-hand car market, brand + Car + second-hand car market, car category and second-hand car market. WOW! Suddenly, the sky in waved to me. read more

Two foreign Shanghai dragon optimization tools recommended

blog is a brief summary: that we can not through the source will identify some of the website.


Which redirection? In the text box paste need to check the web site, click on the Check Redirects can see the results. Here the English is relatively simple, general Shanghai dragon optimization personnel can understand.

1, Redirect Checker, Redirect Checker, also can be called the way of checking the page Jump tool. HTTP query Chinaz webmaster tools also can achieve some functions.

Similar Page Checker is how to work? The search engine is to find web content is copied or similar is before us, this tool allows us to determine the two page similarity percentage, we do not know to avoid being punished, and we need to do as much as possible to reduce page similarity. The search engine is a screening mechanism for repeat content filtering, if you English good, you can look at 贵族宝贝webconfs贵族宝贝/duplicate-content-filter-article-1.php, this article will help you understand why you are likely to be filtered, and how to avoid it. read more

Nine is the site navigation optimization measures share

WWW language HTML allows Webpage designers specially marked simple text and hyperlinks to rich color, Webpage color. If your site is full of knowledge of the information, wants to convey to visitors, it is recommended that you "in the text and hyperlink color design into a clean and elegant color, will be more conducive to reading: pure text with darker and darker colors to show (such as: black, dark green, dark brown), hyperlink text with a distinctive eye-catching colors to highlight (such as: bright yellow, green, orange), as a hyperlink visited by more than the original brightness color presentation of hyperlinks. read more

Understanding and responding to shlf1314 Adsense revenue volatility2005 China’s first year of B2B co

display volume change

publishers are very concerned about the volatility of income, today we will help you in-depth analysis of how to know the reasons behind fluctuations in income, and take appropriate measures.

CPC is determined by the advertiser’s bidding and is not controlled by the publisher. Many of the changes in CPC are seasonal, for example, advertising in some industries adds more advertising money during holidays or back to school.

as publisher, the best way to improve CPC is to choose to support all forms of advertising text ads, picture ads read more

Love Shanghai curl push Windows environment configuration with localization steps

7, curl < > test command

5, find the system variables in the Path variable, then just named variable name, "little lost Crawler" here is the%CURL_HOME% to copy and paste the value of the variable, note that this is not an additional coverage to a semicolon interval as below:

cURL command

3, back to the desktop right click on my computer – properties, click on the button according to the configuration of different windows system selection tab find environmental variables as shown below: read more

The status quo of Shanghai love optimization from the Pope and the chain

6. density optimization


4. layoutIt is important that

company provides products and services as the main keyword. Settings such as: (4 words description) + keyword 1_ keywords 2_ keywords 3_ 4_ keywords company name, key words not too much.

internal optimization Keywords optimization of

2.keywords optimization

can control the anchor text page keyword density, enterprises will add up the page. Keyword density of the page is not can add anchor text links to the first.

description contains Title keywords, written description will bring strong adjuvant action to the site. If the flagship product of the keyword can be repeated two times, increase the weight of. read more

Love Shanghai rectification has just begun

in the examples before, I guess the first love Shanghai announcement message. From the "628K station event" let the webmaster "fear". Following the release of rectification notice, and make a small update, let the webmaster consciously correct, but did not carry out large-scale K station. Following a series of announcements, is to remind the webmaster to love cleaning station. At this time, if you lose faith in love Shanghai webmaster will lose a lot of money, love Shanghai began to put out by the K station, get most of the owners of praise, and began to ignore K off site announcement. So, we cannot underestimate the love of every Shanghai announcement. read more

Entrepreneurship, please protect intellectual property, do not wait until lost, and then too late to

In the early days of

– thanks to our technical team of talented minds, come up with such a talented scheme to solve the problem of the industry, the product was in short supply, hey, how did people order, what? Competitors out fake?! find a lawyer to sue them! The lawyer asked, do you have a patent??

, ha ha, my products are done, it is a perfect interpretation of the "love" brand!??! "" love "trademark has been registered?? or in our business class in?? how do you want to buy back, or a trademark or brand? If not always feel that" love "products and the soul is not a perfect fit, this feeling, you know. read more

Case analysis of Shanghai Longfeng Er how the trend of spider S log analysis

three: how to analyze IIS log

note how to access the site and set the IIS log

we can use Notepad to open the log file, and the Ctrl+F search BaiduSpider and noble baby BOT the two search engine spiders. As shown in figure

4: at the same time through the IIS logs we can analyze our content, what is favored by search engine, what is the search engine to look not to see. The contents of these data by fine-tuning.

in our optimization process, will inevitably encounter some problems plaguing us, these problems will be related to our optimization strategy. Such as how the chain effect we do? We space the existence of naked eye can not see the unstable? Our content which gain more favor? Search engine spiders crawl frequency and so on our site?. These problems will be related to the formulation of optimization analysis and strategy of our. So what channels can better analyze these problems? We can through the analysis of our site IIS log file. read more

Discussion on the common factors that affect the ranking of Taobao baby

How many

above is A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team with >

positive rateHow many customers visit our shop baby how many people buy

manager will meet each buyer refund please, perhaps with your baby not what relationship, probably because the buyers to fill in the wrong information or changed his mind, and request a refund, which is often happened, although this with the Seller itself, what is too large, but this behavior buyers will affect the Taobao search ranking baby. If the customer service have customers are complaining about baby or shop, the more baby ranking, to store the impact caused by the not underestimate. read more

Practice good Shanghai Longfeng exactly what to do

I is the operation of Home Furnishing industry portal, not to engage in the study of Shanghai dragon. The site at the beginning, I never heard of Shanghai dragon, but in the process of website operation for more than four years, on the right and wrong I heard Shanghai dragon, too much. Today I combined with their own experience, talk about my understanding of Shanghai dragon. Wrong, please correct me, in the exchange.

again the speed and quantity. Some people say we need regular updates regularly is a long time, it is said to be updated every day. I also want to be updated every day, but I can’t do it. There are two reasons, one is Wednesday Thursday, a new online article more, the other little time, not easy to find; two is the weekend holidays holiday (to do more to understand the YiZhangYiChi), so we articles on the site is generally only two or three days will update. We are now doing a nationwide industry website, although the holidays every day there are a lot of updates, but specific to a particular station, can do weekly updates on the good. As for the number of updates, we have no specific standards, good article more updates are found, no not update. On average, a capital city of home network, a week to update five or six articles. Some people may think. read more

The depth of love Shanghai thermal click map

click on the link graph is mainly to show the user’s attention to the link. This can be analyzed from click map, what column users click rate is high, can consider the corresponding column forward. This can be more in line with the user experience. To sum up, click on the thermal map is a good tool for the analysis of user needs, through this tool we can intuitively understand our website visitors love most content, we can make optimization strategies for the next step of the development of the. read more

Some small law website pages loved Shanghai K station

Why was k The first

page link station

don’t know everyone has to do the inside pages of the experience, a page to do love Shanghai home is entirely possible and PR is also very easy, my website page PR is 3 pr higher than the home page. Keywords spent nearly a month’s time in this page suddenly go up, but when I removed some keyword links on the site down, because there are several stations within the page are met my head this really big, 1:30 will not know what to do. There is also the customer constantly ask, hey. read more

Shi Xiaolong novice how to quickly learn for money

if not through practice, all theories are empty, because the gap between theory and practice is very large. As a simple example, I have a student in my class on the side of a bid award, I told him not to write in the classroom early creative themselves, but others have copied successful creative, you can directly use. Results when the time for him to operate, still can not write creative, this is the difference between theory and practice.

, to see some simple bidding

So learning

two, combined with the actual learning read more

Some small experience the love of Shanghai K station complaints

5. at the beginning and end, try to use some words. For example: dear love Shanghai engineers, hello:………… At the end, I write, I wish you happiness and health…… Finally, write a sincere, standing for small owners, trouble you.

K, do not want to say too much. The character is too poor. It is the light dial. I will complain, try holding the mentality of A. Unexpectedly, really very effective. June 28th is down right, withdraw at the end of July 8th included 0, not to any keyword search. Today has been put out, included (1450) and antecedents were normal. However, under normal circumstances, should be stable development. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization clear four problems can really enhance the optimization effect


we know today with the development of the Internet, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the Internet marketing tide, as a webmaster Shanghai Longfeng search engine optimization is a key link of our marketing, a lot of people of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is at the end of the day to increase the content of red herring, release the chain, not knowing what is true your users? What users really need? The author thinks that Shanghai Longfeng optimization only truly understand the following four problems can really improve the optimization effect, so we continued into the theme of short gossip today. read more

The application of artificial intelligence technology in Phoenix in Shanghai

we should all feel Shanghai Longfeng increasingly difficult to do, some people have felt no principles of Shanghai dragon, is no longer so easy to get ranking in the search engine. Here to share an article on the application of artificial intelligence in the Shanghai dragon in the hope that we can take a look.

The application of

in the technical innovation and development under the background of artificial intelligence and gradually attracted more and more attention, has a profound impact on all walks of life, the following will introduce the concept and characteristics of artificial intelligence. read more