21 Love Coupon Ideas That Won’t Make You Roll Your Eyes

first_imgThese are love coupons you’ll be happy to fulfill.Giving your loved one a present is nice, but not every gift needs to be expensive or bought from a store. Some of the best gifts are the ones you DIY or that are full of thoughtfulness and care and real understanding of the other person. Also, when you’re feeling a little tight on cash, it’s especially helpful when it’s the thought that counts — not the price point. Our best idea? A love coupon book.Before you run away thinking we’ve got a bunch of coupons here for monogamous lap dances, hear us out. These are the coupons for things you wish you had a real veto power for — things like running to the store, calling the landlord and taking care of the kids for a whole day.Hopefully, you’re in a partnership that does its best to be 50-50, so these coupon ideas will work well for both partners in the relationship.We tried to make these fun and loving, but also super-realistic. Love can’t be all snugglefests and kissing contests. Some days you’ve got to figure out who is taking out the recycling.A coupon for…A foot rubA picnicA public social media posting about how great you areA “don’t post that!” social media vetoYour favorite meal cooked by meOne free “let it go” coupon (even when I really want to keep ranting about it)One day with the house entirely to yourselfOne hour with a “cone of silence” (I won’t say a word!)A late-night dessert run on demand, weather not-withstandingOne hour of participating in your favorite hobbyTakeout is on meYou can have full control of what we watch on Netflix tonightYou can have full control of what we have for dinnerYou can pick the date-night activityI’ll do 24 hours of uninterrupted child careI’ll turn off the light/turn down the thermostat/turn on the fanI’ll run to the store (even though I already took my pants off)I’ll call the plumber/repairman/landlordI’ll go to a group event of your choice (even though there will be people there)I’ll drive the whole way (and even deal with parking)I’ll handle the oil changeSourcelast_img

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