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Camerons record is less than impressive. on Sept 12 2015 Melina Mara—The Washington Post/Getty Images But female Sanders supporters also offer a glimpse into how some voters are weighing the historic nature of a female presidency against other political priorities "The excitement of her being the first woman President is a little more muted than it was in 2008" says Anna Greenberg a Democratic strategist unaffiliated with any presidential campaign "And thats just because shes been around" Determined not to let that excitement wane Clinton is taking a different tack toward the historic nature of her campaign than she did in 2008 In that race she largely avoided talking about her gender until victory was slipping away This time shes making it a key calling card of her candidacy a way to rally supporters to separate herself from Obama and to paint herself as something other than a political insider during a year when populist disaffection is rewarding outsiders She has called for a country in which "there are no ceilings for anyone" and "where a father can tell his daughter You can be anything you want to be including the President of the United States of America" She routinely mentions her mother and granddaughter in campaign appearances and images of little girls dressed up as Madame President litter her Instagram feed "Who can be more of an outsider than a woman President" she said on the Today show last month The Clinton campaign doesn’t seem worried Officials of course never expected she would get unanimous support from them; such an expectation one adviser says would be sexist in its own right "Its a double standard" Clinton campaign pollster Joel Benenson says of "the assumption that a group of people based on gender age ethnicity religion ought to be on lockstep with a candidate" Even Clinton herself says women shouldnt vote for a candidate merely because shes a woman "Im always in favor of women running" she told TIME in a recent interview when asked about the appeal of Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina the only woman in the GOP field "But people need to hold womens policies up to light and determine what their answers to problems would be before deciding to support them" For some Sanders supporters in New Hampshire thats exactly their reasoning "Hillary is that polyester pant-suited lady from the ’70s who lip-speaks feminism but doesnt grapple with the issue of poverty" says Sylvia Gale a 66-year-old former state legislator and Sanders volunteer "The best feminist for the job is Bernie Sanders" ‘There will be another Hillary Clinton’ Dudley Dudley is as surprised as anyone by her support for Sanders The 79-year-old broke barriers in New Hampshire as one of few female lawmakers in the 1970s and most of her friends are backing Clinton "I expected to support her until I heard Bernie Sanders speak" she says over popovers at a café in Portsmouth NH "I will work very hard for her if she gets the nomination but Im hoping that Bernie Sanders becomes President" Dudley who made headlines in New Hampshire when she prevented shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis from building an oil refinery off the coast in the 1970s is from the generation that made the first push to get women elected to office in large numbers Her unusual name her first name plus her married last name became her political tagline when she ran for Congress with the slogan "Dudley Dudley Congress Congress" (she lost) But even among some women of this barrier-breaking generation the idea of seeing a female President doesnt carry the urgency one might expect A woman holds up a sign at a rally for democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders on Nov 8 2015 in Las Vegas John Locher—AP "Is it that important of a goal" asks Darrow the office administrator "I know Hillarys prowomen but Bernies definitely prowomen I just feel hell fight a little harder hes not beholden to anyone" And after the race barrier fell with Obamas historic election some think its only inevitable that the gender barrier will fall by the wayside too if not now then next time "I dont think of it as now-or-never" says Dudley "There will be another Elizabeth Warren another Hillary Clinton" That might be wishful thinking for older women Greenberg says The Republican wave elections of 2010 and 2014 decimated a generation of rising Democratic politicians leaving the partys bench especially bare at the gubernatorial level which is often a pipeline to the presidency (of 18 Democratic governors three are women) Elizabeth Warren will be 75 on Election Day in 2024 well past Clinton (69 on Election Day) and Ronald Reagan (69 when he took office) And there are only a handful of Democratic women in the Senate who will be younger than 70 before the next presidential election (Among them New York’s Kirsten Gillibrand 48 is seen by some as having a promising future on the national stage) If Clinton isn’t elected the first female President could just as easily be a Republican Greenberg says "As someone who personally would like to see a woman President" she says "Im a bird-in-hand person" Pro-Sanders not anti-Clinton For Dudley Sanders positions on income inequality and money in politics are more important than any loyalty she might feel for a fellow woman politician "Its not anti its pro" she says "I don’t really have anything bad to say about Hillary" The vast majority of female Sanders supporters agree with Dudley: they’re motivated by affection for Bernie Sanders not aversion to Hillary Clinton But among some New Hampshire voters who see Sanders as an antidote to big-money politics Clinton hatred runs high Laura Thompson a 57-year-old freelance writer who calls herself the "original feminazi" says she resents the idea that all women should rally behind Hillary "She assumes that we are her constituency We are not" Thompson says emphatically over coffee in Keene NH Thompson who volunteered for Sanders and says she gave him her first-ever campaign contribution vowed to sit out the election if Clinton is the nominee Most Democratic women backing Sanders however say the stakes are too high to sit out a general election if Clinton ultimately is their nominee "Id have to hold my nose and vote for her" says Dottie Oden a 68-year-old retired teacher backing Sanders Morgan Dudley Dudleys daughter says she thought shed support Clinton until she heard Sanders ideas on making college affordable The younger Dudley who is in her 50s and works in university development is disappointed with what she sees as Clintons flip-flopping But she says Clinton could win her over if she took an unpopular stance on a major issue: "Thats how you gain peoples trust saying I know this isnt popular but its the best thing for the country" ‘Ready for Hillary’ stickers in support of Hillary Clinton Spencer Platt—Getty Images As she prepares for the second Democratic debate this weekend Clinton can take comfort in the fact that most Democratic women dont need convincing "Hillary has been through everything" says Jennifer Dollar a 53-year-old Clinton supporter in Nashua who sees the candidates battle scars and flexibility on policy as assets not liabilities "I fight for something I call I write letters and then they change" she says "Am I going to attack that" And even the most enthusiastic female Sanders supporters say they were impressed by Clinton’s strength in the first debate and the congressional hearing before hostile Republican critics Clinton Darrow says "handled herself with fantastic grace" "If she got the nomination" Darrow says "Id be happy and hopeful" See an Intimate Portrait of Hillary Clinton With an ice cream cone in hand Hillary waves to the crowd in Weedsport New York as she heads to the Harriet Tubman Home for the Aged in Auburn New York one of the stops on her Save America’s Treasures tour July 14 1998 Diana Walker—Contour by Getty Images for TIME Getting ready for President Clinton’s second inaugural Hillary gets her first glimpse of daughter Chelsea’s short skirt Jan 20 1997 Diana Walker—Contour by Getty Images for TIME The President and the First Lady Share a private moment one of their last in the Oval Office Jan 11 2001 Diana Walker—Contour by Getty Images for TIME Hillary checks her messages upon departure from Malta for the as-yet-undisclosed location Tripoli Oct 18 2011 This photo was turned into a meme that circulated around the world Diana Walker—Contour by Getty Images for TIME Before an appearance with David Letterman Hillary checks her BlackBerry while Diana Walker takes their picture Feb 4 2008 Diana Walker—Contour by Getty Images for TIME Hillary gathers her thoughts moments before her introduction at Nueva Esperanza Academy Charter High School in Philadelphia Apr 18 2008 Diana Walker—Contour by Getty Images for TIME Diana Walker—Contour by Getty Images for TIME Hillary walks up the steps of the US Capitol to meet with Senate leaders May 16 2006 Diana Walker—Contour by Getty Images for TIME Hillary enters a Super Bowl party at a bar and grill in St Paul Minnesota where she watches the New York Giants win the game Feb 3 2008 Diana Walker—Contour by Getty Images for TIME 1 of 9 Advertisement Write to Charlotte Alter at charlottealter@timecomThe state of Kentucky has become the first to adopt the Trump administration’s new policy of imposing work requirements as a precondition of receiving Medicaid benefits Consequently residents of Kentucky who are on Medicaid and considered healthy enough to work must now comply with certain requirements to receive the health care provided by the government program The Trump administration announced on January 11 that states could impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients One day later the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved a waiver for Kentucky adopting that new policy for the next five years Under the program which officially starts in July Medicaid beneficiaries between the ages of 19 and 64 who do not meet exemption requirements must complete at least 80 hours per month of “community engagement” which includes work school job skills training or community service If they do not complete the requirements Medicaid eligibility will be suspended The program exempts several categories of recipients including pregnant women those diagnosed as “medically frail” primary caregivers and former foster care youth “It will be transformational” Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin said in an announcement Friday “Transformational in all the right ways in good ways in powerful ways” More than 2 million people are on Medicaid in Kentucky according to the Kaiser Family Foundation which is nearly one quarter of the state’s population Kentucky was among the 33 states to adopt the Medicaid expansion program that is a cornerstone of the Affordable Care Act enacted under the Obama administration but Bevin has been seeking to implement these changes since he was elected in 2015 Bevin also defended the program from criticism that it was essentially punishing lower income people and insisted that the program will only impact those who are physically able to work The recipients of the program who are unable to comply with the new regulations he said will remain unaffected “This idea that somehow we are punishing people that this will be a detriment to people I think is a huge huge misunderstanding of what people need” he said noting that he himself came from a low-income family “There is dignity associated with owning the value of something you receive” Write to Alana Abramson at AlanaAbramson@timecomThe UK might be about to experience one of the warmest ends to the year on record as an unseasonable rise in temperatures is set to arrive See so its not all bad is itThe rise is to be caused by El Nino a Pacific ocean wind that can elevate temperatures in Europe and it could see the UK and Ireland enjoy the mercury hitting 20 degrees even into Octobervia GIPHYThe average for this time of year is around 14 degrees but temperatures could top out at 21 if the expected weather pattern arrivesBrian Gaze of the Weather Channel told the Mirror: "2018 could push towards one of the hottest years on record Its a hot year even though it saw the Beast from the East cold late winter"We had an above average summer which combined with a warmer than expected winter could see 2018 take its place as the hottest year ever recorded in the UKBritain could enjoy weather that is hotter than Barcelona this week though there is also the threat of the first frost of the year in other placesvia GIPHY"By Tuesday we could see a high of 18 or 19C in the south and we could just about nudge 20C" Alex Burkill of the Met Office said "Further north its going to be quite a bit cooler than that but still in the mid-teens Around 14 or 15C is possible which is slightly above average for the start of October"The amount of sunshine we get will play a massive part in how warm it feels"Wednesday and Thursday could be a little bit warmer with perhaps a greater chance of 21C in the south"That said the regional variations in temperatures will still be stark It was -36 in Katesbridge Northern Ireland over the weekend a difference of 25 degrees to the expected temperature in the south of England come TuesdaySnow is a possibility in Scotland despite the heat in the South of EnglandA weak to moderate strength El Niño is likely this winter according to @MetOffice predictions and those from other centres It is expected to be much less intense than the one in 2015-16 but could still lead to global impactsFind out more here https://tco/ndrpyMHIJ2- Met Office (@metoffice) September 11 2018 According to the Met Office: "The jet stream digs south this weekend drawing in cold air from the north"Warmer air arrives from Tuesday as the jet stream moves back to the north Colder air is never too far away towards the end of the week"So if youre in the south enjoy it while it lasts – for those in the north it might be time to dig out the hoodies Apostle Johnson Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministries OFM has reacted to the death of renowned evangelist Billy Graham DAILY POST reports that Graham died on Wednesday at the age of 99 in Montreat Prior to his death he was a Christian evangelist whose worldwide crusades and role as adviser to decades of US presidents made him one of the best known religious figures of his time Graham who had been ill for a number of years was regularly listed in polls as one of the “Ten Most Admired Men in the World” Apostle Suleman on his verified twitter page described the late Graham as an example of ministerial longevity “Rest in peace Billy Graham…great world evangelist and ministerial example of longevity…adieu” In the same vein General Overseer of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly COZA Pastor Fatoyinbo on his Instagram page mourned Graham describing him as a man who never regretted being born again He wrote “I have never known a man who received Christ and regretted it – Adieu Billy Graham” She doesnt. 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