Mint Gets a Makeover and Announces Mint Bills

first_img*Alexa, play Cheap Thrills by Sia* Now that Sia has got you inspired, we know it can be hard to unwind and enjoy yourself when it often involves dropping a lot of cash. In fact, 64% of Americans say money… Full Story,Official rules here. The sweepstakes ended as of Sunday, July 21st but the opportunity to join the conversation and share #MyMintBalance lives on! You may have noticed a significant surge in conversation on your social media about the current state… Full Story,We know you love Mint, and Mint loves you right back. That’s why we’ve brought a refreshed look and feel that features a sleek design, added benefits, and a simplified view of what’s important with your money. This month, Mint… Full Story,An overdraft fee can be a headache and often one of the most expensive fees from a bank. Minters, there’s a good chance that at some point in the last year, you have seen the dreaded “NSF Fee” transaction on… Full Story,Sharing openly about your finances is difficult to do. Be it with your family, friends, in your relationship or even unintentional exposure at work (ever been on a work trip where they plan to reimburse you, but you don’t even… Full Story,We know you love Mint, and Mint loves you right back. That’s why we’re updating the iOS app with a refreshed look and feel that features a sleek design, added benefits, and a simplified view of what’s important with your… Full Story,Hi Minters! Kyle here from Mint’s product team. I wanted to share with you one of our newest feature updates that we hope you have already discovered. One of the biggest impacts to your credit score is your credit utilization… Full Story,TLDR: Mint bill pay feature will no longer be available as of June 30th At Mint, our goal is to make money management effortless. From budgeting, to tracking your transactions to regular credit score updates, we aim to help you… Full Story,Hey Mint readers – my name is Peter Fong, I’m an iOS engineer here at Mint and worked on a recent feature update for Budgets. Hopefully you’ve already discovered it – but if not – they asked me to share… Full Story,This Wednesday June 14, Mint is teaming up with Girlboss in New York City to have an impolite conversation about money. Girlboss founder and CEO, Sophia Amoruso and finance expert Farnoosh Torabi will gather a panel of emerging female entrepreneurs… Full Storylast_img read more

3 Really Bad Internet Marketing Mistakes I Bet You’re Making

first_img  I:  PR: What makes it really bad is that, if you are making these mistakes, it’s hard to predict, measure and constantly increase your traffic and lead volume. If you can’t do that, you can’t determine an ROI on the time and money you spend on your internet marketing. Anyone in business, should be in control of how resources are being used to grow it. If you’re making these mistakes, you’re not really in control. .  wait… This mistake is even more common. A tleast most people attempt keyword research when they Hawaii VA Loans: Fortunately with internet marketing, success requires a lot less effort than soccer. It doesn’t require the span of adolescence to master, and you won’t ever get over the hill as long as you keep your skills fresh. Like a good coach, internet marketing requires a good analytics package to determine “how to improve”.  Social Media Marketing Kit Understanding Your VA Loan Benefits and Homebuyer’s Guide You should also notice that it’s not about having one or two offers. It’s about coming up with multiple offers that will resonate with your audience and that can help your prospects start making the correlation betwen their challenges and goals and how your product helps them get where they need to go.  redesign their site  SD: Allyrose18 few well designed landing pages & Keyword research Request an AED Grant wait… Aussiegall custom demos I usually ask people, “Have you done keyword research?”. They say “yes”. However, after a few more questions, I usually determine that all they’ve done is write a list of keywords awhile ago when their webmaster asked them for some. Some people have used some keyword research databases to find some keywords. Some people have even looked at search volume before they made decisions on how to optimize their pages, write blog posts or set up their social media profiles. However, almost noone I’ve spoken with in the last 6 months has already implemented an ongoing keyword research process that helps them continuously determine what keywords to use in order to maximize organic search traffic.  Keyword research enables you to predict and constantly increase the traffic you attract to your site. Lead generation best practices enable you to maximize the number of visitors you turn into leads. Analytics enable you to measure what’s working and constantly increase your traffic and lead volume. Closed loop marketing enables you to calculate a true ROI for your online marketing and zero in your marketing activities on the things that produce the most sales ready leads that turn into the most profitable customers.   Mistake #3: You’re not Measuring Where Your Leads are Coming From. Originally published Oct 28, 2008 9:53:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 SEO Kit , I’ve been able to demonstrate to people that the ROI on their time and money spent on their traffic acquisition activities can be positively impacted by 2-10x if they follow a rigorous and regularly occuring keyword research process. they’ve generated 350+ leads so far , , , etc. Please notice that the offers are educational in nature. They give the visitor what they’re looking for. Nonetheless, they perfectly qualify a prospect and capture their contact information so that leads can be nurtured. Is the web an important tool for generating new clients in your business? Should it be? Can you afford to continue making these mistakes?  Again, by implementing these best practices, a company can start converting a larger percentage of their visitors into leads. In the case of Safety Trainers above, Darcy Cook and her team generated only 5 leads in all of 2007 through the web. Since February 2008, closed loop marketing If you’re not making these 3 mistakes, kudos to you:center_img Safety Trainers: Mistake #2: You Don’t Have Lots of Great Offers, Calls to Action and Well Optimized Landing Pages on Your Site. Bonus kudos to you if you’re already doing Topics: wait… Each week, I have numerous conversations with small business owners, professional marketers and webmasters. If you’re like most of these people, there’s 3 mistakes I can assume with almost 100% certainty that you’re making. , with relevant offers and great calls to action: Free Website Redesign Kit The mistake that most people make, however, is to focus on the wrong metrics. If I spent all my time analyzing how the ball moved around the field instead of getting faster, getting better, refining my shooting abilities, I would have never played in high school or college. With internet marketing, you need to determine exactly what traffic sources (eg keywords, email blasts, refering links, social media sites, etc) are attracting visitors who convert into leads. So many people focus on the ball moving around the field: number of page views, number of visitors, or how long someone stays on their site. These things are pretty irrelevant if you’re not converting web site visitors into leads and paying clients; if you’re not scoring goals. . People usually don’t even have calls to action on their site. They rarely ever have great offers that are relevant to the interests of their prospects. And most people wouldn’t know what a well-designed landing page looks like if it smacked them in the face. What most people do is place a “contact us” button in their navigation and call it a day. That’s the equivalent of having a retail store and asking your cashier to stand in the back right corner of the store with their eyes closed and a small non-obvious button on their chest that says “Wake me up only if you want to buy something.” Was I Right? Are You Making These Mistakes? wait… Photos by , Inside Sales Best Practices Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack wait…  I: Web Analytics  L: wait…  LD: The Bridge Group: where you’re able to track exactly what traffic sources generate leads that convert into customers. Kalandrakas wait…  C: HubSpot: You need to identify what keywords are relevant, have high search volume, are relatively easy to rank for, monitor where you rank now for each keywords, how much traffic you’re getting from each keyword and whether the visitors coming from that keyword are turning into leads. Based on the data that we’re able to show in our People aren’t going to contact you until they’ve determined that you can help them solve their challenges or that you have the product they need. Many companies only put a “request a demo” or “free live evaluation” link as calls to action. However, this is just another way of saying “contact us to talk about buying”. Your offers must be relevant to the challenges that your prospects face. Below are a wait… Press Release Marketing Kit Mistake #1: Keyword Research Doesn’t Guide Every One of Your Online Marketing Activities ,last_img read more

Pop Quiz: How Does a Small Company Generate Leads Like a Big Company?

first_img . . Originally published Jan 14, 2009 8:22:00 AM, updated March 21 2013 Vico Software . Instead, they produce webinars and create content that prospects download and link to. In other words, they do things that help them get found. Although Holly is a HubSpot customer, this video focuses on Vico’s approach to marketing, not its use of HubSpot software (we try avoid talking too much about HubSpot in the Inbound Marketing Blog). We have a separate page for  Holly’s answer? And it’s working. Over the past six months, their website traffic is up 89%, their free download program is up over 200% and they’ve generated over 1,500 leads. In the video below, Holly explains the process. Inbound Marketing construction software to engineers and contractors.center_img Inbound marketing That’s what I asked Holly Allison a few weeks ago. Holly is the vice president of marketing at  Topics: , a successful Boston-area startup that provides  Lead Generation HubSpot case studies With the economy tightening, Holly says, Vico can’t be spending money on trade shows or  direct mail Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Free eBook: Building the Marketing Plan: A Blueprint for Start-ups

first_img I talk to a lot of start-ups about their marketing and sales operations.  Often, the conversation turns to the subject of building a marketing plan – how to prioritize, what to do, activities, infrastructure, etc. 9.When the time is right, fill the following marketing roles: content creators; evangelical networkers; and optimization gurus. I’ve surely missed a bunch of stuff – so would love to hear what are your thoughts and best practices on putting together a marketing plan for a start-up. Ilya Mirman 5.Early on, hedge your lead generation bets across inbound marketing, outbound marketing, and sales prospecting. Originally published Aug 3, 2010 9:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 So I’ve put together an Download his free eBook: Building a Marketing Plan: A Blueprint for Start-ups. Topics: I’ve noticed that my suggestions have been roughly the same, because many of the challenges start-ups face are similar: on a small budget, with a small team, you need to go from a standing start to quickly create awareness, establish a new category, educate the market, generate and nurture leads, make sales, all the while nailing down the product, company processes, finding your way in the ecosystem, building a community and gearing up for exponential growth in the coming months and quarters; and all the while, with entrenched Goliaths in your rear-view mirror. 4.Instrument your systems and metrics to enable rapid course correction. e-Book 6.In order to zero in on viable lead sources, have a plan early on to test a variety of messages, lists, and offers. . Ilya has spent the past decade running marketing for software vendors including SolidWorks, Interactive Supercomputing (acquired by Microsoft) and Cilk Arts (acquired by Intel). 2.When considering infrastructure (marketing/sales/commerce/support), choose platforms and approaches that’ll let you focus on your business, rather than the nuts-and-bolts of connecting disparate systems.center_img The following is a guest post by : 1. Nail down the key messaging on user personas and product positioning; this is the foundation of all your marketing efforts, content, prioritization. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack 8.Invest a lot of effort in viral tools and utilities – if successful, you can dramatically transform your cost of customer acquisition, your required capital, maybe even your business model. Here’s my Top 10 suggestions from the Marketing Strategy that would hopefully help construct a start-up’s marketing plan.  Outlined in it are some considerations – with respect to messaging, infrastructure, demand generation, process, budgets and timelines –  that I’ve found useful across a bunch of markets and companies. 10.Move and learn quickly: within weeks, have a plan; within a couple months, you should have first “signs of life” from lead gen campaigns; and within 4-6 months, a nicely humming lead generation engine. More than one management consultant has pointed out that this stuff is really obvious.  They’re right.  The hard work is not putting it on a PowerPoint slide – it’s actually doing it.  The good news is that it’s now easier than ever to do this, quickly, on a small budget.  Nowadays, there’s no reason you can’t have a web site up in days, start publishing content within weeks, run quick experiments regarding prospecting lists/messages/offers, and within a couple months start to see the needle move in terms of traffic, leads and prospects. 7.Develop marketing offers for every stage of the sales process. e-Book 3.Engineer your marketing and sales process with as much rigor as you engineer your product.last_img read more

How to Set Social Media Marketing Goals

first_img Leads Next Steps for your business. Select Your Key Social Media Marketing Metric Buzz (Mentions): PostRank Traffic Buzz (Mentions) : People are talking about you whether or not you want them to! Social media allows you to tune into conversations your customers are having, be they positive or negative. Social media has turned into a particularly great tool for responding to customers directly and quickly when they’re having problems with your product. If you’re focused on improving customer happiness through social media, you’ll likely want to track number of non-social media support tickets (maybe they’ll go down!) and general customer happiness metrics like Customer Happiness (Customer Support): your support tracking tool – we use our CRM, Reach . Do you have tools in place to track your progress on your selected metric? Here are a few tool suggestions: Topics: Track Your Progress Social Media Analytics : More mentions means more people talking about you means more awareness of your company and product among a greater audience. If buzz or awareness is important to you, you will want to measure mentions of your brand names in social media over time. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Net Promoter Score : If you’re an ad-supported website, you care a lot about eyeballs on your site. More eyeballs means more advertising dollars. You want to use social media to drive a larger and larger audience to visit your website. Set Your Social Media Goal Numberscenter_img Setting your actual goal numbers – be they traffic goals or reach goals – is very dependent on where you are, where you want to be, and how you plan on getting there. With some simple calculations, you can why? What is the #1 metric you’re trying to influence by jumping into social media? Develop a plan to achieve your goals and jump in! Keep in mind that it takes some time to gain traction in social media, but once you get it rolling, it will be easier to see continued results. Next you may want to determine Traffic: Google Analytics, HubSpot is all about getting you to think about and determine your social media goals. It turns out we don’t advocate using social media just because it’s fun (though it is!), we do so because social media drives some significant business results for both us and our customers. But a key part of a successful social media strategy is knowing what you want to get out of social media, since this will drive your actions and help you measure progress. which social media site delivers the best results : Reach is not usually an end goal but rather a means to one of the other two goals of traffic or leads. That’s because the greater reach you have, the easier it is to get significant traffic or leads from social media channels. If reach is your key metric, you want to increase your social media followers or fans. Leads: HubSpot Customer Happiness (Customer Support) business, you care about getting people to come from social media and drop their contact information to request education or contact from you. You want to use social media to drive people to your website to download a free offer and become a lead. any . set your social media goals based on your high-level business goals This moment of asking : If you’re – really – Originally published Mar 17, 2011 1:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 Reach: Facebook Insights, Twitter Counter, HubSpotlast_img read more

Top 5 Metrics for Auditing Your Social Media Marketing ROI

first_img . Also known as “reach,” the more of it you have, the more people will see your content, spread your messages, and therefore increase your ROI. Track how your reach is increasing over time. If you’re not attracting new followers as time goes on, focus more of your social media efforts on generating new fans and followers and building your reach to increase the value you get from social media marketing. Participating in social media 1. Reach: 4. Customers: can help you focus and fine-tune your time and efforts, so use the data you gather to make your marketing most efficient and effective as possible! Originally published Jul 1, 2011 2:22:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 This is arguably the most important metric to use when measuring social media marketing ROI. Take another look at the traffic you’re generating from social media sites. Of that traffic, how many of those website and blog visitors are converting into leads? The number of Twitter followers, Facebook fans, LinkedIn group members, etc. you have is directly related to your can have a number of beneficial business applications such as facilitating customer service and boosting public relations. But when it comes down to it, most B2B marketers are measured mainly by how their programs and campaigns perform in What’s the visit-to-lead conversion rate of your social media traffic? In other words, of the social media traffic you’re generating, what percentage of those visitors become leads? While this may seem like a useless metric in itself, conversion rate can be very useful when comparing one channel with another. For example, you can compare your social media conversion rate to your blogging conversion rate to analyze the ROI of those channels relative to each other. Top 5 Social Media ROI Metrics Adjust your time spent in social media accordingly. While social media participation can do wonders for some businesses, it might not be as powerful a marketing method for others. 3. Leads: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack 5. Conversion Rate: Now take that leads data one step further. Are your social media leads actually turning into customers? And just how many of them are? Being able to attribute actualcenter_img can be a powerful indicator that the time you’re spending on social media marketing is actually worth it. customers Topics: generating leads and revenue Social Media Analytics Revenue is the ultimate indicator of social media marketing success, but depending on your sales cycle, it can be many months before you have closed customers from a social media campaign. Because of this delay it is important to use leading indicators of revenue success such as leads and the other 3 metrics we discuss in this post. In social media marketing, one major goal you should have is to generate traffic from social media to your website and/or blog. Look at your website/blog’s referral sources to determine how many visitors came from social media sites. Monitor this number over time. Are you noticing an increase in social media traffic as your reach improves?   2. Traffic: What other metrics do you use to measure the return on investment of your social media marketing? Conduct a Social Media Audit social media success Analyzing your marketing programs Using these five metrics for social media marketing success, conduct an audit of your current social media presence. What surprises you? Are you getting more (or fewer) leads from social media than you thought? Does social media traffic convert better or worse than other channels? . While positive brand sentiment and a high level of customer service are important, your boss wants to know that the time you’re spending in social media is actually translating into leads and customers.last_img read more

SEO: 301 Redirects Don’t Pass Existing Social Shares

first_imgWhenever you consider a Passes Social Shares?   Google+  value of social sharing For the other sites besides Twitter, none of the social sharing factors carried over at all and we didn’t notice this same phenomenon with them. Sharing addresses on the Performable blog or other parts of their site didn’t impact the sharing totals for HubSpot at all. It looks like Facebook and Google+ aren’t counting the redirects and final URLs in the same way that Twitter does as a result, or the results would have matched theirs. In summary: , particularly factors that show up in search engines or other formats, like the number of tweets or Likes a page has gotten. That led us to the weekend, and I checked the statistics on Monday. Something interesting had happened over the weekend though: As people occasionally tweeted the old URLs from the now-redirected, those tweets counted towards the total tweets for the relevant page on Topics: It’s also worth mentioning that while Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn don’t read the redirect when deciding where to send people, they also often don’t properly realize that they are being redirected as part of the new URL. For example, if you try to share today on Google+, you end up with a very strange looking preview with the Performable logo and a page on, as below: Reads Redirects? After we did all the redirect work on Thursday afternoon, we checked right afterwards for the social sharing stats for each of the pages for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that any of the shares passed through to the new pages. All of the new pages on the HubSpot domain showed having no social shares at all, and the old pages still showed their old data. Don’t let something like this stop you from making important changes to your website or re-architecting how things are laid out, but if you need help we have a Putting a redirect on an old page and then pointing it to a new one didn’t move those shares through. This was somewhat a surprise to us – Since anyone who clicked on that old share or tweet still came through to the new site, we had hoped the share might come through too. Originally published Aug 10, 2011 11:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016  Twitter  One of the factors that can be easily overlooked on this front is the website redesign or changing the layout of your website, there are a number of extremely important questions that you should ask yourself. For example, you should think carefully about where you are going to move your key resources or pages, what impact the shift might have on them, and how to make sure that you’re easily able to get found. No  LinkedIn center_img Over the last month, as we prepared to shut down the Performable website after HubSpot’s acquisition of them. We took careful stock of each of their webpages and the statistics of them, so that we could carefully measure what would happen to each of them. For each page on’s blog, we recorded the number of views that page had in the last month, and the number of tweets, likes, LinkedIn shares, and so on for the page. No No . No Yes No No When Twitter formulates the count of tweets for a certain page, they first read the URL that was tweeted and then follow any and all redirects off of that URL. As a result, the following tweets afterwards did count towards HubSpot’s pages. It makes a lot of sense for Twitter to do this – that way, no matter what URL shortener someone chooses to use, they make sure they’re always recording the final URL that was being tweeted by someone. The fact that matters for the tweet count is the final URL that was tweeted, and not anything in between or if that URL was redirected. If you are ever considering moving a website or a section of your website, be very conscious not just of the obvious factors, like making sure that the pages have redirects. Also be aware that there may be things that you lose or cannot control, such as losing the social shares that may exist of your current pages. website Having established our base data, we want to check on if we could take advantage of these shares in any way and preserve their value as we moved the website redesign kit to help. No  Facebook  Social Media Engagement Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

30-Day Blog Challenge Tip #17: Use H1 Tags

first_img@HubSpot Have patience. Sometimes when you’ve finished writing a piece, it’s not always the best time to release it. #blogfor30— Geoff Gates (@GeoffreyGates) January 13, 2014 “@HubSpot: What advice do you have for other bloggers? #blogfor30”// write down EVERYTHING you have in mind— Martha Madero Glz (@marthamadero) January 13, 2014 Blogging Advice Originally published Jan 18, 2014 6:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017 Standout Posts From #blogfor30 ChallengeWe would also like to highlight some stellar blog posts from others in the #blogfor30 challenge that’ll hopefully keep you motivated. You can see more on HubSpot’s Pinterest page. Marketplicity’s My Facebook Campaign got 28,000 Impressions – It was a Total FailureBrightfire’s Tips for Business Blogging (and the Hubspot 30-Day Blog Challenge) Bigcommerce’s 7 key e-commerce metrics for measuring your year-end performance and planning for 2014 successThe Growing Coach’s 5 Tips for Service Excellence – Growing your ‘Extra-Milers’Thriveworks’s What Texting is Really Doing to Our MindsUrbandBound’s Five Things in Relocation to Watch for in 2014Skyhook Wireless’s XOEye Shares Their Vision on Wearable TechnologyGood luck on your #blogfor30 challenge — you’re more than halfway there. Keep up the good work! From January 2-31, we are challenging everyone to blog more to see firsthand the results that blogging can generate. Participating companies should submit their blog URLs on this page to enter the challenge. Winner(s) will receive a complimentary ticket to INBOUND 2014 and be featured on the HubSpot inbound marketing blog.Today’s blogging tip is brought to you by Adrian Doggrell, Inbound Marketing Coordinator at Revenue River Marketing:”Always have one H1 header line on your blog. This will help with SEO. An easy and natural way to do this is to simply name your blog (not the individual article) in the H1 style. That way, you can optimize each blog post and get the most reward from your efforts.”Did you blog today? If yes, submit to the challenge!You’re over halfway there.Now that we’re a little over the halfway mark, we thought it’d be nice to take a moment to catch you up on how the challenge is going, and give you some motivation and resources to keep it up.Thursday, January 23 Worldwide ChallengeBlock off your calendars! This Thursday, January 23 from 12:00 to 1:00 PM EST, we will be hosting a worldwide blogging challenge. During this time we’re asking participants to write a blog post in just one hour (from 12:00 PM EST to 1:00 PM EST). Whatever you finish at 1, you publish!We’ll be in on the challenge, too … but no cheating and writing something this weekend 😉 We hope this’ll make you realize just how much you’re capable of in only an hour.Check out all of the details here.Advice From Other BloggersWe asked you for actionable tips and other advice to give to other bloggers. You may have seen some of these daily tips every morning on this very blog, but we’ve also been asking our social followers for their thoughts on the matter. Here’s what we’re hearing that may help you out as you #blogfor30. .@HubSpot My advice? Make blogging easy for yourself, don’t stress out. #blogfor30— Julie Bee (@thejuliebee) January 13, 2014center_img @HubSpot Don’t be afraid to get a little silly. #blogfor30— Peter the Printer (@PlumGrovePrint) January 13, 2014 Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Topics: @HubSpot Don’t be afraid to rock the boat sometimes. It is OK to be a little controversial, without being insulting.— Cauze Marketing (@CauzeInbound) January 13, 2014 @HubSpot Remember to be authentic. #blogfor30— Gopi Oza (@gopi_oza) January 13, 2014last_img read more

Cut Your Content in Half: How to Write Less and Say More

first_img Topics: Originally published Jun 4, 2014 11:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017 Writing Skills You and your audience have something in common: You want to write less, and they want to read less.It’s not that your content is boring — it’s that we don’t even make time to read stuff we want to read. I skim articles I voluntarily click on because I have 20 other tabs open (and other stuff I should be doing, anyway).Make your dream of blogging less come true by cutting the length of your content in half. Here’s how.Make your intros shorter.I’ll venture a guess most people didn’t read that intro I just wrote, and scrolled to the first bold header they saw.Don’t worry, I do it, too.Write an intro, but don’t belabor the point. Generate some empathy, tell a quick story, cite a stat, whatever — then get on with it.If you need help writing intros, read this post, “How to Write an Introduction.”Cut the qualifiers.We’re all so concerned with not offending anyone, leaving people out, or being presumptuous that we’ve defaulted to a ridiculous extreme — adding all the qualifiers we can to ensure we don’t get called out by readers.Let’s use my intro in this post as an example. I made a presumption — that you don’t like to blog. I also might’ve insulted some people by saying people don’t like reading what they write. I could have added every qualifier on earth to try to make sure I didn’t offend or presume … but these are low stakes here, and frankly, the qualifying gets exhausting. We’re talking about writing for pete’s sake.If it’s low stakes, cut the qualifiers for more concise copy.Don’t assume the lowest common denominator.”Explain it to me like I’m a three year old.”That’s a really helpful approach to take with how-to content that requires a lot of attention to detail. But it isn’t required for every post you write. Assume your readers don’t need you to over-explain concepts. Even if a few of them do, you’ll find most will rise to the occasion and appreciate the opportunity to read something that asks them to use their brain cells.And if they don’t, hey, at least you’re elevating the conversation for everyone else.Write like you speak.The last sentence I wrote up there originally had some business babble creep in. It said, “at least you’re elevating the conversation for the rest of your audience.”The rest of your audience? What am I really trying to say? The rest of your audience = everyone else. Just say that.So I did. The babble made my sentence longer, so I cut it.Give word choice a thought.”The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” – Mark TwainFinding the right word for something can remove entire clauses from sentences, sentences from paragraphs, paragraphs from prose. It so clearly expresses your point that you don’t need to over-explain it.Use pretty pictures and damn good data.A picture’s worth a thousand words. A good data point’s worth at least ten. Pictures and data help you get a point across in fewer (or no) words. Lean on visualizations to explain complex concepts, and data to help strengthen your arguments.Let go of the idea that there’s a perfect word count.This post will explain why in more detail. Here’s the condensed version: Write as much as you need to make your point. And when you’ve made the point, stop. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Colors for Marketing Designs

first_img Topics: Monochromatic colors: A monochromatic color palette includes dark, medium, and light versions of a single color.Analogous colors: Analogous colors are located next to each other on the color wheel, which gives them a seamless, low contrast harmony.Complementary colors: Complementary colors are located on opposite sides of the color wheel, allowing for the most dramatic contrast of all color relationships.Evoke emotions with color. There are two types of colors on the color wheel: warm colors and cool colors. Warm colors are found on the right, and include reds, oranges, and yellows. These colours are great to create energy and emotion in your designs.Cool colors, ranging from blues and greens to pinks and purples, can be found on the left. Cool colors are considered more calm and soothing in nature.Compare the difference between the cool pink used by Benefit Cosmetics on its Instagram account and Corona — which use an iconic warm yellow filter over its images. The Benefit graphic is feminine and delicate, while the Corona graphic is warm and inviting.Create an effective color pallette.The first thing to know about choosing a color palette is not to choose too many colors — limit your selection from two to four. First, choose a single vibrant color that will stand out in your design. In this example, the dark green color is the most prominent. White and a lighter shade of green have been chosen as the additional colors, creating a low contrast harmonious palette.Make sure the colors you choose are relevant to your design subject. In this example, the olive green color matches the earthy tones of the photograph.Match color with images.To create visual harmony, match your text color with a prominent color from your background image. You can find the exact color using a color picker tool. See here how the vibrant pink color of the flowers matches the text.Explore different color schemes.When choosing your color palette, it’s a great idea to explore different color schemes. For example, if you’re creating a social media graphic for a ladies boutique, a pastel color scheme could provide a feminine touch. Here are two great color schemes for you to try in your designs:Use colors consistently for branding. Using the same colors repetitively is an essential skill for branding, as it helps create recognition. See how Tiffany and Co. has used its iconic turquoise color on its Facebook page. A bit of variation is great too — see how there are lighter and darker versions of the same color visible.Apply a color palette to everything in your design.When people start designing it’s not uncommon for them to think their color palette is just for their background and text. In fact, you color palette should be applied to everything in your design, including text, text holders, images, shapes, icons, and more.In the design above, an orange color has been applied to the transparent shape to match the clementine fruits. All of the text and the dotted line are also a light cream color to suit the style of the design.Create a mood board for inspiration. Whether you’re trying to find the right color for anything from a new brand to a social media graphic, creating a mood board is a great way to find inspiration. Consider these questions when putting together a mood board:What kind of images spring to mind when you think of your brand or design subjectWhat kind of feelings do you want to evoke?If there are other similar brands out there, what kind of colors do they use in their branding and marketing?Put these skills into practice.When used effectively, colors can evoke emotions and change the meaning and mood of your designs. Next time you create a marketing graphic for your social media page or even put together an original birthday card for a loved one, be sure to pay careful attention to the colors you use.With a little practice, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can improve your eye for choosing amazing colors!  If you’re eager to learn more, check out Canva’s Design School! It has everything you need to learn design like a pro. Originally published Dec 1, 2014 8:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017 Applying color is one of the most enjoyable parts of graphic design, but it can also be incredibly difficult to get right. Which colors look good together? How many should I use? How do I create a color palette?These questions are asked all the time by people starting out with design. In this article I’ll take you through everything you need to know to start using colors effectively. Whether you’re choosing colors for a new brand or creating graphics for your social media pages, learning this essential skill will help you improve your visual strategy and create beautiful designs.Get familiar with the color wheel. The color wheel is an incredible tool you can use to apply different colors to your designs — from black and white, to the deepest and brightest greens and blues. There are two main aspects of the color wheel every beginner should know about: how to select different colors and how to identify them.When choosing different colors, the brightest colors can be found toward the outside of the color wheel. These colors are the most vibrant, and can be thought of as the most intense version of a color. Toward the middle are pastel colors, which are soft and neutral.Every color on the color wheel can be identified by a unique hex code. This is the six-digit code that appears underneath the wheel when you select different colors. Hex codes are incredibly useful if you want to reuse the same colors in multiple designs — which is an essential skill for consistent branding.Change the intensity of your colors using the brightness slider.The brightness slider is a tool which allows you to find lighter and darker versions of the same color. By moving it to the left, the color lightness will increase, while moving it to the right will make it decrease. Using this tool is a great way to different various shades of the same color.Explore color relationships.Ever wondered why some colors clash together and some just work? It’s largely due to the way that they’re related.Color relationships are determined by their position on the color wheel. These three well known color relationships can be a great basis for an original color palette:center_img Psychology of Color Don’t forget to share this post! 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8 Proven Ways to Grow Brand Awareness — Fast

first_imgWhat Is Brand Awareness?Brand Awareness is the level of familiarity that consumers have with a particular brand — its name, characteristics, logo, and anything else that might be strongly associated with it, as well as its goods and services. It’s especially important during a brand’s earliest days of formation and growth, as it can indicate and predict market share and differentiation from competitors.How to Build Brand Awareness: 8 Examples1) UniqloUniqlo is a Japanese company that ensures it provides casual clothes for all kinds of people.GrowthIdea: Partner with Other BrandsUniqlo sponsors free admission to New York’s Museum of Modern Art every Friday from 4 PM – 8 PM. That gets its name in front of a brand new audience that it may never otherwise have reached before, and generates positive word of mouth from people who get to enjoy the museum compliments of the clothing company.LessonPartnering with another brand will help you inherit its image and reputation, as well as creating brand evangelists outside of your customer base.2) DropboxDropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily with others.GrowthIdea: Refer a FriendDropbox made it really easy for users to refer Dropbox to their friends by having sharing options for email, social, as well as a link to share via any other method the user preferred. Users did this to get more space, which Dropbox offered for every referred sign up. This helped Dropbox increase its signups by 60%. LessonConsider how your product can help promote itself. The Dropbox product created a heap of referral signups because people wanted to get more space. What would your users want in return for referrals?3) EvernoteEvernote is a tool for note-taking and collaboration.GrowthIdea: Launch as a Closed BetaEvernote initially launched as a closed beta, which lasted for four months. During this time, people had to sign up and send invitations to their networks in order to actually use the service. This created a lot of buzz around Evernote.By the end of the four months of the closed beta, Evernote had attracted 125,000 sign-ups.LessonExclusivity creates buzz. Plus, mandatory sharing to access a really valuable product will spread the word without costing you a penny.4) BufferBuffer is a social media publishing tool.Growth:Idea: Guest BloggingBy writing 150 guest posts, Buffer grew from zero to 100,000+ users in nine months.It had to start on smaller sites and work its way up to the most popular in its industry — but Buffer got its name everywhere by creating really valuable content, even though it wasn’t on its own site. In the end, content marketing accounted for over 70% of its daily signups.LessonBe everywhere in your niche. Providing valuable content on other sites outside of your own will build an engaged audience. Once they know, like, and trust you, you can then market your product or service to them.5) KISSMetricsKISSMetrics is a web analytics solution that helps increase customer acquisition and retention rates.Growth:Idea: Create InfographicsCreating 47 infographics earned KISSmetrics 2,512,596 visitors, 41,142 backlinks, and 3,741 unique referring domains. The brand credits infographics as one of the main reasons it grew its blog from zero to 350,000 readers a month, in 24 months.“If you can make complex data easy to understand in a visual format, you can get millions of visitors to your website.” – Neil Patel, KISSmetricsLessonExperiment with the right formats for your audience. Infographics worked well for KISSmetrics, but something else may work for your brand.6) QualarooQualaroo is a pop-up survey service used by websites to help improve user experience.GrowthIdea: Conversion OptimizationIn its earlier days, unless a customer upgraded to a paid account, every website built on the Qualaroo platform contained featured text reading, “Powered by Qualaroo [?]”. The question mark was clickable, and lead to a signup page for a free trial of the product.LessonUse your freemium product in clever ways to get your brand name in front of people, and leverage it for marketing real estate.7) YelpYelp is a user review and recommendations site for restaurants, shopping, nightlife, entertainment, and more.Growth:Idea: Make it SocialYelp added a human element to the reviewer experience by building a profile behind each one — which made reviews more trustworthy, and reviewers feel like they were becoming part of a community. Plus, it was an opportunity for them to use Yelp as a reputation-building site. Members could interact with each other by becoming friends, chatting online, or meeting at offline events. Yelp has since accumulated over 142 million reviews.LessonMake your user experience human and personal. Build communities that enable your customers to communicate with each other, allowing them to learn from their experiences and interact over a shared interest.8) UpworthyUpworthy is a website with curated, viral content.Growth:Idea: Test HeadlinesAt Upworthy, the curators need to come up with 25 headlines for every piece of content. They then select their favorite four, and the managing editor selects two, which are rigorously tested. Upworthy saw nine million monthly unique visitors in just nine months.Lesson:Coming up with an attention-grabbing headline for your content can help maximize the reach of your content and your brand.As you can see, there are various ways to grow brand awareness in a timely way. Remember that new trends are always emerging, which is why continuing education for you and your team is critical to success. There are various ways to train your team, including our free Inbound Course and Certification program. Brand Awareness Have you noticed that certain brands seem to have just popped up out of nowhere and become overnight successes?I always wondered how that was possible.Is it just a matter of having one genius idea that no one else ever thought about? Or is it that these hugely successful companies are started by billionaires who have the money and contacts to create something that the rest of us could only dream of?As it turns out, the answer to both of those questions is, “No.” All we really need is a bit of creativity.Download Now: Free Brand Building GuideThe SlideShare below takes a look at some “overnight” success stories, to see what some brands did to scale their growth in such a short amount of time — as well as what we can learn from them. Originally published Nov 15, 2017 7:55:00 AM, updated November 15 2017center_img Topics: Don’t forget to share this post!last_img read more

19 of the Best Business Card Designs

first_imgThe business card isn’t dead yet.As long as there are parties, industry events, and networking opportunities, there will be business cards. And it’s important that yours isn’t thrown to the bottom of the pile because of a lackluster design.Whether you work at a bigwig agency or as a freelancer, your business card should make a memorable first impression.To help you out on the inspiration front, we’ve compiled a list of 19 of the best business card designs from agencies, designers, and businesses around the world. Ranging from artistically elaborate to decidedly simple, these examples are certain to inspire your next business card redesign.19 of the Best Business Card Design Examples1) AuroraFeaturing a botanical illustration of tropical blooms and a clean sans-serif font, these business cards from Aurora certainly make a stylish first impression. The South African studio specializes in whimsical artwork and design, so it’s fitting that their business cards reflect their unique skill set. The cards were designed in-house and include gold embossed details.Image via Aurora2) ChompIn a literal interpretation of the company’s name, London-based agency Chomp designed business cards with a bite-size chunk missing from one corner. The shape of the card stock mimics the detail of their logo — which also bears teeth marks.  Image via How Design3) Garage CultureIf you want your business card to stand out, non-traditional materials will help you do just that. Designed by Rodrigo Cuberas, this bike garage business card uses cotton paper stock as the base for its stunning, simplistic design. Image via Behance4) Matheus DacostaBrazilian designer Matheus Dacosta puts an artistic spin on traditional business cards, adding kaleidoscopic, hand-painted designs to every individual card. Each miniature work of art is sure to make a memorable impact — or at the very least, make the recipient reluctant to simply toss it.Images via Design Milk5) Trick & TreatHere’s a great example of a business that played to its strengths. Trick & Treat– and branded entertainment company — offers one of the most creative business cards we’ve ever seen. The design transforms into a tabletop game, which aligns perfectly with Trick & Treat’s playful brand. Image via Behance6) NymblNymbl, a 3D design and virtual reality studio, wanted to project a more accessible, playful image in their new marketing materials. To get the job done right, they turned to UK-based agency Big Fan, who spun up a bold, two-tone business card design concept as part of their new branding. The cards feature paper cut-outs on royal purple stock.Image via Big Fan7) WendigoThis video production agency may get its name from a spooky folk creature, but the quality of their business card design is far from terrifying. Designed by the talented folks at The Distillery, these unusual cards put the focus on meticulously detailed, embossed illustration: a feather, a piece of wood, and a beastly skull can be seen behind the contact information. A pair of interlocking antlers — presumably from the feared Wendigo itself — form the “W” in the agency’s name.Image via The Distillery8) Brathw8 StudiosThese gold-foiled business cards designed for a professional photographer serve as a great example of how to effectively marry pattern, texture, and simplicity. We especially love how they cut the pattern in the middle to create a clean canvas for the contact information. Tastefully done. Image via CardObserver9) Katsy GarciaIllustrator and graphic designer Katsy Garcia whipped up this simple but effective business card concept for her own personal branding. Instead of displaying her contact information in the usual straightforward format, Garcia serves up a fresh twist, displaying hers in an instantly recognizable text message composition. The resulting effect is equal parts charming and sharply clever.Image via Katsy Garcia’s Behance Portfolio10) OmeletIn a nod to their native L.A., Omelet created business cards centered around sleek city imagery. The photographs are artfully silhouetted by their company logo — which if you look closely, is actually an ambigram.Image via Digiday11) Counter CreativesDesigned to resemble a classic take-a-number ticket, this inventive business card was devised for Dutch agency Counter Creatives by designer and art director Valery Overhoff. The compact format and unconventional shape called for a creative use of space, and Overhoff manages to feature multiple typefaces and both vertical and horizontal text.Image via Valery Overhoff’s Cargo Collective Portfolio12) IS Creative StudioThanks to airy swipes of neon spray paint, these otherwise minimal business cards from IS Creative Studio make a big impact. The Peru-based agency has developed three iterations of these award-winning cards, increasing the breadth and intensity of the color pallette each time. This most recent version highlights everything from electric pinks to vibrant greens.Images via IS Creative Studio’s Behance Portfolio13) Confetti StudioThese business cards from Confetti Studio combine two powerful elements — punchy orange card stock and gold embossed metallics — to a create a mesmerizing and modern effect. One side of the card is completely covered in gilded speckles, while the other side displays the agency’s logo and contact information — also gilded. They fittingly call the end result “cardfetti.”Image via Confetti Studio14) TricotaBuenos Aires-based agency Tricota found an interesting way to highlight the two sides of their business: perforated cards that split in half. Once side features information for their communications and graphic design services, while info for their illustration services appear on the other side. Each half includes a variation of their “T” logo: a typeface “T” for their communications side and and an hand-drawn “T” for their illustration side.Image via Tricota’s Behance Portfolio15) TaitWhen this design studio wanted to give their corporate identity a facelift, they turned to fresh card stock in yellow, smokey blue, and azure. Using minimal text against a sophisticated color palette yields sleek results.Image via Tait’s Behance Portfolio16) Claire BruiningGraphic designer Claire Bruining developed these playful business cards for her own personal branding. Splashes of overlapping patterns and colors appear on one side, and Bruining’s contact information appears on the reverse in a clean sans serif font. The dark blue text and border adds an unexpected pop to the basic layout.Image via Claire Bruining’s Behance Portfolio17) Don’t Try StudioMonge Quentin, the Parisian illustrator behind Don’t Try Studio, created these lively and colorful business cards to promote his design work. Thanks to an embossing technique, the face of the cards are embellished with confetti-like brush strokes and shapes in a muted orange and blue color scheme. His name appears in a handwritten print. Image via Don’t Try Studio18) BespokeThe logo on these business cards for digital production studio Bespoke is so large, it actually wraps around from the front of the card to the back. A fellow New York agency — Studio Newwork — designed these cards to be both minimal and unexpected.Image via Studio Newwork19) Atelier IrradiéAt first glance, the face of these Atelier Irradié business cards look like otherworldly color swatches. In stark contrast to the metallic, jewel-toned gradient on the front, the back of these cards don’t even use ink — just simple, imprinted text displaying their contact information.Image via Atelier Irradié’s Behance Portfolio21) Kristin Tora Designed by luxury printing studio, Elegante Press, these business cards offer an unexpected twist: each one can be painted with watercolors to create a unique Feature image credit: Atelier Irradié’s Behance Portfolio Originally published Jul 19, 2018 11:55:00 PM, updated July 20 2018 Design Topics: Don’t forget to share this post!last_img read more

Performance least considered in our country: HS Prannoy reacts after Arjuna Award snub

first_imgVenting his anger at missing out on the Arjuna Award yet again, HS Prannoy on Saturday lambasted the award selection committee for not nominating him.Prannoy pointed out that performance is not a factor for these awards rather you need people to get your name on the list.”If you ever want your name in the Awards list, make sure you have people who will get your name to the list. Performance is least considered in our country,” tweeted Prannoy.If you ever want your name in the Awards list , make sure you have people who will get your name to the list. Performance is least considered in our country. Sad state of our county but can’t help it. Let go and just play until you can. #arjunaawardsPRANNOY HS (@PRANNOYHSPRI) August 17, 2019In a reply to another tweet, Prannoy clarified that he was not disrespecting other athletes hard work. He stressed on the fact that he has also earned valuable medals for the country in the last 3 years.Not at all disrespecting other athletes hard work but I have also done my hard work and earned valuable medals for the country in the last 3 years!PRANNOY HS (@PRANNOYHSPRI) August 17, 2019″Not at all disrespecting other athletes hard work but I have also done my hard work and earned valuable medals for the country in the last 3 years.”As per guidelines, to be eligible for the award, a sportsperson should not only have had good performance consistently for the previous four years at the international level with excellence for the year for which the Award is recommended, but should also have shown qualities of leadership, sportsmanship and a sense of discipline.advertisementThe 12-member selection committee on the second day of the two-day meeting had picked 19 sportspersons for the Arjuna Award, including the likes of cricketers Ravindra Jadeja and Poonam Yadav, track and field stars Tejinder Pal Singh Toor, Mohammed Anas and Swapna Barman, footballer Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, hockey player Chinglensana Singh Kangujam and shooter Anjum Moudgil.Paralympics silver medallist Deepa Malik was also nominated for the country’s highest sporting honourthe Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna awardalong with Asian and Commonwealth Games champion wrestler Bajrang Punia.Also See:last_img read more

US Open champion Bianca Andreescu receives customised WWE belt

first_imgNewly crowned US Open champion Bianca Andreescu of Canada has received a customised World Wrestling Championship (WWE) belt.The 19-year-old, who had defeated 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams in the final of the recently concluded US Open, on Friday tweeted the picture of herself with the belt and wrote: “Thank you WWE for the gift! Who trynna square up? (sic)”To her post, WWE superstar Triple H responded: “Welcome to come to WWE anytime, but you may have a challenger for that title. Congratulations again!Thank you @WWE for the gift!! Who trynna square up?! (@Bandreescu_) September 13, 2019Welcome to come to @WWE anytime, but you may have a challenger for that title. Congratulations again! @usopen H (@TripleH) September 13, 2019The WWE belt contains Andreescu’s full name along with the logo of the US Open.On September 8, the teenager became the first Canadian to win the US Open title after she defeated former world No.1 Williams 6-3, 7-5 in the summit clash at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.After Andreescu’s win, Triple H had congratulated her and tweeted: “Her first appearance in the US Open. Her first grand slam title. The first Canadian to win the US Open. And now her first WWE Raw Women’s Championship to celebrate! Congrats Bianca Andreescu (sic).”Her first appearance in the @USOpen..Her first grand slam title..The first Canadian to win the #USOpenAnd now her first @WWE Raw Women’s Championship to celebrate!Congrats @Bandreescu_! #SheTheNorth H (@TripleH) September 8, 2019last_img read more

We will try to make it 3-0: Wriddhiman Saha ahead of Ranchi Test

first_imgThe cut-throat competition for a place in India’s playing XI has not affected Wriddhiman Saha’s relationship with his understudy Rishabh Pant as the duo try to help each other with notes on glovework.Saha was out of the Indian team for 20 months due to a shoulder surgery but he is now back to his best as a keeper with some stunning catches in the recently concluded second Test against South Africa in Pune.Six days short of his 35th birthday, the sprightly Saha is often seen helping Pant with keeping drills after his own training, something that has been directed by the team managed.Ask him if he is mentoring Pant and the ever-reticent Saha replied in negative.”There’s nothing (mentoring) like that. We just discuss normally the way the wicketkeepers discuss. With Sridhar and Pant, we three jointly decide on how to go about our wicketkeeping on a particular type of wicket,” he said.The co-ordination and rapport between them helps it easier for them to work together.”We always observe each other’s wicket-keeping. We work hard in our practice sessions and have a good understanding and co-ordination among ourselves. We always try to point out each other’s mistakes. It’s been going well so far,” he said.Saha, was in fact seen minutely observing Virat Kohli bat, standing behind the skipper at the nets.”I was just trying to have a feel of the bounce off the wicket. So I stood behind Kohli. It definitely helps.”While his keeping has been rated as the best in world cricket, even BCCI president-elect Sourav Ganguly has spoken about the need to improve on his batting averages.advertisement”Whoever plays in the team wants to contribute. As a wicketkeeper, I look to get sometime in the middle and if I get time I try to build a partntership and score a fifty or so. Everyone tries like that. Sometime it works, sometime it does not,” Saha said.Saha pointed out that he has a century at the same venue in the only other Test JSCA International Stadium hosted — a draw against Australia in March 2017.Leading 2-0, Saha said, it’s time to complete a whitewash against South Africa.”I have good memory of the last match. I made 117 in the last match. I remember how I approached the innings. I also remember the Steve Smith incident. If you see we drew it last time. We are 2-0 up in the series so this time we will try to make it 3-0 this time,” he concluded.Wicketkeeping is a “thankless” job contrary to popular perception that anyone wearing a pair of gloves should catch every ball that comes his way, Saha said.Wriddhiman, who has made a comeback to the Indian team after 20 months, was brilliant behind stumps in the Pune Test against South Africa, where he grabbed a couple of absolute stunners off Umesh Yadav’s bowling.This was apart from his sensational glovework while keeping up to slow bowlers Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin.”It’s tough everywhere. Wicketkeeping is a thankless job and people think that he should take all the ball since he’s wearing a pair of gloves. It’s not easy like that, especially on a track with uneven bounce and turn. We prepare according to the wicket,” he said.Asked about the acrobatic take down the leg-side off Umesh Yadav’s bowling.”Everyone wants to contribute to the team. He (Yadav) did very well in the first innings and created a lot of chances. Luckily, I was able to take the chances he created on the leg side. I always think of helping to the team’s cause. It always feels good when you contribute to the team’s winning cause.”Before the South Africa series, Saha last figured in the Cape Town Test way back in January 2018 and got side-lined after a shoulder injury.”I was out for a long time because of injury. I got a chance only after performing in the domestic and India A matches. I always continued the same preparation for batting and wicketkeeping and finally got and opportunity. I’m really happy to have contributed to the team,” Saha, who made a comeback in the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20s earlier this year, said.last_img read more

Don’t think it will require a huge change to shift from red to pink ball: Cheteshwar Pujara

first_imgCheteshwar Pujara can’t wait for India’s first ever Day/Night Test despite all the talk of it being a challenge as he is confident that the country’s formidable batting line-up will have no trouble adapting to the pink ball.The prolific batsman topped the run charts (453) with two daddy hundreds, including a 256 not out for India Blue in the Duleep Trophy more than three years back when pink ball was experimented with for the first time by the Sourav Ganguly-led BCCI technical committee.Now, after taking over as the BCCI president, Ganguly has convinced the Bangladesh Cricket Board and both the countries will play their maiden pink ball Test at Eden Gardens from November 22-26. Former players, including the great Sachin Tendulkar, have spoken about the multiple challenges like dew while playing in the evening.”It’s going to be exciting…What we played was a first-class match, this is going to be a Test match. I’m sure all the players are excited about it,” the Indian Test No.3 told PTI in an exclusive interaction.Pujara said pink ball could pose some problems during the twilight period.”In the twilight period, I feel that maybe, sighting the ball could be a little challenging. (But) the more you play, you get used to it. It’s always about experience and knowing how the ball is behaving,” he said.Pujara had complained about sighting the ball under lights in the 2016-17 season but he claims to be better-prepared now.”The more we play, the more we gain experience of how to tackle the ball. Every ball has its challenges. I don’t think it will require a huge change to shift from red ball to pink ball. The reason is it’s the same format. We are still playing a five-day match,” the 31-year-old said.advertisement”Yes, under lights, it will be different. But it’s about getting used to the pink ball. That’s what I feel. Rest, I don’t think will be a major difference. Once we play some Test matches, we will be able to know the exact difference and can improvise.”Apart from Pujara, Mayank Agarwal, Rishabh Pant, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Shami and Wriddhiman Saha, from the current Indian Test squad, have the experience of playing with a pink ball at the domestic level.Summing up the mood in the camp, he said: “We wont’ have any issue. Most of the guys have played in Duleep Trophy and for the ones who have not played, it would be a good learning curve for them.””The help for the bowlers could come at a different times unlike the traditional Tests. It could be under lights or without lights. Once we play, we will get to know about all such things. We will have to adapt to it as quickly as possible.”India are going to play their first ever Day/Night Test about four years after Australia and New Zealand played the pink ball Test at the Adelaide Oval on November 27, 2015.The pink-ball innovation has been seen as the future of the Test format whic is battling to keep the spectators’ interested. India were reluctant to play Day/Night Tests and backed out against Australia in the 2018-19 season.Pujara, however, is not sure whether the innovation in the longer format is going to be the future.”It’s too early to say. Once I’ve some experience I will be able to say,” he said.Pujara seemed more concerned about winning the match and the series as 120 points would be up for grabs in the two two-game series.”Pink ball or not, the format still remains the same. We would want to win as many matches as possible because points are at stake. Whether it’s red ball or pink ball, ultimately you have to play well and win the game,” he said.Pujara further said India’s new-found Test opener Rohit Sharma and Mayank Agarwal have made the middle-order’s life easier.The Mumbaikar smashed a double hundred to go along with two centuries, while Agarwal also struck a double and a hundred in the series against South Africa.”It’s a big bonus for us that Mayank and Rohit both are scoring runs. We want them to keep scoring runs. Our batting lineup also becomes strong. If the openers are giving good starts, then the No.3, 4 and 5 have that luxury to bat accordingly,” he said.The Indian run machine is due for a big knock having got out for 81 (Vizag) and 58 (Pune) in the recently-concluded South Africa Test series and he hoped a big hundred would come soon.advertisement”You don’t have to put pressure on yourself and at the same time you have to keep working on your game, keep getting better,” he asserted.Also Read | India vs Bangladesh: Rohit Sharma gives India injury scare, gets hit on thigh during practiceAlso Read | Zlatan or Ishant: Rohit Sharma comes up with cheeky throwback photoAlso See:last_img read more

Bovada Releases New Big 12 Title Odds, OU the Heavy Favorite

first_imgTexas5-1 Kansas State6-1 Iowa State100-1 Las Vegas sportsbook Bovada has released its Big 12 Championship odds for the 2017 football season. Predictably, the two Oklahoma schools topped their list.Here’s how it looks. Texas Tech50-1 Oklahoma5-6 TCU12-1 AdChoices广告Last year at this time, Bovada gave Oklahoma State 5-1 odds which tied TCU for second best. Oklahoma was given 2-3 odds in the summer of 2016, making the Sooners slightly less of a favorite this year than they were a year ago. You remember, when they had the program’s winningest coach and three NFL players returning. There’s a lot of confidence in a first-time CEO and an offense with a bunch of questions.Oklahoma State earns a little more juice from Vegas with their own slew of returning skill players and a senior record-setting QB. Their odd year home schedule that brings Oklahoma, Kansas State and TCU to Stillwater probably helps as well.And how about all the Texas love?West Virginia might be a value bet at 20-1. If Will Grier can live up to the spring game hype, he may be the best QB Dana’s coached since Brandon Weeden. Tony Gibson always finds a way to field a decent-to-good defense. Speaking of defense, TCU might be good if Kenny Trill can be a lot more Jekyll and a lot less Hyde. We also don’t know how much they will miss Doug Meacham who’s up in Lawrence trying to teach the Jayhawks offense where the end zone is.Kansas State will probably beat one of the Oklahoma schools and scare the other. Of course, a lot depends on how much you’re sold on Jesse Ertz. Scratch that. They’ll run out their third-string punter to take snaps against OSU and he’ll throw for two TDs and run for one.At the bottom, it gets ugly. Kansas may not finish last in the conference this year. It’s possible. Texas Tech might be historically bad. I think Iowa State could win four conference games this year. That’s more of an indictment on the lower half of the league than Cyclone love.A lot can change over a summer and into the fall. There will be at least one surprise team and one that stumbles out of the gate. And don’t forget that Oklahoma State plays in Ames on 11/11. So knock on wood, find your rabbit’s foot and be careful with that mirror.And then go put all your money down on OU.(reverse jinxes forever).center_img Kansas500-1 Oklahoma State3-1 TeamOdds Baylor33-1 West Virginia20-1 While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img read more

Photos: This College Football Fan Is Going Viral Today

first_imgA look at the sky during a Miami-Syracuse game.MIAMI GARDENS, FL – OCTOBER 21: A general view of Hard Rock Stadium during a game between the Miami Hurricanes and the Syracuse Orange on October 21, 2017 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)Miami’s football program had a disappointing start to the 2018 college football season, losing in a blowout to LSU.The Hurricanes have rebounded since, though.The U has stormed back, winning four straight games. Miami is up to No. 17 in the polls and looking like a contender in the ACC.The Hurricanes’ in-state rival, Florida State, is set to travel to South Florida today. Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. E.T. on ABC.Miami fans appear to be ready.Photos of this Hurricanes’ fan are going viral on social media.Miami fans should be packing the stands today.Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. E.T. The game will be on ABC.last_img read more

3 Schools Contending For 4-Star Brother Of Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa

first_imgTua Tagovailoa of the Alabama Crimson Tide warms up prior to the game against the Auburn Tigers.AUBURN, AL – NOVEMBER 25: Tua Tagovailoa #13 of the Alabama Crimson Tide warms up prior to the game against the Auburn Tigers at Jordan Hare Stadium on November 25, 2017 in Auburn, Alabama. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)Tua Tagovailoa and all of his star quarterback talents will be on display this afternoon, with Alabama set to take on Georgia in the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta.The Crimson Tide’s sophomore Heisman Trophy frontrunner isn’t the only top quarterback in his family, though. Tagovailoa has a younger brother who’s pretty, pretty good, too.Taulia Tagovailoa, a four-star quarterback recruit in the 2019 class, is the younger brother of the star Alabama QB. Like his older brother, he’s committed to play for the Crimson Tide.Is that actually going to happen, though? We’ll see…Taulia Tagovailoa was in attendance for the Alabama-LSU game earlier this season. He was spotted on the field with head coach Ed Orgeron prior to the game and seemed to enjoy his visit.LSU isn’t the only major SEC program trying to flip Tagovailoa, either.Coach O just walked out of the locker room with #Bama commit Taulia Tagovailoa.— Tre’von Ware (@318photo) November 3, 2018However, Taulia Tagovailoa says he’s still committed strong to Alabama.From quarterback commit Taulia Tagovailoa needed just two words to answer the question just about every Crimson Tide fan has asked for the last week.Are you still fully committed to the Crimson Tide?“Yes, sir,” he said Friday night.Alabama fans can now exhale.Taulia Tagovailoa did speak highly of his visit with the Tigers.“It was nice, really amazing,” Tagovailoa said. “Coach O is like family to me and he took me in like family. He’s hilarious and I like him a lot, but who wouldn’t? He’s a great coach, and he cares for his team. It’s an amazing environment there, and I was blessed with an opportunity to experience it.”Tennessee is also reportedly attempting to get involved in Taulia’s recruitment, though the Vols likely trail the Crimson Tide and the Tigers.For now, though, he remains strongly committed to Alabama.Tua, meanwhile, is set to play Georgia in the SEC Championship Game at 4 p.m. E.T. The game will be on CBS.last_img read more

Parineeti Chopra proves athleisure is the perfect day out look in sports bra and yoga pants. See pics

first_imgOther Galleries 9 images Wed, 23 Oct, 2019 Kriti Sanon pairs smart denim jacket with neon green dress for Housefull 4 promotions. See pics 10 images Wed, 23 Oct, 2019 Sara Ali Khan is elegance personified in white dress at airport. See pics 10 images Tue, 22 Oct, 2019 Priyanka Chopra in satin red mini wrap-dress enjoys date night with Nick Jonas in NYC 10 images Tue, 22 Oct, 2019 Disha Patani in spaghetti strap top and mini shorts shows how to add oomph to casual lookOther Photogallery CategoriesIndiaMoviesLifestyleTelevisionAdd new comment Your name * E-mail * The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Comment *More information about text formatsPlain textNo HTML tags allowed.Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.Lines and paragraphs break automatically.647×363: 483×271: 370×208: 170×96: 88×50: Section: PhotoLifestyleLifestyleGallery Image: Image: Caption: Parineeti Chopra was recently snapped during her day out in Khar, Mumbai.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 0Image: Caption: The Kesari actress has converted gym wear into casual attires with her looks.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 1Image: Caption: In her recent picture, Parineeti was seen wearing something similar.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 2Image: Caption: She opted for a pink and blue sports bra and flaunted her enviable figure.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 3Image: Caption: She teamed the sports bra with a pair of blue yoga pants.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 4Image: Caption: For her look, the 30-year-old wore a long oversized quirky jacket.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 5Image: Caption: She completed her attire with a pair of white sneakers.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 6Image: Caption: Parineeti accessorised her look with a pair of reflectors.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 7Image: Caption: For her glam, she went with subtle makeup and let her hair down.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 8Image: Caption: On the work front, Parineeti is currently training for her film which is the based on Sania Nehwal.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 9Tags: Parineeti Chopracelebrity fashionSource type: photogallerySocial media integration: Facebook Instant ArticlePhoto By: Yogen ShahShort description: Parineeti Chopra was recently snapped during her day out in Khar, Mumbai. For her look, the actress flaunted her enviable curves in a sports bra and teamed it with a pair of yoga pants.Syndicate: YesPreview_unique_id: preview_5da7f7bc7481d1571289020_1610195_editCommentContent Publish date: Thursday, October 17, 2019 – 10:15Story Extra Data: eyJzZWN0aW9uIjpbIjEyMDY1NjciLCIxMjA4NTIxIl0sImNhdGVnb3J5IjpbIjEyMDg1ODkiXSwic3ViX2NhdGVnb3J5IjpudWxsLCJzdWJfc3ViX2NhdGVnb3J5IjpudWxsLCJzdWJfc3ViX3N1Yl9jYXRlZ29yeSI6bnVsbCwicHJpbWFyeV9jYXRlZ29yeSI6IjEyMDY1NjcifQ==770×433: Short Headline: Parineeti proves athleisure is the perfect day out lookApp headline: Parineeti proves athleisure is the perfect day out look1200x675:last_img read more