first_img…back into the partyYour Eyewitness had wondered as to what happened to that stalwart of the PNC – ROH Corbin after he handed off the baton to David Granger as leader of the PNC before the 2011 elections. The man’d spent his entire life – literally – doing whatever he was asked to do for the Party, as far back as the Wismar “troubles” of the 1960’s. It was common knowledge that he’d earned a graduate degree in “electoral diddling” – which not do incidentally – ensured the PNC remain in power by “garnering” as much as 97% at elections!As the consummate political operator, no one believed he’d go so quietly out to pasture. But then after taking over from Desmond’s Hoyte and leader of the PNC in 2002 and suffering an embarrassing electoral defeat in 2006, maybe he’d concluded there was no way the PNC would sidle back into govt? Can’t rig from outside, can you? So it gotta be something else. Either he was struck with a sudden attack of “statesmanship” and decided to hang up his boots “for the good of the party” or he worked out a pro quid quo with Granger.Now after being quieter that the proverbial mouse for three years, his name’s suddenly popped up as a candidate for the Chairmanship of the PNC! He’s going up against the incumbent Basil Williams, who’s been taking some heat just now for not paying attention to his substantive portfolio of Attorney General. But hey!! That’s not PNC’s business is it? Don’t rush to nod your head in agreement, now, dear reader!As a matter of fact, Williams himself confessed there’s a “very thin line” between party business and government business. He illustrated his point by going right to the top and revealed when President Granger’s ostensibly out doing government business, he also doing party business! So now we return to the billion dollar question…maybe Williams WAS doing party business when he allowed several mega settlements against the government to go through uncontested?Be as it may, if Corbin does run against Williams, your Eyewitness thinks the dapper, moustachioed one’s a goner. Yes…he did defend the “honour” of the PNC at the Rodney’s hearings…but with the PNC’s membership jumping from 5000 to “over 10,000”, since they took office, the average PNC member will demand Corbin. After all, he’s the last of the old guards who know where the bodies are buried. Hamilton Green don’t count!Another reason in his favour is they’ll be keeping an eye on 2020 when Corbin will still be younger that Granger.And he knows all there is to know about winning elections, doesn’t he?…stymied?Your Eyewitness must confess he’s flummoxed by this sudden desire of the government to take over the building that presently houses the Walter Roth Museum. Anyone who might’ve been curious about our ethnography would know that institution’s the Smithsonian of our Indigenous Peoples. Why change a good thing?And for what? To create some government offices? So we place bureaucratic comfort ahead of our national heritage? If we’re going to be so crass about our history, why not have the Ministry of Public Infrastructure throw up a new building in a couple weeks like he did with Jubilee Stadium?Where? Why on Parade Ground, which is just across from the President’s office!! So what if this site is sacred to African Guyanese because of the 1823 Rebellion? And then we now know it’s ain’t so easy to move all those delicate and intricate stuff that’s been around for thousands and thousands of years.It’ll be like going up the Itaname Rapids. And Itaname gon hu’t dem belly!…SOCUAfter months of ambiguity – and one fatal high-powered car chase – SOCU’s finally been told they report to the Police Commissioner.So could the latter gentleman now look into who’s been leaking confidentially gathered info to the Muckraker?last_img read more

The Carl Parker case: Response to Red Thread’s President

first_imgIt is with interest that I read Red Thread’s recent letter in the Guyana Times. Albeit the focus on my use of legal jargon that, considering the context in which I wrote my last column, is irrelevant, I believe the tone does warrant a response.To begin with, while in my capacity as President of GEPAN, I made myself entirely available to the victim, and as recent as last Wednesday requested that any clarification, if necessary, be provided to rectify the information I would have received since the matter erupted last year, she has to date made no attempt in this direction. And whereas the court did not order the victim to procure a lawyer (the only technicality requiring clarification), the case was on the verge of being dropped due to reported inadequacies of the police prosecutor.The letter claims that “the complainant [whom I referred to as the “victim”] had previously written to the leadership of her political party to report his assault, and it was this report to which Minister Amna Ally responded.” Social Protection Minister Amna Ally did meet with the victim on January 27, 2017, although the victim’s ordeal occurred in September 2016. However, it was omitted that the matter was reported to the police, the party, and by extension the Government, as early as November 2016. Pursuant to the reports, inaction encouraged the victim to solicit President Granger’s intervention. In November, PNC Chairman and Attorney General Basil Williams also gathered knowledge of the matter in Lethem. Therefore, whatever plea for justice and help Ally might have responded to was definitely not the victim’s first, nor was her response of great assistance in moving forward.Interestingly, I note the letter’s detailed and defensive account of what transpired at the Social Protection Ministry. Yet, regardless of the nature of the meetings which unfolded between de Souza/Red Thread, Minister Ally, and the victim, no guarantees of commitment to justice or assistance from the Ministry were forthcoming.Nevertheless, Red Thread mentioned being “totally supportive of the complainant throughout the process, from her reporting to the police to the present court hearing.” This is good news, since the victim must receive all the support she can get. However, it has been almost a year since Parker was accused, and Red Thread’s public attempts to call out the Government on the anomalies surrounding the case to date probably resume to less than 5 published letters and articles in the press. And while accompanying the victim to court hearings is indeed a welcome and supportive gesture, it might be considered insufficient to valorise the organisation’s commitment. I am happy, nevertheless, to witness the organisation’s newfound vigour.Meanwhile, GEPAN has been intensely vocal on this issue via several platforms, including the media, the organisation’s website, and social media. Additionally, the organisation petitioned, on behalf of the victim, both Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan and President Granger himself. Prior to this, the organisation petitioned the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples, to draw the attention of the international community on the violations of indigenous peoples’ rights in Region #9, which included complaints of sexual assault on women allegedly committed by Parker prior to the one for which he is currently being judged.It must be understood that, beyond the legal advice which was provided to the victim, GEPAN has been relentless over the past months in its call for a lawyer to represent the victim gratuitously. It is with deep satisfaction that the organisation notes its efforts were not in vain, and that the Director of Public Prosecutions was informed during the course of this past week of the victim’s interest in having a lawyer represent her.So, instead of sarcastically focusing on my personal “zeal” and use of legal jargon, perhaps Red Thread’s President should invest her energies in a more impacting campaign against Parker’s apparent status of impunity.As she rightly stated, “This is the first time we know of that court proceedings relating to a sexual offence are ongoing against a prominent official of a ruling administration”. Consolidating efforts in civil society would therefore achieve much more than pettiness. De Souza must understand that this is not an individualistic competition for merit, but rather a move to set precedence in Guyana for all those who believe that abuse of power can go unpunished. GEPAN is committed to the people of the Rupununi who have suffered under Parker, and we welcome all cooperation, including from Red Thread.And the Arrow will continue to share in this cause.last_img read more

Just desserts

first_imgSatiricus was in a feisty mood. He’d just read the WAPA representative saying his party KFC had gotten more than its fair share after the elections, from the Pee-an-See. “What a crock!” he fumed to himself as he stalked into the Back Street Bar. He downed his beer without even as much as a “hello” to the fellas.“If you want the truth, it is WAPA that got more than it deserved!” he blurted out firmly, as he put down his bottle rather abruptly.“Tek am easy, Sato,” said Cappo who knew his friend very well. “Ah wha’ deh pan yuh min’?”“These WAPA people don’t have any shame!” Satiricus exploded. “Pot calling kettle black!”“Slow dong, ole fr’en,” interjected Bungi. “A wha’ WAPA do yuh?”“Imagine this WAPA fella said we got too much after the election!” Satiricus said indignantly as he tried to calm down. “It’s they who got too much!”“Oh, now I see what you’re upset about,” said Hari mildly. “But the man right!”“What stupidness you talking?” said Satiricus angrily. “We brought in our 11% that put the Pee-an-See over the tape!”“But de WAPA people bring back all dem Region 4 vote, who na bin like Pee-an-See,” said Cappo.“Yes, Sato,” said Hari. “The increase in Reg 4 votes for the coalition was just as much as all the vote they got from Reg 6!”“Suh WAPA shoulda get jus’ as much as KFC!” said Bungi gleefully.“But you guys miss the point,” said Satiricus grimly. “Even if it was one vote we brought in, we put them over the tape!!”“But WAPA cou’d seh dem vote fram Region 4 put dem ovah de tape too!” smiled Cappo.“But WAPA never brought in big votes!” Satiricus almost screamed. “KFC did!!”“But how do you know KFC repeated what it did in 2011?” demanded Hari.“An’ even if dem bring in 11%, wha’ mek dem get 40% a de Cabinet?” Bungi wanted to know.“Yes!” smiled Bungi. “De WAPA fella wan’ fuh know how KFC get ovas!”Satiricus was silent.last_img read more

Playing politics…

first_img…with blinders onAs we can see, the field appears to be getting rather crowded in the political sweepstakes! “Appears”!! By the time nomination day rolls around, 80% of the newbies will fall by the wayside on account of their inability to garner even the minimum number of signatures (150) in six of our 10 regions to endorse them!!But what’s troubling is that, while promising alternatives to the two big boys on the block, the newbies just insist that whatever the latter do, they can do better! Fight corruption better; create jobs better; be more gender-and-youth-sensitive, and so on, and so forth. But, from where your Eyewitness is standing, they’re missing the point. Did they ever think they may need to present a completely new paradigm from that wherein the PPP and PNC have been operating??When Jagan appeared on the scene in the 1940s, there were all sorts of politicians already entrenched. But he looked around and realised that the new circumstance of universal franchise would shake up the old premises of politics, and he offered a new vision to incorporate the folks who’d been ignored up to then: the poor and the powerless, who now had something of value – their votes. What is the new vision of these new political wannabees to deal with the new political reality??And what is that reality, you ask, dear reader?? Well, duh!! Just look at the news from across the world on your TV screens. See all those protests? They may have different local proximate causes, but they all boil down to the fact that the neo-liberal paradigm which had swept the globe from the 1980s has collapsed, and confusion and disorder now rein. As Gramsci noted apropos an earlier world crisis, “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.”The “new” will be born only when a new vision is articulated to deal with the specific challenges roiling so many countries. Look at the protests in Chile, where the neoliberal prescriptions of “liberalisation, privatisation and stabilisation” were first unleashed. They first produced the dictator Pinochet, who killed thousands before the Holy Grail of “growth” at any cost was achieved. But, as in the other countries where the medicine was tried, there WAS growth – but at a price – severe inequalities!So while the middle class has increased, 1% of the population in Chile owns 25 percent of the wealth generated in the country!! And imagine, it’s even worse in the US!!With oil coming, where’s the new vision to prevent that happening here?…or hardball?The PNC don’t mind taking candy from a baby, nor do they mind kicking folks who’re already on the ground. As your Eyewitness showed yesterday, they practise the hardball politics of Machiavelli! Imagine, with the full panoply of AFC execs — including two sitting ministers of the Government and one former minister — declaring that the negotiations between their party and the PNC had stalled over the PM candidate, the chief negotiator for the PNC — Volda Lawrence — flatly told them she didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.Using Machiavelli’s advice to find plausible excuses for lying, Volda “only-PNC-friends” Lawrence explained that, constitutionally, Granger’s the President, and HE gets to choose his PM. Never mind the agreements. She reiterated Granger’s earlier statement: that he was “open to suggestions from all partners”!! So now a new list of six names will be suggested, and we know who Granger will choose, don’t we? The PNC person he always had in mind!!Lawrence assured the AFC that, “We’ll come out stronger than ever”. “We”, of course, is the PNC!!…with sugarGuySuCo’s falling so far behind its projected target that there’s got to be more in the mortar than the pestle can pound. Unmet targets mean no Annual Production Incentive (API) payouts for sugar workers, and that means they’ll have a very bleak Christmas. Take that, PPP supporters!!last_img read more

Why no audit of City Council?

first_imgSevere pressure has been mounting from various sections of society for the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government to launch a forensic probe into the operations of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC). At least one top official from the newly-installed Council, Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan, has already expressed his desire to see a forensic audit carried out into the operations of the body saying that it was necessary for such a move.Over the past few months, there have been several letter writers, commentators and politicians calling for the Government to carry out the audit in the interest of ensuring transparency and accountability in relation to the operations of the Council. However, so far the Government has not budged; in fact, the President and his Communities Minister have largely remained silent on the issue.The Administration cannot simply dismiss these concerns or provide excuses as to why a forensic audit cannot be carried out. Not only is this unacceptable but it raises questions as to whether the Government is really serious about addressing corruption on all fronts. It could be recalled that while on the campaign trail, APNU/AFC made several promises to ensure there were transparency and accountability at every level of governance.Further, many are of the view that given the Government’s keen interest in carrying out forensic audits into several State agencies regarding their operation, more particularly during the tenure of the previous Administration, and considering the many public calls for transparency and accountability in every sector, the Georgetown City Council should by all means be included in the audits.Not so long ago, in collaboration with the M&CC, the APNU/AFC Government had embarked on a massive city-wide cleanup campaign in Georgetown and its environs. While these efforts produced fairly good results regarding the general appearance of the city and its environs, the political Opposition and other stakeholders have raised questions in relation to the contracts awarded to carry out the works, as the perception is that friends and party supporters were the main beneficiaries. To date, the relevant officials have not been very forthcoming regarding questions from the media in relation to the sums expended and the beneficiaries of the contracts.Also, the mere fact that millions of taxpayers’ dollars are regularly used to bail out the city from its financial woes is another reason for the Administration to act in the public’s interest. The Government certainly cannot keep pumping tax dollars into the operations of City Hall without putting the necessary safeguards in place to ensure that public monies are accounted for.We had stated before that there is much to be explained by past officials who were tasked with managing the affairs of the Council. For example, it is believed that millions of dollars in taxes for certain individuals were written off by the previous Council. There are also claims being made of breaches of the environmental and city bylaws resulting in serious drainage, sewerage and parking problems; the failure of the City Treasurer to collect millions of dollars in outstanding taxes; and the feckless overstaffing among other issues.One letter writer has stated that the need for a forensic audit has never been greater and must be the first order of business of the new Council with the findings being made public, which will undoubtedly identify many instances in which that entity has violated the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act of Guyana. The audit must, first of all, seek to examine the tax collecting system to determine if the allegations of dishonesty, deficiency, and discrepancies have any merit.The citizens of Georgetown are anxious to know the truth about the financial operations, alleged mismanagement and excesses that may have taken place at City Hall during the previous leadership.The Government must act in the interest of the citizens and move on with the forensic audit. Failure to do so would give substance to the many criticisms being levelled against the Government that it is very selective in the manner in which it addresses issues of transparency and accountability.last_img read more

Education and diabetes

first_imgAs World Diabetes Day 2016 was observed today under the theme “Eyes on Diabetes”, Minister within the Public Health Ministry, Dr Karen Cummings had announced that a week of activities was planned, with special focus on eye care for patients with diabetes.She also announced that the Public Health Ministry was working closely with the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) to observe World Diabetes Day and to bring awareness about the disease. Moreover, emphasis will be placed on promoting the importance of screening to ensure early diagnosis.While awareness is integral to tackling the disease, long-term education is the primary medium to ensuring the success of any planned programme or initiative.Diabetes education is the cornerstone of diabetes management, because diabetes requires day-to-day knowledge of nutrition, exercise, monitoring, and medication.Diabetes is unlike other diseases, such as cholesterol and hypertension, where medication alone can oftentimes successfully treat it. There are a lot of other components to diabetes, such as: the diabetes disease process, nutritional management, physical activity, medications, glucose monitoring, and psychosocial adjustment.Diabetes education will make society more aware of the disease, what it takes to treat it, and it will give those afflicted the power to control it. Education allows individuals to better incorporate the necessary changes into their lives and make the necessary strides to improve their lifestyle.Indeed, a collaborative effort is needed; education and self-management training should be done with a team. In the group setting, persons may feel more comfortable because people have the same concerns, they can share their experiences and frustrations, and hear answers to questions they may not have considered. Indeed, everyone’s lifestyle is different; therefore, physicians should ensure that diabetes’ self-management goals should not only be individualised, but also measurable and achievable.Diabetes education is an ongoing process that should be part of any long-term health care plan to manage the disease.Diabetes education will, in turn, give patients and sufferers the power to control the disease rather than let it control them.Another crucial component is access to appropriate healthcare services for which the Ministry should be commended. The annual event is coordinated by the International Diabetes Federation.The Public Health Ministry and the GPHC have been collaborating with the World Diabetes Foundation, University of Toronto and Orbis International in the establishment of the Guyana Diabetic Retinopathy Programme.The Guyana Diabetic Retinopathy Programme will introduce for the first time in Guyana easy access for all diabetics to have their eyes screened for diabetic eye complications. Usually, diabetics begin to have changes in their eyes and are not aware of these changes. The only method of detecting these changes in the past was an annual eye examination by an ophthalmologist.The GPHC will now be introducing a modern method of detecting eye complications. That is to have digital retinal photos taken of the inside of the eye. These photos will then be read by highly trained eye-care professionals who will then grade the stage of retinopathy.This programme is also being developed to offer laser treatment to patients. Over the past two years, this project has been developed and put into place at the GPHC’s Eye Clinic and is being led by the Head of the Ophthalmology Department, Dr Shailendra Sugrim.The main donor is the World Diabetes Foundation, which helped to procure expensive retinal cameras, ophthalmological examination instruments and, also for the first time in the public system, a retinal laser to treat patients who have severe diabetic eye complications. The fight against the disease should be a collaborative effort and one that is approached from various angles to get optimum results.last_img read more

Burning grass pollution

first_imgNow that the authorities have finally been moved to take action against the dangers of cigarette smoke in public places, the time is right to move on to another source of smoke in public spaces, which poses as great a danger to the health of the hapless inhalers. This is the smoke produced, especially in rural settlements, by citizens who insist on burning their cut grass, fallen leaves and twigs. This smoke is particularly hazardous, since it is released at ground level in populated areas. In the US, the Washington State Department of Ecology confirmed the assertions that smoke from burning yard waste can be just as harmful as cigarette smoke.It has always been known that smoke from fires pollutes the air, and can harm both the environment and humans who inhale it. But according to recent research, smoke from crop and grass fires appears to contain higher levels of some hazardous nitrogen-containing chemicals than wood fire smoke. The results confirmed findings from laboratory studies showing that smoke from wood fires generally carries less nitrogen than smoke from crop and grass fires.Atmospheric scientists at the “Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder” showed from active field interventions that “burning vegetation results in emissions of nitrogen-containing, volatile organic compounds, called NVOCs, among other chemicals, into Earth’s atmosphere. Two types of NVOCs, hydrogen cyanide and isocyanic acid, can cause inflammatory responses in human lungs. Nitrogen oxides, which react in the air to produce pollutants like ozone that are harmful to air quality, are also released when plants are burned.”Even more chemicals are released – including particulate matter, most of them smaller than 10 microns and easily absorbed in the lungs — when burning yard waste is damp, as the waste burns slowly. Unfortunately, the burning of damp yard waste is prevalent in Guyana, where very few homeowners take the time to allow the grass to become very dry. Most have no compunction to adding – literally and figuratively as fuel to the fire — plastic and Styrofoam cups. They have no concern that neighbours may experience asthma attacks or other respiratory issues as a result of inhalation of the smoke. This is particularly harmful for the elderly, the young, and people with conditions such as emphysema or bronchitis. In some cases, toxins remain in the human body for many years.More than two years ago, the Ministry of Communities launched “Green Generation Guyana” (#GreenGenerationGy), a public education campaign designed to promote improved solid-waste management in the home and community. The promulgators of this commendable campaign of the Government, one hoped, would have taken into consideration this form of pollution from burning yard waste and suggested ways to prevent it. The production of compost from the yard waste, for instance, would be a most effective route, since this would eliminate the waste in a non-harmful manner and at the same time enrich the soil. Sadly, not much has come out of this high-priced initiative.Not many persons realise that setting of fires in public spaces is against the law, and must only be done in coordination with our Fire Department. Three weeks ago, fire set to grass in the GPSU ground forced dozens of schoolchildren to hospitals. Last week it was reported that the Fire Department was called out several times in response to residents burning yard waste on the Essequibo Coast; but, in both instances, it was not clear whether the perpetrators were charged or fined for their infractions. There needs to be clarity in the laws regarding burning yard waste, followed by publicising and enforcement of those laws.A model that can be used is the “GRASS FIRES ACT” of Kenya, which was updated in 2012. A perusal of its sections would give an idea of the ground to be covered: “Burning of vegetation without authority; Notice to be given before burning vegetation; Power to prohibit burning of vegetation; Burning of vegetation by employees; Liability of servant; Arrest and General penalty.”last_img read more

ONE ‘in discussions’ to make fight between Vitor Belfort, Roy Jones Jr. happen

first_imgWATCH: The legend Vitor Belfort in the flesh! #ONENewEra |— INQUIRER Sports (@INQUIRERSports) March 28, 2019TOKYO, Japan—MMA icon Vitor Belfort mixing it up with boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. in ONE Championship has the potential to either work or turn out to be a flop.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGolden State Warriors sign Lee to multiyear contract, bring back ChrissSPORTSCoronation night?SPORTSThirdy Ravena gets‍‍‍ offers from Asia, Australian ball clubsBut ONE chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong said he likes the possibility of the two squaring off.ADVERTISEMENT In fact, Sityodtong said ONE is already talking to Jones, who was untouchable in the ring during his prime, about the fight with Belfort. READ: MMA legend Vitor Belfort signs with ONE Championship “We’re in discussions with Roy and I would love to do it,” Sityodtong said during the ONE: A New Era press conference on Thursday at the Ritz-Carlton here. “Roy is one of the best boxers of all time. He is lightning quick and has massive KO power.”“It could be a legend vs legend match.”ONE just signed Belfort, a former light heavyweight champion in the UFC, last month.Both have legendary careers in their respective fields but are also well past their primes.ADVERTISEMENT Sarah Geronimo’s ‘Tala’ enters Billboard’s world digital song sales chart Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. LATEST STORIES P260,000 each in aid to displaced Marawi folk released by US MOST READ READ: MMA legends gather in Tokyo for historic ONE: New Era fight weekBelfort, 41, was knocked out by Lyoto Machida in his last fight at UFC 224 in May 2018 while Jones turned 50 two months ago.A potential bout between the two came up after Belfort called out Jones in an interview with, who is a four-division world champion, had already accepted Belfort’s challenge but there had been no development since until Sityodtong bared the ongoing talks.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Tim Cone still willing to coach Gilas but admits decision won’t be ‘simple yes or no’ ‘Duterte legacy:’ Gov’t boasts achievements so far Sarah Geronimo’s ‘Tala’ enters Billboard’s world digital song sales chart Will you be the first P16 Billion Powerball jackpot winner from the Philippines? SEA Games 2019: No surprises as Gilas Pilipinas cruises to basketball gold PLAY LIST 06:27SEA Games 2019: No surprises as Gilas Pilipinas cruises to basketball gold02:43Philippines make clean sweep in Men’s and Women’s 3×3 Basketball02:43Philippines make clean sweep in Men’s and Women’s 3×3 Basketball02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award View comments Phivolcs: Slim probability of Taal Volcano caldera eruption Is Rafael dos Anjos willing to fight in ONE Championship? ‘Of course’ Comelec assures no disruption in operations with retirement of execs Gretchen Barretto’s daughter Dominique graduates magna cum laude from California collegelast_img read more

Eya Laure delivers on promise, helps Sisi Rondina lead UST to Final Four

first_imgLATEST STORIES Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. UST officially clinched a spot in the semifinals when National University stunned University of the Philippines in the first of the two Sunday games 25-21, 26-24, 17-25, 23-25, 17-15.The Lady Maroons crashed out of the Final Four race after dropping to a 6-7 card while UST got to third seed at 9-4 while FEU is at fourth at 8-5.Laure, who had 17 points against the Lady Tamaraws, said it’s not just Rondina whom she and the other players are dedicating their games for.There’s also graduating libero Rica Rivera, injured sophomore and Season 80 Rookie of the Year Milena Allesandrini, and even Laure’s older sister EJ who sat out Season 81.“This is for the UST community, for Ate Sisi, Ate Rica, Ate Milena, Ate EJ, everyone who’s not with the team right now and who will graduate after the season,” said Laure.ADVERTISEMENT View comments Comelec assures no disruption in operations with retirement of execs Gretchen Barretto’s daughter Dominique graduates magna cum laude from California college Will you be the first P16 Billion Powerball jackpot winner from the Philippines? Duterte says he will appoint Gamboa as next PNP chief Sarah Geronimo’s ‘Tala’ enters Billboard’s world digital song sales chart Tim Cone still willing to coach Gilas but admits decision won’t be ‘simple yes or no’ Laure added that they should not settle even if they’ve reached the Final Four and they will prepare harder ahead of the semifinals where one slip and everything will be wasted.“Of course the Final Four is a whole different playing field, so we won’t settle just because we qualified,” said Laure. “We’ll do our best to build our character so that we won’t be overwhelmed with the atmosphere.”Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next James Harden scores 29 as Rockets rout Jazz in Game 1 MOST READ Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard PLAY LIST 02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award ‘Duterte legacy:’ Gov’t boasts achievements so far P260,000 each in aid to displaced Marawi folk released by US Phivolcs: Slim probability of Taal Volcano caldera eruption Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netMANILA, Philippines—Eya Laure entered the collegiate program of University of Santo Tomas with a lot of hype.She was a one-time high school MVP, a Rookie of the Year, a Best Attacker, a Best Setter, and a two-time Best Opposite Hitter, needless to say Laure had the chops.ADVERTISEMENT Laure, however, moved up to the seniors’ team not as the main star but with a promise to help Cherry Rondina reach the pinnacle of the UAAP Season 81 women’s volleyball tournament.The rookie promised Rondina that she would help lead the team to the Final Four, and possibly the championship, playing as the second fiddle to the fifth-year superstar.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGolden State Warriors sign Lee to multiyear contract, bring back ChrissSPORTSCoronation night?SPORTSThirdy Ravena gets‍‍‍ offers from Asia, Australian ball clubsAnd Laure stayed true to her word after the Golden Tigresses clinched a Final Four spot Sunday at Mall of Asia Arena.“I’m happy because I kept my promise to Ate Sisi,” said Laure in Filipino after UST thrashed Far Eastern University, 25-23, 25-18, 25-23. “We’re taking this step by step. We’re aiming for the Final Four and we’re not in a rush.”last_img read more

When Boston Marathon turned into a sprint, Kenya’s Lawrence Cherono was ready

first_imgDon’t miss out on the latest news and information. Tim Cone still willing to coach Gilas but admits decision won’t be ‘simple yes or no’ Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard PLAY LIST 02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award Forecasts of cold and rain forced the Boston Athletic Association to prepare again for the worst, and heavy rains and lightning overnight led organizers to delay some of the buses shuttling runners out to the start. An early-morning military march was delayed for 90 minutes, but had the lightning continued the whole race could have been canceled.Para athletes and others with imperfect contact with the ground were offered a deferment; not a single one took it, race director Dave McGillivray said.The skies remained clear for the entire elite race and a light rain began falling mid-afternoon. But instead of the hypothermia that had been feared from anticipated cold weather — extra heaters were ordered for the medical tents — temperatures soared into the low 70s and doctors were dealing with exertion heat stroke.One runner had a core body temperature of 109 degrees, medical coordinator Chris Troyanos said. A total of 2,217 runners needed medical attention on the course or at the finish line; 103 people were transported to hospitals and 13 were admitted overnight.All were expected to be released Tuesday, Troyanos said.McGillivray said the changing forecasts put pressure on organizers that last year’s dreadful — but predictable — weather did not.“It was a moving target all week long,” he said. “But pressure is a privilege. And the B.A.A. team is at its best when we are challenged.”Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next “I’ve never run on the track before,” the 30-year-old Kenyan said on Tuesday after picking up a check for $150,000 as the winner of the 123rd Boston Marathon. “To me, it was a lesson. I never lost hope.”A six-time marathon winner, Cherono was the fastest man in the field by virtue of his victory in Amsterdam last fall in 2 hours, 4 minutes, 6 seconds. That speed came in handy Monday when the pack ran faster in the second half than the first, and Cherono completed the final mile in 4:29 to get to the tape before two-time Boston winner Lelisa Desisa.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGolden State Warriors sign Lee to multiyear contract, bring back ChrissSPORTSCoronation night?SPORTSThirdy Ravena gets‍‍‍ offers from Asia, Australian ball clubsIn fact, at the 30K checkpoint there were still a dozen runners in the lead pack, including three of the last four champions: Desisa, who won in 2013 and ’15, Geoffrey Kirui (’16) and Lemi Berhanu Hayle (’17).“I was not thinking of what they did last year,” Cherono said. “I was running my own race.” Women’s wrestling to cap competition at Tokyo Olympics Lawrence Cherono, left, of Kenya, runs to the finish line to win the 123rd Boston Marathon in front of Lelisa Desisa, of Ethiopia, right, on Monday, April 15, 2019, in Boston. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)BOSTON — Sometimes a race is both a marathon and a sprint.Lawrence Cherono paced himself for 26 miles from Hopkinton to Boston, making the turn from Hereford Street for the last 600 meters on Boylston shoulder-to-shoulder with two other runners. From there, it was a footrace.ADVERTISEMENT Cherono finished in 2:07:57, the fastest winning time in Boston since Geoffrey Mutai’s 2:03:02 set a course record and a world best. Desisa slowed up, grimacing in agony, and finished 2 seconds behind.Worknesh Degefa won the women’s race in 2:23:31 after pulling away from the pack in the outer suburbs and running alone for more than 20 miles.“This is going to change my life,” she said Tuesday. “This marathon throws me onto the world stage. Winning the Boston Marathon is everything.”A year after dealing with some of the foulest weather New England has to offer — temperatures in the mid-30s, an icy rain and near-gale headwinds — organizers lucked into a pretty nice day. Temperatures were in the high 50s at the start, and the rain held off until late in the afternoon.That led to some new challenges.ADVERTISEMENT Sarah Geronimo’s ‘Tala’ enters Billboard’s world digital song sales chart Gretchen Barretto’s daughter Dominique graduates magna cum laude from California college ‘Duterte legacy:’ Gov’t boasts achievements so far Will you be the first P16 Billion Powerball jackpot winner from the Philippines? MOST READ P260,000 each in aid to displaced Marawi folk released by US Comelec assures no disruption in operations with retirement of execs LATEST STORIES Duterte says he will appoint Gamboa as next PNP chief Phivolcs: Slim probability of Taal Volcano caldera eruption View commentslast_img read more