Rugby league carnival planned

first_imgInternational Women’s Day represents the perfect occasion to celebrate women and girls and share knowledge and resources on topics that affect them by convening a fun and energising event based on the PNG national sport – rugby league.The Hevea Cup International Rugby League 9’s Carnival will comprise 24 teams; 12 men’s and 12 women’s, coming together from around PNG and the wider Pacific region to participate in sport-oriented community building and health promotion in a safe, inclusive environment while celebrating the vital role of women in PNG.The event is set to be hosted at Port Moresby’s National Football Stadium on March 8th and 9th.The accompanying Wellness Expo will feature over 40 stalls, training and education workshops, special guests and activities for kids throughout the two days, including:Official Launch of Grass Skirt Project’s Gym in a BoxMeet & great with Grass Skirt Project ambassador, PNG Orchids & Brisbane Broncos player Amelia KukMeet & great with PNG Orchids Captain Carol Humeu & PNG Palais Captain Debbie KaroeAppearances by PNG Hunters playersJumping castles & face painting for kidsInformation and resources from 20 community organisations and health service providers, including; Marie Stopes, Femili PNG, Susu Mamas, WeCare, ChildFund, Wantaim PNG, Sustainable Coastlines, PNG Olympic Committee & PNG Tribal FoundationK20,000 in prizes to be won through the Hevea Passport competitionHevea Cup Carnival Official Patron, Lady Anna Togolo, will officially open the event. Official competition director is former Canberra Raiders and PNG Kumuls player David Westley.Registration is now open to teams wishing to play.Visit or email for registration forms. Teams registering will receive a full team jersey kit; a David Westley coached workshop and PNGRFL coaches’ registration.Opportunities exist for corporate and private stallholders to secure a place at the Wellness Expo, e-mail stall and corporate enquiries to event is organised by Grass Skirt Project in participation with Oil Search, New Zealand High Commission, EMTV, KK Kingston, and David Westley Sports Management.last_img read more

Why no audit of City Council?

first_imgSevere pressure has been mounting from various sections of society for the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government to launch a forensic probe into the operations of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC). At least one top official from the newly-installed Council, Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan, has already expressed his desire to see a forensic audit carried out into the operations of the body saying that it was necessary for such a move.Over the past few months, there have been several letter writers, commentators and politicians calling for the Government to carry out the audit in the interest of ensuring transparency and accountability in relation to the operations of the Council. However, so far the Government has not budged; in fact, the President and his Communities Minister have largely remained silent on the issue.The Administration cannot simply dismiss these concerns or provide excuses as to why a forensic audit cannot be carried out. Not only is this unacceptable but it raises questions as to whether the Government is really serious about addressing corruption on all fronts. It could be recalled that while on the campaign trail, APNU/AFC made several promises to ensure there were transparency and accountability at every level of governance.Further, many are of the view that given the Government’s keen interest in carrying out forensic audits into several State agencies regarding their operation, more particularly during the tenure of the previous Administration, and considering the many public calls for transparency and accountability in every sector, the Georgetown City Council should by all means be included in the audits.Not so long ago, in collaboration with the M&CC, the APNU/AFC Government had embarked on a massive city-wide cleanup campaign in Georgetown and its environs. While these efforts produced fairly good results regarding the general appearance of the city and its environs, the political Opposition and other stakeholders have raised questions in relation to the contracts awarded to carry out the works, as the perception is that friends and party supporters were the main beneficiaries. To date, the relevant officials have not been very forthcoming regarding questions from the media in relation to the sums expended and the beneficiaries of the contracts.Also, the mere fact that millions of taxpayers’ dollars are regularly used to bail out the city from its financial woes is another reason for the Administration to act in the public’s interest. The Government certainly cannot keep pumping tax dollars into the operations of City Hall without putting the necessary safeguards in place to ensure that public monies are accounted for.We had stated before that there is much to be explained by past officials who were tasked with managing the affairs of the Council. For example, it is believed that millions of dollars in taxes for certain individuals were written off by the previous Council. There are also claims being made of breaches of the environmental and city bylaws resulting in serious drainage, sewerage and parking problems; the failure of the City Treasurer to collect millions of dollars in outstanding taxes; and the feckless overstaffing among other issues.One letter writer has stated that the need for a forensic audit has never been greater and must be the first order of business of the new Council with the findings being made public, which will undoubtedly identify many instances in which that entity has violated the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act of Guyana. The audit must, first of all, seek to examine the tax collecting system to determine if the allegations of dishonesty, deficiency, and discrepancies have any merit.The citizens of Georgetown are anxious to know the truth about the financial operations, alleged mismanagement and excesses that may have taken place at City Hall during the previous leadership.The Government must act in the interest of the citizens and move on with the forensic audit. Failure to do so would give substance to the many criticisms being levelled against the Government that it is very selective in the manner in which it addresses issues of transparency and accountability.last_img read more

Ebola Aftermath in Liberia

first_imgNecessity, says an adage, is always the good mother of invention. This aged-old proverb seems to be holding true in the wake of the continuing fight to find a cure for, and to eradicate the Ebola virus.For months now, the troubled West African region and the world, witnessed the rude awakening of the international medical community to what was by all accounts, another unfolding regional and possibly global catastrophe. The outbreak of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) did not only threaten millions of lives, it proved to be untreatable and was spreading hysterically.Hundreds of infected persons died within days of contracting the killer virus. Impoverished hamlets, poverty stricken villages, as well as unhygienic municipalities and overcrowded cities in the West African region had their thumbs tight on the panic button.Thanks to the over-worked and unsung heroes in the international bio-medical and pharmaceutical communities, we are now seeing a much needed light at the end of the dark Ebola tunnel.Already an American Doctor, Kent Brantley, who was stricken with the Ebola virus while working in Liberia, where the virus has been raging, responded positively to a new anti-Ebola drug called ZMapp, which is still in its trial stages. Dr. Brantley and an American missionary were airlifted to the United States of America for treatment. Another beloved American doctor, Rick Sacra, who contracted the disease while working in Liberia, has since recovered. In the wake of this welcome news about the Americans that were treated for the virus, comes positive news of anti-Ebola vaccines that are currently going through the tryout stages.Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the United States Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases told a gathering of experts that clinical trials of the new Ebola vaccine could be started as early as next year. Thanks to the efforts of the United States, the affected countries, the United Nations and other institutions of goodwill. True to his word, a  clinical  trial  for  a  possible  treatment  of  Ebola  began  on  the 1st  of  January, 2015,  at the  Eternal Love Winning Africa (ELWA)-3  Medcins San Frontier’s (MSF) Ebola   Management   Center   in   Paynesville,  Liberia.   Led   by   Oxford   University from the United  Kingdom,  and  funded  by  the  Wellcome  Trust,  the  experiment  aims  to  determine  if  the  anti-viral  drug,  brincidofovir,  is  an  effective  treatment  for  Ebola. Given that barely few months ago, there was no known cure for this scourge called Ebola; it is remarkable that a cure backed by a proven Ebola vaccine may well be a medical reality.However, these two positive developments should not give any room for complacency. Already, lessons have been learned, some of which are: the long-term health, psychological and environmental afflictions for those whose families were either crushed by the disease or communities and lands that were used for cremation or unsafe burials. That is precisely the story of the residents of Boys Town community in Marshall, a suburb that is only few miles from Monrovia, the capitol of Liberia. The government and its partners used an open-air Indian crematorium to primitively burn victims of the Ebola virus without basic awareness or consultation with those who live in the area.Needless to say that those responsible for public health administration, should now see the urgent need to reach out to the affected community and provide psycho-social counseling for residents, relocate the Indians and disallow the use of the crematorium which should be transformed into a memorial. Provision of basic health services, which are woefully lacking, is the just thing to do. An action in that direction would mitigate or curtail likely future environmental and related hazards.For starters, public hygiene regimens throughout the country remain shamelessly deplorable. Residents of various communities, including Boys Town are frequently victims of environmental diseases. In other words, diseases that are caused by unpleasant surroundings like malaria, typhoid, dysentery, etc, and now Ebola, are the ones that affect these communities. That is why it is mind boggling to even reveal that safety and health protocols were ignored in disposing the remains and used personal protective equipment (PPE) of nothing else but Ebola victims.A senior government official was sincere to admit that “they (officials) looked the other way and endangered the lives of those who live in the vicinity of the crematorium which should never have been used for any reason”. While the residents surely would appreciate a rare admission from a public official for not defending the indefensible as it is habitually the case, it brings no relief for what they suffered.   As a result of such open and primitive burning, it is unclear what the future holds for residents of that community as it relates to their health, psychological and environmental wellbeing.Successive governments of Liberia have failed to prioritize and regulate the public health system until the Ebola virus stimulated the sleeping collective conscience of the country. Thus, the importance of a credible and assessable public health delivery system will continue to gain prominence long after Ebola is gone. With the aforementioned, it is expected that the recent appeal or suggestions proffered by residents of that community be given timely support as an appropriate first step to set in motion a healing process by all concerned. It can be recalled, that the residents of that community in a strong-worded statement, asked the government and its international partners to encourage the Indians to relocate and disallow them to use the crematorium for the same reasons the government was pressured to cease its cremating activities.Residents of that community having suffered months of trauma due to the burning, smear and loud bursting sounds of Ebola victims for months, also requested that government and its partners  provide counseling services to members of the community, including a select few that were hired without proper guidance to perform such an abnormal task.On August 2, 2014, residents of the affected community awoke to an unusual movement of fleet of trucks belonging to the Firestone Company, reinforced by the nation’s military, transported loads of wood to the old Indian Crematorium on Marshall Road in Margibi County.When the Indians established the crematorium in the 1980s; it was deemed a logical site because the area was then uninhabited. It is now situated in the middle of a thriving neighborhood which makes occasional cremation even by the Indians an immoral act due to its closeness to occupied residential buildings.Members of the community indicated that while they are united against the heartless treatment meted out against them; they, however, are supportive of efforts to eradicating the deadly Ebola virus. The residents also noted that their hearts are loaded with profound grief for the victims of the horrible disease.The question now for any well-meaning individual, government, local or international institution, is how can anyone who lives in that area ever forget the daily sight of mass parade of their fellow citizens being incompetently dumped and burned so close to them with smoke deriving from their burned remains, saturating the air and their homes?Therefore, the health, psychological and environmental impact and its associated pain cannot be overemphasized; so the government should take hasty concrete steps to lessen the situation which could rightly be termed as an “immeasurable trauma.”With the above mentioned recommendations, it is expected that the government, as custodian of rights and safety, act quickly to redeem its missteps not only to reassure the injured and peaceful community of Boys Town, but other communities that are anxious about what transpired in their sister community. The ancient cremation carried out in that neighborhood, which was identical to watching a horror movie, has disturbed the air, stigmatized and contaminated the environment, caused trauma as a direct result of heavy explosions during cremation, and polluted open wells and water table of the people of Boys Town.About the Author:Mr. Tibelrosa Summoh Tarponweh is a resident and spokesperson for the Boys Town, Marshall Community, whose advocacy is intended to draw attention to the gross violation of the community’s right to live in a safe and healthy environment. Email: tibelrosa@gmail.comShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Lakers caught in Sybil war

first_imgOne game they’re this absolutely lovable bunch of overachievers, the next zombies in long shorts. One game they’re quick and hustling, acting like a team that’s truly mastered the triangle offense, that understands the importance of defense, that shares and attacks and passes and plays almost beautiful basketball. The next game they’re playing like five guys just thrown together in a pickup game, standing around, looking flat and unmotivated, being sloppy with the ball, playing matador defense, practicing cover-your-eyes basketball. They don’t need a coach, they need a psychiatrist. They need shock therapy. Either they do, or their followers soon will. The Lakers almost defy you to love them. They’re not a team, they’re a moody teenager. Maybe it’s a hormonal thing. They get it! They get it! They really get it! What happened? They’re terrible. Who are these guys? It’s absolutely exasperating. If you want to be a Lakers fan this season, it takes dedication and patience. It’s like a second marriage. Their most annoying aspect is their ability to stun the really good teams, and stumble over themselves playing the bad ones. This season they’ve beaten the NBA’s finest teams: Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio and Utah. Really looked good doing it, too. Then they’ve lost to its dregs: Milwaukee, Memphis, New Orleans, Portland, Seattle and Charlotte. And positively reeked. “The positive is, we don’t play any of those teams in the playoffs,” reasoned Kobe Bryant. “All the teams we tend to play well against are future playoff opponents.” Hey, at least they still have their sense of humor. Exactly what else it is they have is a mystery just shy of the pyramids. It’s hard to get a strong sense of who they are because it can change from game to game. Sybil didn’t have this many personalities. Every time the Lakers look like they’re finally getting a sense of who they are, they play a lousy team and discover they’re somebody else. They’re a walking, dribbling identity crisis. “We’re still fighting for that,” said Lamar Odom. “Sometimes our identity is a team that’s really quick, that’s great in transition, that rotates well defensively. And sometimes we’re the total opposite. “Midway into the season, we’re still fighting for our identity. We’re still fighting to play the same way all the time.” The two handiest explanations for the Lakers’ raging inconsistencies are youth and health. Odom returned Friday night after missing 21 games with a sprained knee ligament. Kwame “Let Them Eat Cake” Brown remains out with a sprained ankle. Brian Cook has battled vertigo. Friday, Luke Walton turned an ankle. Every team has its share of injuries, of course. That’s part of the deal. Yet even with starters Odom and Brown out the Lakers managed to beat Dallas and San Antonio – and lose to Memphis and New Orleans. They’re up! They’re down! They’re on their way somewhere! Youth can be a serious problem, and the Lakers are giving good minutes to rookie Jordan Farmar, and Andrew Bynum and Ronny Turiaf, who are essentially rookies. But the core of the team is not that young. Kobe and Odom are established stars. Maurice Evans, Smush Parker, Cook and Walton are in their fourth NBA seasons. Vladimir Radmanovic, although their biggest disappointment, is in his sixth season. No one has any simple, all-defining explanation for their erratic play. “I really don’t,” said coach Phil Jackson. “I guess the inconsistencies are guys being in health. We’ve only had a little spell in December where we had what we consider our full lineup of guys who were healthy for us. I think that’s part of it. “The other part is I don’t really think we stay in focus with who we are as a team, and that’s the identity of this team.” They certainly have their moments, though. There are times when they are a remarkable team to behold. When they are sharing the ball and running the offense and committed to defense. Mostly, times when they’re playing a team with a winning record. Then some lousy team will come in and the Lakers almost go into automatic downgrade. “I don’t want to make any excuses,” Odom said. “It might be youth. Hopefully it’s not laziness.” The Lakers are 27-16 overall, better than most anyone expected right now, and certainly much better than expected, given their time without Odom and Brown. They look like a playoff team, but on balance, a second-tier playoff team. A team that makes the playoffs and is most likely headed for another first-round exit. And that’s not growth. Yet in the playoffs, matched against a top opponent that draws their focus, who knows? With this team, certainties are in short supply. After being swept in the two-game season series by 15-28 Charlotte, the Lakers are in position to sweep their three-game season series from 31-14 San Antonio today. In the Lakers’ universe, a victory today is almost a given. Kobe considers it team growing pains, this trouble keeping focus against teams with losing records. He likens it to a similar problem the Lakers had before winning three consecutive titles in 2000, 2001 and 2002. “We had issues where we struggled against the so-called lesser teams,” he said. “But once you kind of get that experience of what you’re playing for, you tend to just go out and take care of business. “The more experience we gain, the more we’ll realize the importance of those games.” Meanwhile, team followers had best go for the athletic primal scream routine. Take therapy where you can. The Lakers’ play demands it. Steve Dilbeck’s column appears in the Daily News four times a week stephen.dilbeck@ (818) 713-3607 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!center_img Ahhhhhhhh! Go ahead and scream into the night. Let it out. It’s just not healthy to keep these things buried inside. It’s the Lakers, of course. They’re absolutely maddening. L.A.’s favorite schizophrenic team. last_img read more

Fifa pay was not a bribe-German FA boss

first_imgNiersbach however claimed it was in fact an upfront payment transferred to FIFA in order to secure a 170 million euro subsidy from world football’s governing body.But Niersbach’s version was immediately refuted by FIFA in a strongly-worded statement.“That the financial support of FIFA World Cup Organising Committees should be coupled to any kind of financial advance payment by the respective organising committee or the relevant football association in no way corresponds to FIFA’s standard processes and regulations,” the statement said.“Furthermore, in general the FIFA Finance Committee is not authorised to receive payments in any way, nor does it have its own bank account.”FIFA has called for the German Football Federation (DFB) to cooperate with its investigation into the 2006 cash-for-votes allegations.Earlier Niersbach was categoric that there had been nothing shady about the 2002 payment.“There was no slush fund, there was no vote buying,” he said.He claimed that in January 2002, FIFA chief Sepp Blatter held talks with Franz Beckenbauer in which the German football legend was told the organisation could provide 250 million Swiss francs (then worth approximately 170 million euros) in subsidies but that Beckenbauer had to speak to the finance commission about it.“Then the talks with the finance commission took place. To this day, I don’t know who was at those talks,” said Niersbach.Eventually there was an agreement on the 250 million francs, “but in return 10 million francs (then worth 6.7 million euros) must be transferred to the (FIFA) finance commission,” he added.Beckenbauer was ready then to put up the 10 million with his private funds, but his manager had advised him to stay out of the issue, said Niersbach.Subsequently, it was the then chief executive of Adidas, Robert Louis-Dreyfus, who put up the 10 million francs.Niersbach added that he “was not aware of this process in January 2002”.A few years later, said the German football chief, the sum reappeared on its accounts as it had to be repaid to Louis-Dreyfus.Niersbach said he had been aware of the issue since June, and apologised for not having informed other board members earlier.German news weekly Spiegel had claimed in a report last week that the German bidding committee had accepted a 10.3 million Swiss francs (6.7 million euros at that time) loan from Louis-Dreyfus.Spiegel claims the loan was used to buy the votes of four Asian members of FIFA’s 24-strong executive committee.At the vote in July 2000 Germany saw off South Africa by 12 votes to 11 — Charles Dempsey of New Zealand abstained — to win the right to hold the 2006 World Cup, with South Africa going on to stage the 2010 edition.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Wolfgang Niersbach, President of German Football Federation speaks at a press conference on a payment made by the 2006 World Cup organisers to FIFA at the DFB headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany, on October 22, 2015. PHOTO/AFPBERLIN, October 23- FIFA on Thursday directly challenged German football chief Wolfgang Niersbach’s explanation over a controversial 6.7 million-euro payment linked to Germany’s 2006 World Cup.Allegations in the German media had suggested the money was used to buy Germany votes in the race to win the right to stage the 2006 World Cup.last_img read more

Tottenham determined to land Southampton star before the window closes

first_img1 Jay Rodriguez Tottenham are still hoping to complete a deal for Jay Rodriguez before the close of the transfer window tonight.Mauricio Pochettino is keen to be reunited with the Southampton striker, and that deal is his priority.He is prepared to let Andros Townsend go in the opposite direction, and is prepared to pay around £14million plus the England wide man.Rodriguez is not expected to be back in action until October as he continues his recovery from a cruciate ligament injury, but that has not put Pochettino off.And the Spurs boss is keen to get the deal done as soon as possible as he believes there could be more competition for the striker come January once he has proved his fitness again.last_img read more

Man’s stolen scooter found

first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Police on Friday announced the recovery of an electric scooter stolen May 16 from the Winnetka residence of an 82-year-old man who needs it to get around. The scooter was recovered Thursday after authorities focused on a suspect who was already in custody in connection with another crime, the Los Angeles Police Department reported. The suspect, whose name was not immediately released, matched the description of a suspect captured in surveillance footage of the crime, police said. The scooter had been locked on the trailer of the victim’s car.last_img read more

‘He’s proven he can get goals’ – Souness backs Benteke to turn Liverpool career around

first_imgGraeme Souness says Christian Benteke can prove his critics wrong and become a prolific goalscorer for Liverpool.The Belgian striker has yet to make a major impact at Anfield since his £32.5million move from Aston Villa last summer and has been benched for the past two Premier League games, despite being the only recognised striker available to Jurgen Klopp.The Reds faithful appear to already be growing restless with the 25-year-old, but Souness believes Benteke is being let down by a lack of service and claims he can be a success on Merseyside if Klopp perseveres with him.“If you get the right balls into him, he is a threat,” said the Reds legend, speaking on the Hawksbee and Jacobs show.“No centre-halves will particularly enjoy playing against him, especially when you get in the last third and people put crosses in, because he has got a leap and he does attack it.“I think it is a classic case of a young man who is playing with a shortage of confidence.“It has been proven at his previous club that he can get goals in the Premier League. He is now playing in a team that has got better players than he had before so it is getting the right balls into him.“I would persevere with him. Right now, you have got no alternative with [Daniel] Sturridge not fit.“It is not rocket science. He wants the ball in early from the wider areas, whipped in, where he can get across centre-halves or outjump them from behind.”last_img read more

Experiencias na vida selvagem Sul Africana

first_imgAventuras bushveldNao ha nada como o mato africano e nao ha melhor sitio no mundo para caça grossa. Alem dos seus famosos parques nacionais, a África do Sul tem uma serie de reservas privadas, todas elas proporcionando excelente vida selvagem e ornitologia.Ou junte-se a uma excursao via terrestre ou um safari guiado, onde pode recostar-se e concentrar a sua atençao a tentar vislumbrar os animais de grande porte enquanto alguem conduz por si.Para uma experiencia de caça absolutamente unica, precisara de visitar o territorio lowveld das provincias do Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Nororeste ou KwaZulu-Natal, onde os elefantes deslizam graciosamente por entre o mato e os leoes descansam na hora mais quente do dia depois de uma noite de caça.Na provincia de Gauteng, a pouco mais de uma hora de carro das selvas urbanas de Joanesburgo e Pretoria, pode observar leoes, elefantes, bufalos e centenas de outras especies no seu habitat natural.No Cabo Ocidental, com o seu clima e vegetaçao diferentes, nao ira encontrar leoes nem elefantes, mas podera ver as gazelas tipicas da África do Sul, as springbok, as zebras-do-cabo, os bontebok ou antilopes, os black wildebeest ou gnus, e tantos outros.O Cabo Oriental e uma zona de transiçao entre o Cabo Ocidental e as zonas de caça do Lowveld. A provincia esta rapidamente a tornar-se numa zona de safari muito procurada, sem duvida por nao ter indicios de malaria. O Parque Nacional Addo Elefante esta constantemente a crescer e estender-se-a por uma enorme variedade de comunidades ecologicas distintas, desde as marinhas as de montanha. Existem igualmente algumas reservas privadas fantasticas nesta mesma provincia, de realçar Shamwari.O Parque Nacional Golden Gate, na provincia do Estado Livre (Free State), e famoso pela caça de alta altitude, como o antilope africano (eland) e o gnu (black wildebeest).O Cabo Norte e muito arido e um gosto adquirido, ha que se aprender a gostar, mas mesmo assim possui destinos de caça excelentes. O Parque Nacional de Augrabies Falls e basicamente paisagem, embora tenha uma admiravel vida animal e de aves. O Parque Transfronteiriço Kgalagadi, o primeiro parque entre fronteiras, e famoso pelos seus enormes leoes Kalahari com juba preta e o elegante orix (gemsbok), que ali sao encontrados em abundancia.BiodiversidadeA África do Sul possui o terceiro maior nivel de biodiversidade do mundo, englobando sete dos maiores tipos de habitat terrestres, ou zonas de vida ecologica, com condiçoes ambientais distintas e respectiva fauna e flora.Cerca de 10% das especies de flores de todo o mundo pode ser encontrada na África do Sul e e o unico pais do mundo que detem, dentro das suas fronteiras, um verdadeiro reino vegetal.A Regiao Floral do Cabo, um dos oito Patrimonios Mundiais da África do Sul, abrange oito areas protegidas, que vao desde a Peninsula do Cabo ao Cabo Oriental, desbravando um cenario deslumbrante de montanha e de oceano, contendo alguma da biodiversidade floristica mais rica do mundo.O Parque iSimangaliso Wetland, o primeiro sitio da África do Sul a estar inscrito na Lista de Patrimonios Mundiais, e uma das joias da zona costeira do pais, com um mosaico absolutamente unico de ecossistemas – pantanos, lagos e lagoas, praias, recifes de corais, terras pantanosas, florestas costeiras e savana – enriquecidos por uma enorme diversidade de vida animal, aves e especies marinhas.Reporter infoSA, incorporando material de Turismo Sul Africanolast_img read more

Intel® Client Manageability Add-on for Microsoft* SMS 2003 version 5.0.1 released

first_imgIntel® Client Manageability Add-on for Microsoft* SMS 2003 version 5.0.1 has been released.Version 5.0.1 contains the following improvements:Check all IPs for site boundariesRead machines from SCS in chunks of 1000The lastest version of the Add-on can be downloaded here.–Matt Royerlast_img