360i Welcomes Chief Operating Officer, Andrea Terrassa

first_imgWe’re thrilled to welcome Andrea Terrassa to 360i as our Chief Operating Officer. Andrea will serve as a key member of our executive team, responsible for driving growth and efficiency across all capabilities and clients.Andrea TerrassaCommenting on Andrea’s arrival, our CEO Jared Belsky said: “Andrea has earned a reputation in the industry for her ability to tackle complex challenges with an exceptionally high standard of integrity, and in close partnership with her teammates and clients. As we continue to broaden our capabilities and create more customized client engagements, Andrea will help us make ongoing improvements to how we operate so that our talent can focus on doing what they do best as they help our clients capitalize on change.”When asked why she is looking forward to joining us, Andrea noted: “The modern marketplace’s demand for agency partners that can provide a breadth of deep specializations at scale can be a complex operational undertaking for agencies. I’m happy to be joining 360i at such a pivotal moment in the marketplace, as the power of their integrated agency model increasingly earns the attention of progressive marketers. I look forward to working hand-in-hand with the team to create smart, effective ways of working that empower the team at 360i to do the best work of their careers.” Andrea joins us from Red Fuse, a WPP agency that integrates multiple companies and capabilities to service one of the network’s largest global clients. As a founding member and Chief Operating Officer at Red Fuse, Andrea was instrumental to the construction and evolution of the company and played a leadership role in areas including client contracts and contractual compliance, finance, reporting, delivery, project management, production and information technology.Andrea was part of WPP for nearly 20 years, having joined Y&R from its Colombian subsidiary in 2000 before moving to New York in 2002. During the first half of her career with WPP, Andrea held varying local, regional and global roles in Account Management and Client Finance. In 2009, upon receiving her MBA from Columbia Business School, Andrea formally made the move into Operations.Andrea’s appointment is the latest in a series of promotions and new hires amongst our executive team, including Raig Adolfo joining as Chief Strategy Officer , Sarah Hofstetter moving into a role as Chairwoman, Jared Belsky becoming CEO, and Abbey Klaassen being named President of 360i NY.last_img read more

@Mint Twitter Chat: How We Spend

first_imgHas an organization or university offered you an opportunity with a stipend? Whether it’s an internship or apprenticeship, a stipend is a set amount of money that helps offset living expenses. This fixed amount is financial support provided while you’re… Full Story,Truth is, there is a lot to be excited about when it comes to college: new friends, a new routine, (college parties!), and more independence. But along with all these perks, it’s also time to start thinking about your finances…. Full Story,A routing number is a unique number that identifies a specific banking institution. Each routing number is made up of nine digits. Routing numbers are sometimes referred to as an American Banker’s Association routing transit number or an ABA RTN…. Full Story,It’s stressful enough having a car loan over your head and staying on top of your monthly payments. But what if you have an upside-down car loan — in other words, the amount you owe on your set of wheels… Full Story,When you’re trying to get your financial house in order, it’s easy to get lost in the specifics. You might stress about how to adjust your budget, where to find some extra cash for the holidays or what funds to… Full Story,Shortly after graduating from New York University with a Master’s degree, Melanie Lockert turned to food stamps, as she worked her way out of $81,000 in student loans. “There were a lot of emotions around carrying that debt. It caused… Full Story,Traveling is one of the best things in life, and luckily, low funds don’t have to dash your dreams of enjoying an epic adventure. A wealth of destinations—both in the U.S. and abroad—are so affordable that even hardcore penny pinchers… Full Story,While we don’t yet have flying cars that collapse to the size of a suitcase, pneumatic tubes that transport us from room to room or machines that automatically bathe and clothe us in the morning, every day we’re getting closer… Full Story,Times have changed since Grams and Gramps were your age, looking to settle down and buy their first home. But today the house with the white picket fence—or that trendy loft in downtown—isn’t completely out of the question if you… Full Story,We recently hosted a Twitter chat as part of our #RealTalkSeries. And let’s just say, things definitely got real. Many of you joined us to discuss “taboo” and cringe-worthy money questions such as how to improve a bad credit score,… Full Storylast_img read more

Curiosity is key to early childhood success in math and reading

first_imgCurious children are better able to grasp basic math and reading, according to a new study investigating a possible link between curiosity and early academic success among young children.Curious children are better able to grasp basic math and reading. This is according to a group of researchers from the University of Michigan, led by Prachi Shah. The study in the journal Pediatric Research, which is published by Springer Nature, is the first to investigate a possible link between curiosity and early academic success among young children. In addition, the researchers found that for children from poorer communities, curiosity is even more important for higher academic achievement than for children from more well-off backgrounds, and may serve as a potential target of intervention to close the achievement gap associated with poverty.Children who have developed a wide range of socio-emotional skills are generally more successful when they start school. These skills include invention, imagination, persistence, attentiveness to tasks, as well as the ability to form relationships and manage feelings. According to Shah, most current early learning interventions focus on improving a child’s effortful control which includes their ability to concentrate or control impulses. Very few interventions aim to cultivate curiosity in young children — a trait that Shah describes as the joy of discovery, and the motivation to seek answers to the unknown.Data for the current study were drawn from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Birth Cohort. This nationally representative population-based study sponsored by the US Department of Education has followed thousands of children since their birth in 2001. Their parents were interviewed during home visits and the children were assessed when they were nine months and two years old, and again when they entered preschool and kindergarten. In 2006 and 2007, the reading and math skills and behavior of 6200 of these children then in kindergarten were measured.“Our results suggest that after controlling for other factors associated with higher achievement, curiosity continues to make a small but meaningful contribution to academic achievement,” explains Shah.This trait was found to be as important as effortful control in promoting reading and math academic achievement at kindergarten age. This was especially true for children who showed an eagerness to learn new things. The relationship between a child’s curiosity and academic achievement was not related to a child’s gender or levels of effortful control.“These findings suggest that even if a child manifests low effortful control, high curiosity may be associated with more optimal academic achievement,” adds Shah. “Currently, most classroom interventions have focused on the cultivation of early effortful control and a child’s self-regulatory capacities, but our results suggest that an alternate message, focused on the importance of curiosity, should also be considered.”The researchers explain that fostering curiosity may be especially important for children from lower socio-economic backgrounds.“Our results suggest that while higher curiosity is associated with higher academic achievement in all children, the association of curiosity with academic achievement is greater in children with low socioeconomic status,” says Shah. She adds that children growing up in financially securer conditions tend to have greater access to resources to encourage reading and math academic achievement, whereas those from poorer communities grow up in less stimulating environments.“In such situations, the drive for academic achievement is related to a child’s motivation to learn, and therefore his or her curiosity,” explains Shah. “Our results suggest that the promotion of curiosity may be a valuable intervention target to foster early academic achievement, with particular advantage for children in poverty.”Sourcelast_img read more

New Chart: How To Grow Your Email Marketing List

first_img MarketingSherpa’s 2011 Email Marketing Benchmark Report According to Originally published Jan 24, 2011 8:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 Topics: The next step is figuring out the most effective ways to get that information. , the effectiveness of email list growth tactics break down according to channel sales (B2B & B2C) and marketing processes.B2B marketers rate registration for downloads as their #1 most effective tactic for email marketing list growth, while B2C marketers rate registration during a purchase their #1 tactic. B2B companies find webinars and registration downloads as the most effective means of walking a prospect through the oftentimes lengthy B2B sales cycle.  Into the funnel, and out a customer some three, six, nine months later. The other thing I find of interest in this chart is how so many of these tactics are inbound marketing tactics. center_img How does email fit into your Inbound Marketing program? Figuring out how much information you need is the first step. Email Lists and Segmentation One thing I find most interesting about this chart is how B2C favors adding social sharing buttons in their email messaging, while B2B does not.  I think that this stance will change dramatically during 2011.  Not only will many more B2C companies use this tactic, but as B2B companies become more comfortable and familiar with social media, they will leverage social media sharing to increase their email lists. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

60% of Social Media Messages are Links to Published Content [Data]

first_img Topics: data shared by eMarketer of all shares, 60% were of links to published content It’s an inbound marketing no-brainer: the best way to get your prospects to find and learn about your company, its products, and its services is by publishing content. And the latest as the top sharing vehicle for content with 93% of internet users using it, it’s not ahead in the race by much. Social networks trail slightly behind at 89%, and sharing through blogs is a close third at 82%. In addition, this data helps us understand that people share differently with different groups of people. Understanding the specific sharing behaviors of different groups can help marketers pinpoint the best methods for reaching their prospects. how people share content online. Is your business taking advantage of the power of published content? Email Marketing The study also revealed some data about the methods by which people are sharing content online, and more granularly, with whom. Overall, while . Additionally, 36% of shares were of embedded content. The third subset of shares? A measly 4%, which is made up of URLs for brands or corporate websites. This means that, whether people are sharing links to your content or embedding it into social networks directly, an overwhelming 96% of the sharing that happens online is of even smarter Smart inbound marketers understand the need to create and publish content in order to get found online. The , not websites. content Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Content is the Fuel of the Social Web,” AOL and Nielsen Online gathered data from over 10,000 social media messages to analyzecenter_img That means even if you’ve gotten your website up and running, your next step needs to be to come up with a solid Carlos Maya ones are creating it on a regular basis and are planting their content seeds in social media so it gets shared and spreads to a much larger degree. What This Means for Marketers Photo Credit: In their April 2011 report, ” Originally published May 19, 2011 5:02:00 PM, updated July 19 2013 . email still leads the pack Social sharing can be extremely valuable and effective in getting found online. The bottom line is, even if you have the prettiest looking website in the world, without content, it will likely stay hidden in a black hole of the web. content strategy When it comes to online sharing, it’s not enough for businesses to simply have a website; long gone are the days when a “web presence” just means having a website for your business to call home. The results? We think their most noteworthy finding is that, Social Media only confirms it…last_img read more

Career-Changing Advice Your Boss Wishes You Knew

first_img Topics: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Originally published Mar 17, 2014 4:00:00 PM, updated February 01 2017 Career Development This post originally appeared on the Insiders section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to Insiders.Sure, you know your boss better than I do. But I do know how bosses think. As the owner of a marketing agency, I have a pretty good pulse on what your boss’ day looks like, their goals, and their challenges.I know that we are rarely satisfied and are constantly looking to grow our business, and that we know all too well we can’t do it alone.We need your help, and we need you to know what our expectations are. This article will help you understand what your boss wishes you knew, and how you can use it to further your career.1) We want to trust you, but you have to earn it.Bosses want to trust our employees, we really do. Sometimes we get a little nervous when big clients are involved, tight deadlines, etc. but that’s because there’s so much on the line. If you want to earn your boss’ trust, be a total professional. If you’re airtight with all of your business communication and follow-up your boss will notice, and trust you more for it.How to Earn TrustIf you want to earn trust, focus on doing even the little things with excellence. Take careful, detailed notes in all meetings. Send prompt follow-up emails with detailed bullets and clear next steps. Manage your task list and delivery dates, and don’t let anything slip. Find a system if your company doesn’t have one — there is no excuse for being disorganized.Tip: Your boss wants you to know that with professionalism comes trust, and with trust comes opportunity.2) We love surprises. Take initiative and bring a big idea.Any employee can blow us out of the water by exceeding expectations. It’s too easy to stay in your comfort zone as an employee and just do a really good job of doing what you’re told. Your comfort zone might even be really great for you. The problem is that won’t always set you apart and demonstrate real value to the organization.We love to see our organizations grow, and we always want to grow faster. That means we want something new and fresh every day, and we’d love if those ideas came from you. We’re always looking for the next great thing and we’d love to have it dropped in our lap by our team.How to Land That “Big Idea”Take some initiative and find a spot you can add value with a major contribution. Come up with a big idea and work it out, bringing your idea, a plan, and a clear vision of the benefits to moving on the plan. What’s in it for us? What’s in it for our clients? Nothing will set you apart amongst your peers more than taking the ball and running with it at every opportunity.Tip: Find a hole and fill it by identifying what’s missing in your current marketing efforts. Your boss will love that you thought of a solution before they did.3) We think little things matter.Sometimes a critique on something small is reflective of another problem. Those little details that may seem trivial or one-off instances could be a symptom of a larger concern. Cutting a corner is also often seen as an employee not being bought into the larger mission — and that maybe there would be more items you’re willing to shortcut.How to Exhibit Attention to DetailPoint out opportunities to really wow a client in little ways — but ways that are above and beyond the normal course of business. Exhibiting attention to detail is about more than just catching mistakes and slip-ups, it’s about taking things to the next level.Tip: If you want to make your boss love you, be a marketing perfectionist.4) We’re waiting for someone to invest their own timeThe way to reach your goals is to spend the time, and to spend it on the wildly important. All of our day-to-days can eat us up and there is little time for training and continued learning when we’re chasing deadlines. What your boss wants you to know is that the more you learn and the better you get, the more valuable you will be.How to Show Additional InvestmentBecause you have so much to produce while at the office, we’d love to see you invest in your own future just like we invest in you. We won’t ask you to work on your personal time very often, but we sure do appreciate the commitment and initiative employees demonstrate when an important project requires all hands on deck, above and beyond the normal course of business.Tip: Spend a little time in the evenings reading good content on subjects you’d like to improve on. When you find something you think others on the team would value, share it with them and your boss. 5) We hate excuses, and love solutions.No one enjoys having other people’s problems dumped on them — mostly because everyone has problems of their own already.  The key here is to work very hard at solving your own problems.How to Avoid ExcusesI’m not saying you shouldn’t take important issues and problems to your boss, but you should take them to your boss in the right fashion. When you have a problem, make sure you present the concern along with some suggested courses of action. Put your boss in a position to help you quickly and efficiently while building your confidence.Tip: Next time you have a crisis, don’t freak out, run into your boss’ office, and dump it in his or her lap. Instead, think of a few possible solutions and present the issue and your suggestions. Even if none of those solutions are spot-on correct, it’ll give us a place to start thinking through solutions together.You Can Do All of ThisThe good news is you don’t have to have some magic talent or 15 years of experience to get where you want to go. Marketing firms today are hiring younger and hungrier employees than ever before. With fantastic training tools like those offered in the HubSpot Knowledge Base, new hires can get up to speed very quickly.With the ever-changing online marketing landscape, there’s a huge opportunity for any employee of any age to really excel in their roles and get the promotions they’re dreaming of, if they have the drive and discipline to learn and adapt.Above all your boss wants you to know that if you want something, you have the opportunity to earn it. If you want to earn it, here’s a simple formula to keep in mind:More Initiative = More Production = More Value = More OpportunityWe don’t play favorites, we don’t waste money, and we can’t wait to see you succeed. Today’s inbound marketing companies are the complete opposite of the traditional firms your Don Drapers worked for. We reward and promote based on performance and potential.last_img read more

Getting Buy-in for Change: What Education Marketers Can Do To Help Their Schools Evolve

first_img Education Marketing Originally published Feb 24, 2016 7:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017 Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Topics: As an education marketer, you’re well aware of the successes and advantages of inbound marketing. It’s easy to spend so much time immersed in the new opportunities inbound is bringing. Which makes it easy to forget that key stakeholders at your school don’t always share same perspective. Administrators and staff may never have heard of inbound marketing, or may be afraid of change—making it tough to get their support. Yet you do need their support to transition your marketing strategy and budget towards inbound. They’ll also be a needed source of your school’s best stories and help with content distribution. If they don’t get inbound marketing, you’ll experience some push back. Or at least skepticism, which can spread seeds of doubt.People are naturally resistant to change. That’s fine. Just make getting buy-in from the administration, development office, faculty, and staff for inbound as part of your new marketing strategy.To brush up on the basics of inbound marketing for schools before you dive in, check out our guide here. Make Their Goals Your GoalsYour colleagues may not know what personas, SEO, or content offers are. You have to help them understand what inbound marketing is so they have a clear vision of how the marketing strategy is shifting. Make sure you put that vision in context of how it helps them.Draw a picture, tell the story that shows how your team’s inbound marketing activities helps them achieve their goals.For example, you could explain that your keyword and persona research will be the foundation of an SEO campaign that gets the school’s website found by the people they’re trying to reach. You can add that SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads, their current marketing strategy, have a 1.7% close rate. CAUTION: Beware of diving into nitty-gritty of marketing until you’re sure your non-marketing savvy stakeholders understand the terms and concepts. Use that language too early, and you risk losing them them.Instead of talking about keywords and personas, leads, and content offers — take them through a real-life example. For instance, a parent who’s looking for a new school because their child needs X. (Make that “X” something for which your school is known and can be found online with that term.) Using a real-life example will bridge the gap between your marketing-speak and their reality.All the Cool Kids are Doing It Many educational institutions are already having great success with inbound. This includes K-12, higher education, and trade schools. Take a look around and share some effective examples from other schools. You can find some case studies of educational institution inbound successes here.Pay particular attention to the schools getting the type of enrollees that you want at your institution. What kind of campaigns are they running? What does their content priority appear to be?When people at your school see real-world examples of how other schools are benefiting from inbound, their trust factor in inbound’s potential for your own school increases.Reassure Your ColleaguesTrust is critical to getting your stakeholders’ buy-in for a major change. Showing other schools’ success with inbound is just one aspect to earning their trust.The other is to reassure them that while inbound is a shift, it’s not a revolution (not yet anyway). You’re not throwing out all the marketing work you’ve already done. The school isn’t getting rid of current marketing channels that have been working. A PPC campaign that’s been bringing visitors to website and downloads of application materials will continue.Start with small, tightly focused campaigns for quick wins. Don’t make your first proposal a redesign of the school’s entire website. Instead, you might start with an SEO optimization plan for a high priority program page.Be sure to benchmark metrics before the change. Get past performance numbers for metrics such as traffic referral sources, new visitors, repeat visitors, time on page, time on site, and downloads. Then optimize the page for SEO. Use the persona research to craft a powerful CTA to download the program brochure.How is the new page comparing to the old version? Reporting is crucial to prove the value of your inbound campaigns. Fortunately, data and metrics are two of inbound marketing’s virtues. As time passes, show the before-and-after pics. Show you’re willing to have your work measured. Because admissions, faculty, and staff are held to very hard, tight numbers such as student enrollments, test scores, student outcomes, etc., they’ll welcome news that Marketing will also be publicly held to relevant performance metrics. From there, continue with ever-larger campaigns. Optimize more web pages. Revamp the blog. Run a student-generated content social media campaign. Make a premium content offer. Consistent implementation of ongoing inbound campaigns will keep your message about the value of inbound in front of key stakeholders. Each subsequent campaign should build off the success of the last and be a bit more ambitious. This stepped approach eases the transition as more resources go to inbound from older, legacy marketing tactics. Watch as their support and enthusiasm grows.Have an Inbound StrategyAlthough you may be starting small, know from the start where you want to go. After the first quick success, don’t be at a loss about what to do next. Hesitation on your part will undermine the confidence you’ve earned from key stakeholders in making the transition. Your team should brainstorm and layout your inbound strategy as part of your overall marketing, before you bring it to the rest of the school. You don’t need to plan each detail, but do have a strategy and a high-level plan for implementing it.Your plan should include where/when (as early as makes sense) to involve other key stakeholders in identifying goals and success metrics for future inbound campaigns. Getting them involved in developing your school’s inbound strategy ensures it’s aligned with the broader goals of the school. The more “thumbprints” on your plan, the better!Now, your goals are their goals. And it’s more likely they’ll be allies when it comes time to secure budget and resource support for even more sophisticated inbound marketing campaigns.last_img read more

WTA Finals: Ashleigh Barty breezes past Petra Kvitova to storm into semi-finals

first_imgTop-ranked Ash Barty reached the semifinals in her debut appearance at the WTA Finals, beating Petra Kvitova 6-4, 6-2 Thursday to finish with a 2-1 record in the Red Group.Barty, the first Australian woman to earn year-end No. 1 ranking, won her first Grand Slam trophy at the French Open in June and then reached the top of the rankings.”I feel like I executed really well tonight,” Barty said on court. “Overall, I knew I had to come out here and play aggressively, and play to win.”I’m really excited to have another chance to come out and play here on this beautiful court.”Barty saved all four break points she faced in the first set and broke Kvitova’s serve in the fifth game. The Czech player posted 20 unforced errors in the opening set.In the first game of the second set, Barty broke Kvitova’s serve on her third break point and quickly jumped out to a 4-0 lead.Kvitova, who won the season-ending title in her debut in 2011, finished the round robin 0-3 for the second consecutive year.In the late match, Kiki Bertens will play Belinda Bencic with the winner advancing to the semifinals. Bertens entered the tournament as an alternate after Naomi Osaka withdrew on Tuesday with a right shoulder injury.Also Thursday, Bianca Andreescu withdrew from the tournament with a left knee injury. She will be replaced by Sofia Kenin for the final round robin match on Friday against defending champion Elina Svitolina.”I had a scan Thursday to check my knee after last night’s match, and unfortunately the results show that I need to withdraw,” Andreescu said. “I’m very disappointed to not be able to finish the year on my terms, but I am hopeful I will have more chances to play here in the future.”advertisementAlso Read | Paris Masters: Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic clinch contrasting winsAlso see:last_img read more

Wisconsin, Under Armour Release Mock-Up Uniforms For Football, Basketball

first_imgA view of Wisconsin's Camp Randall from midfield.MADISON, WI – SEPTEMBER 10: A general view of Camp Randall Stadium as the Wisconsin Badgers take on the Oregon State Beavers at on September 10, 2011 in Madison Wisconsin. Wisconsin defeated Oregon State 35-0. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)Friday, Wisconsin and Under Armour announced that they’d signed a 10-year partnership worth $96 million, which kicks off next July. It didn’t take long for the duo to release mock-ups of what both the football and basketball teams could look like in 2016. So far, all they’re showing are classic looks with the UA logo. Check it all out:#Badgers officially going @UnderArmour. pic.twitter.com/PdHHRRw6zz— Curt Hogg (@CyrtHogg) October 9, 2015Wisconsin an @UnderArmour school starting July 2016 & lasting 10yrs pic.twitter.com/Bvvbcn7zjT— Darren Heitner (@DarrenHeitner) October 9, 2015Here’s a first glance at how Wisconsin could look with Under Armour. #Badgers pic.twitter.com/ig5UVyZYQw— DailyCardinal Sports (@Cardinal_Sports) October 9, 2015Some new Armour next season. #OnWisconsin #Badgers pic.twitter.com/rjX8l70oDi— Wisconsin Basketball (@BadgerMBB) October 9, 2015We assume we’ll see much, much more in the coming months. Wisconsin fans – what do you think of the first look?last_img read more

Dutch Shipyards’ Retention Rights Undermined?

first_imgzoom Shipyards in the Netherlands may no longer be able to rely on the right to retain a vessel while awaiting payment for work done as a result of a recent decision of the Dutch courts, Rotterdam-based law firm AKD says.According to the law firm, as a result of this unexpected decision, shipyards could be forced to completely rethink their strategy on obtaining security, at a time when money remains tight in the shipping industry. The dispute before the Gelderland Court involved two tankers under construction at the Markerink yard in the Netherlands.Upon completion of building, it was the intention of Rijndec Quality Control to transfer ownership of the vessels to two separate affiliated companies, Rijndec Trading and Rijndec Shipping.The contracts for the completion of the building were signed by Rijndec Trading and Rijndec Shipping, not by Rijndec Quality Control. The project was financed by ING Bank, which held mortgages on both vessels.After some time, it transpired that Rijndec Trading and Rijndec Shipping were no longer able to meet their financial obligations towards Markerink, whereupon the yard exercised a right of retention on the vessels and sought judgment against Rijndec Trading and Rijndec Shipping for a total amount of approximately 1.85m Euros.Soon thereafter, ING Bank and Rijndec Quality Control found a buyer for the ships, and maintained that, since the yard was never going to be able to recover the amounts due from Rijndec Trading and Rijndec Shipping, the vessels ought to be released.The Gelderland Court agreed, holding that the yard was guilty of abusing the right of retention because it had no prospect of being paid by the debtors. AKD partner Haco van der Houven van Oordt pointed out, “It has until now been common practice that a yard is able to exercise a right of retention on a vessel on which it has performed work, until it has been paid. Even if a ship goes to public auction, the yard commonly maintains the right of retention – similar to a lien – and the buyer has to pay the yard all amounts due before being able to take possession of the vessel. “Now, this surprising decision of the Gelderland Court will set alarm bells ringing for yards that do not have claims against the actual owners of vessels. Those yards, which have often relied on the right of retention, may be forced to reconsider their whole approach to such contractual structures. Of course this is currently only a single ruling from the lower court, but it is most definitely a step in the wrong direction for local shipyards at a time of continuing economic uncertainty,” he added.Press Release; Image: Damenlast_img read more

NLNG Turns to Court for Protection

first_imgzoom Bonny Gas Transport Ltd and Nigeria LNG Ltd. have taken steps before the court in New York to protect their vessel LNG Finima and other assets from arrest stemming from OW Bunker bankruptcy case.In addition, the court protection is aimed at shielding the two companies from competing claimants seeking payment for the same parcel of fuel delivered to the vessel, after insolvency of the OW Bunker company.“The invoiced amount is being paid into court to be released to the party adjudged entitled to receive it, and in the meantime no steps can be taken against any Bonny Gas or NLNG assets,” Nigeria LNG Ltd said. “This renders redundant an arrest order obtained last week by the physical supplier in Louisiana, and operations in the Bonny Gas fleet should be able to continue normally and without interruption by any of the competing claimants,” the company added.NLNG is owned by four shareholders, namely, the Federal Government of Nigeria,represented by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC (49%), Shell Gas BV, SGBV, (25.6%), Total LNGNigeria Limited (15%), and Eni International (N.A,) N. V. S. a. r. l (10.4%).last_img read more

Learners Honoured During International Adult Learners Week

first_imgThree Nova Scotians aspiring to be a nurse, an accountant and a paramedic were honoured by Premier Rodney MacDonald in Halifax today, March 6, during a celebration of International Adult Learners’ Week. Sherry LeBouthillier of Halifax, Kelly Carter of Port Williams, Kings Co., and Stephanie Nickerson of Barrington Passage, Shelburne Co., are the winners of a writing contest that challenged adult learners to showcase their talents by expressing their views, describing their challenges and documenting their successes. “Literacy contributes to the strength and productivity of Nova Scotia’s economy and quality of life — and the adult learners who we are honouring today are an important part of our province’s success story,” said Premier MacDonald. “Educating to compete is one of government’s five priorities. We understand that improved literacy can open doors of opportunity for everyone, regardless of age, and this is what we are celebrating today.” International Adult Learners’ Week runs from March 3-9 and will be proclaimed when the legislature sits in the spring. The week recognizes adult learners from across the country and promotes the benefits of life-long learning. This year’s celebrations will focus on the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and what it has done for literacy in Nova Scotia and Canada. “We should all have learning opportunities over a lifetime, no matter where we live or where we fall along the learning line,” said Ann Marie Downie, executive director of Literacy Nova Scotia. “No Nova Scotians should be left behind because they don’t have the education they need to fully participate in the workplace, help their children get a good start in life, or participate in their communities.” The contest drew more than 120 submissions from across the province, with the three winners writing about their dreams and how they plan to reach their education goals. “Winning this contest is proof that you really can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it,” said Ms. LeBouthillier. “I plan to graduate with my Adult High School Diploma and then move on to the nursing program at the NSCC Waterfront Campus.” Ms. LeBouthillier is a mother of three who always dreamed of becoming a nurse. After raising her family and working in the automotive sector for many years, she is now making her dream a reality. “Without the adult learning program and the support I have received from my instructors and mentors, I may have never gained the courage to follow my dreams. I am really glad I enrolled,” she said. The contest was held by Literacy Nova Scotia in partnership with Department of Education and The Canadian Council on Learning’s Adult Learning Knowledge Centre.last_img read more

Perspectives On The dark side of social media

first_imgAPTN National NewsSocial media sites like Facebook and YouTube are becoming more popular by the day.People use them to keep in touch, entertain and sometimes inform.But these sites can also be a platform for hatred and racism.In the last of our three-part series “Perspectives On” social media, APTN National News reporter Noemi LoPinto looks at the dark side.WARNING: Strong language may be offensive to some.last_img

What is lateral violence Kwanlin Dun FN youth say education key in

first_imgNow, a small group of youth in the Yukon are hoping to change lateral violence to lateral kindness.APTN’s Shirley McLean has more. smclean@aptn.ca Shirley McLeanAPTN National NewsGossip, bullying, shaming and blaming are only a few examples of what’s being called “lateral violence”.Some believe the effect is a result of the residential school experience. Although it is a relatively new terminology, many believe that lateral violence runs rampant in Indigenous communities.last_img

SecretaryGeneral calls on people of faith for support in climate change battle

13 November 2007People of faith can help inspire millions of others worldwide to take better care of the planet, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today, calling for a concerted global effort against climate change. In a message delivered on his behalf to the annual United Nations Orthodox Prayer Service in New York, Mr. Ban said slowing or even reversing the existing trends of global warming is “the defining challenge of our ages.”He added that it was hard to contemplate success in such a challenge without the “input and energy of men and women of faith.“All of you can help inspire millions of people around the world to become stewards of our planet. You can guide them towards healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. You can encourage them to conserve more, and to want less. And you can reinforce the belief, fundamental to all religions, that we have a sacred obligation to leave the world a better place for those who will follow.” read more

Pakistan Naval Ships arrive in Colombo on goodwill visit

Pakistan Navy Ship Zulfiquar is the pioneer ship of the sword Class, F-22P Frigate Project. The ship is fitted with state of the art weapons and sensors and caries a Z9EC helicopter. The F-22P Project encompassed construction of 3 frigates in China while the fourth one was constructed at Karachi Shipyard. PMSS Dasht Class 615 Tons Maritime Patrol Vessel (MPV) was designed by MARIC Design House Shanghai, China and being constructed at Xijiang Shipbuilding Company under the contract between Ministry of Defence Production and China Trading Company. Keel of the ship was laid down on 27th May 2016 and subsequently launched on 08th November 2016. The ship commissioned and delivered to Pakistan Maritime Security Agency on 7th April 2017. In a manifestation of the strong political, diplomatic, economic, cultural, and defense ties between the two countries, Pakistan Naval Ships PMSS Dasht and PNS Zulfiquar arrived at the Colombo Naval Dockyard on 3rd May 2017 and 04th May 2017 respectively on a 5-day goodwill visit, the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo said.Pakistan Navy ships make routine Port calls on the ports of friendly countries. Pakistan and Sri Lanka enjoy close friendly relations which has been demonstrated time-to-time. A number of activities of mutual interest are planned between the two navies during the visit, including a reception on PNS Zulfiquar on 5th May 2017 and sports activities. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Starbucks is giving away free Teavana tea today

first_imgThis includes citrus mint green tea with matcha and a chai tea latte.They are also offering more standard tea types including Earl Grey, English Breakfast and chamomile.All Starbucks branches are offering this deal today. Simply enter a Starbucks after 3pm and ask for your free cup.Each customer is only allowed one tea each.The deal lasts until closing time, or midnight at drive-thru stores across the UK. Yes there is, after 3pm! 🙌 https://t.co/G6kyaEjiOK— Starbucks UK (@StarbucksUK) October 3, 2016 Fancy an afternoon cup of tea? Here’s how to get a free one.Starbucks is giving away free cups of tea today to launch its new Teavana range.Now it’s too cold for an iced caramel frappucino, the coffee brand is advertising its new warming tea range.If a bog standard cup of English Breakfast won’t do it for you, the brand is also making frothy ‘tea lattes’.center_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A whole lot of 🍋 ,🍵 & ☀️ . #CitrusMintGreenTeaLatte #GreenTea #TeaLatte #Teavana pic.twitter.com/Q7M7FiBR2m— Starbucks UK (@StarbucksUK) October 4, 2016last_img read more

Indepth update on Atlas Copcos Mobile Miners

first_imgIM contacted Atlas Copco’s Director of Mechanical Rock Excavation, Mikael Ramström and Johnny Lyly, Global Product Manager for Mobile Miners, for further information on the ongoing evolution of the Mobile Miner family of mechanical rock excavation machines, with additional details covered in the IM December 2017 issue. The latest and last of the three model series to be built, the Mobile Miner 40V, that will be delivered to Hecla’s Lucky Friday Ag/Pb/Zn mine, is typically used in small to medium sized tunnels and cut-and-fill mining when you need a tunnel around 4 m x 4 m in size. V indicates that the cutter head is placed vertically as opposed to the H for horizontal on the 22 H. The capacity of Mobile Miner 40V is 10-15 m/day depending on rock type.Atlas Copco confirmed that at Lucky Friday the main use of the machine will be mining of the orebody, but its second use will be for development. At Lucky Friday, for example, a major part of the current works is on developing the 6500 level to connect the #4 Shaft to the orebody. Hecla’s decision to opt for the 40V Atlas Copco says “was based on our successful results from Mobile Miner 22H testing in Twickenham and the modelling works done in our joint R&D project as well as laboratory cutting tests on rock samples from Lucky Friday mine.”As stated, this will be the first Mobile Miner 40V machine to have been built, adding to the Mobile Miner 22H and Mobile Miner 55V machines that already exist. There is now one of each machine in existence making up a comprehensive product portfolio from low/small (22H) over medium (40V) to large (55V) size tunnels. The 22H is typically used in low seam or low profile mining when you need a tunnel as low as 2.2 m and is capable of 10-12 m/day advance depending on rock type. The Mobile Miner 22H will go into “normal operation” at Anglo Platinum’s Twickenham mine starting in early January 2018, following very successful tests that showed there it could achieve over 10 m a day in 140-150 MPa rock hardness. Referred to by Anglo as the Rapid Mine Development System (RMDS), the mining group states: “it excavates a rectangular-shaped tunnel, important for roof stability purposes in platinum mines, for example, as well as providing the flat floor needed by mine vehicles. As well as removing people from areas of most danger underground, the RMDS causes less damage to the overhead walls, thereby reducing the risk of collapse and enables greater ore excavation time as there is no time lost for explosive blasting.”Finally, news on the Mobile Miner 55V that was originally built for Rio Tinto. This machine was sold by Rio Tinto to the Swedish contractor Bergteamet AB who announced the buy in August 2017 and are now considering projects to put it to use. The 55V is designed for mechanical excavation and has been developed for deep mine infrastructure. It can continuously make reinforced tunnels with a size of 5.5 m x 5.5 m, down to a radius of 65  m and with a flat floor. Of course Bergteamet is based in Boliden, Sweden, so the major underground mines in that region may make good candidates for users, such as Renström, Kristineberg and Kankberg. Bergteamet refers to the machine as a Tunnel Boring System (TBS).In late 2015 Master Drilling International Ltd acquired 40% of Bergteamet’s raiseboring division and together with Bergteamet AB they formed Bergteamet Raiseboring Europe AB. Master Drilling said at the time it will use the purchase to leapfrog into European and Middle Eastern jurisdictions in its pursuit of geographical diversity. With the purchase, came entry into the Scandinavian markets that were close to inaccessible to companies outside the region. Master Drilling paid €5m for the 40% stake, and has a three-year period in which to buy the balance.The Mobile Miner product family will belong to Epiroc in the future. It is currently part of the business area Mining and Rock Excavation Technique, which will become part of the new Epiroc. The Mobile Miner product family will follow the same branding policy as all other Epiroc products. An interview detailing the latest news on Epiroc will also feature in the IM December 2017 issue.last_img read more

AI Trained to Recognize DeepSpace Galaxies

first_img McDonald’s Plans to Serve AI Voice Technology at Drive ThruCIMON Returns to Earth After 14 Months on ISS Researchers repurposed a Facebook AI that recognizes people in photos to instead identify galaxies in deep space.The new bot, named ClaRAN, scans radio telescope images in hopes of spotting radio galaxies, which emit powerful radio jets from a supermassive black holes (SMBH).ClaRAN is the brainchild of big data specialist Chen Wu and astronomer Ivy Wong, both from the University of Western Australia node of the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR).Supermassive black holes exist at the center of almost all currently known massive galaxies. In the case of our Milky Way, the SMBH corresponds with the location of Sagittarius A*.According to Wong, these black holes occasionally “burp out” jets that can be seen with a radio telescope.“Over time, the jets can stretch a long way from their host galaxies, making it difficult for traditional computer programs to figure out where the galaxy is,” she explained. “That’s what we’re trying to teach ClaRAN to do.”Based on an open-source version of Microsoft and Facebook’s object detection software, the overhauled program is trained to recognize galaxies rather than people.ClaRAN is also open source and publicly available on GitHub.By combining the data from different telescopes, ClaRAN’s “confidence” level in its detections and classifications is increased. Shown as the number above the detection box, a confidence of 1.00 indicates ClaRAN is extremely confident that the source detected is a radio galaxy jet system and that is has classified it correctly (via Chen Wu & Ivy Wong/ICRAR/UWA)We currently know of about 2.5 million radio sources, but expect to uncover another 70 million with the upcoming Evolutionary Map of the Universe (EMU) survey.EMU is a large project that will use the new Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope to make a census of radio sources in the sky. Traditional computer algorithms should be able to correctly identify 90 percent of those sources.“That still leaves 10 percent, or 7 million ‘difficult’ galaxies that have to be eyeballed by a human due to the complexity of their extended structures,” Wong said.“If ClaRAN reduces the number of sources that require visual classification down to 1 percent, this means more time for our citizen scientists to spend looking at new types of galaxies,” she added.Wong previously harnessed the power of people to spot galaxies through the crowdsourced Radio Galaxy Zoo project.Volunteers from the group helped produce the catalogue used to train ClaRAN—an example of a new paradigm Wu called “programming 2.0.”“All you do is set up a huge network, give it a ton of data, and let it figure out how to adjust its internal connections in order to generate the expected outcome,” he said. “This is the future of programming.”A research paper on ClaRAN was released today in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, published by Oxford University Press.More cosmic coverage on Geek.com:Astronomers Propose New Method for Detecting Massive Black HolesThis Text-Based Lie Detector Can Spot False Police ReportsStephen Hawking’s Voice to Reach Black Hole in 3,500 Years Stay on targetlast_img read more

Christmas ships in the night

first_imgAs the darkness and chill of December close in, there’s a bright, cheery parade you can attend.You can even go night after night for nearly three weeks, if you wish, as the lit-up parade proudly passes by different local viewing sites — bobbing and splashing and twinkling as it goes.It’s the annual flotilla of Christmas Ships on the Columbia and Willamette rivers. This waterborne celebration of the season, which began in 1954, brings out dozens of local boat owners who love decorating their vessels with bright lights and yuletide characters, and taking all that good cheer out on the water for you to admire.Watch this space nearly every day, now through Dec. 21, for The Columbian’s maps of the changing Christmas ships’ routes (except Dec. 3, 4, 5, 11, 12 and 18, which are parade days off). And, check the lavish website at christmasships.org for the complete schedule and optimal viewing spots — including local restaurants where you can watch from the warm, dry comfort of your indoor table. The website also includes photos and videos, a history of the 64-year tradition, ways you can donate, and even tips and tricks for new skippers.Where and whenThis year’s festivities began Friday in North Portland Harbor and continue 6 p.m. today at the boat launch at the Port of Camas-Washougal, 24 S. A St. in Washougal. This will be one of the best viewing opportunities on the north side of the Columbia River this year, and one of the biggest, too, since the whole “combined fleet” from both rivers will be on display.After that, the mass flotilla mostly splits into two fleets. The Columbia Fleet departs at 7 p.m. from the Gleason Boat Ramp in Portland, at Northeast 43rd Avenue and Northeast Marine Drive, and ventures over to our side to strike some seasonal poses. That should make for great viewing from numerous sites along our waterfront, including Vancouver Landing and the restaurants east of I-5, by about 7:30 p.m. Dec. 6, 13, 19 and 21.last_img read more