Nubia Z11 review: New flagship killer in town

first_imgHere’s a quick question. What is the most overrated term used in tech right now: a term, that when prefixed with the name of a gadget, invariably leads to a conclusion that the gadget will most likely be awesome? The answer, if you haven’t guessed already, is- a flagship.The year 2016 was the year of the proverbial flagship smartphone. It was also the year of the proverbial flagship-killer smartphone. While big-ticket flagships have been around for a long time now, the concept of a flagship-killer is relatively new to the world. It’s essentially applied to a phone that has all the ingredients that make a flagship, but comes at half the cost. While OnePlus has been more than vocal about the concept, others like Xiaomi and Meizu have been silently building flagship-killer phones for a while now. ZTE’s offshoot brand Nubia has now joined the bandwagon with the Z11.The Z11 is a gorgeous piece of technology. It’s every bit as powerful as well. The phone, for what it’s worth, costs just Rs 29,999. It is, with due respect, the new flagship-killer in town.The Z11 doesn’t look like an iPhone (or a Samsung Galaxy or an HTC One)And boy, am I glad that it doesn’t. Smartphone design has come to a point — of saturation — when every other smartphone you see either looks like an iPhone, or a Galaxy or a One. There is very little or no innovation happening at all. The Z11 comes as a rare breath of fresh air. It is, without a doubt, one of the most original smartphones that you will find in the Indian market right now. Boasting of an all-metal body, the Z11 looks and feels every bit as premium as the original flagship-killer, the OnePlus 3 (and OnePlus 3T) if not better. It feels nice and cold to the touch, just like the OnePlus 3, or for that matter, any other high-end all-metal body smartphone. It does, 9 out of 10 times, justify its flagship-killer credentials if you were to talk about looks and looks alone. But it’s certainly not perfect.advertisement The Nubia Z11, is without a doubt, one of the most original smartphones that you will find in the Indian market right now It may have a body similar to that of the OnePlus 3, but the Z11 is a different breed altogether. It’s heavier, thicker and a lot sharper in comparison. Depending on how you perceive your ideal smartphone, the aforementioned traits could be deal-breakers (or deal-makers) in the long run. You will most definitely feel the Z11 in your hands at all times, because well, its dimensional parameters (162 gram, 7.5mm) would be hard to ignore. Even though the sides wrap around the mid-frame very aesthetically, chamfers along the edges mean the phone feels a lot boxier in actual usage. It’s not as sharp as a Sony Xperia, but it is close. It is a little slippery as well, but thankfully, the chamfers on-board do a much better job at holding on to your hands than the OnePlus 3.There will be many who wouldn’t mind the Z11’s extra weight (and thickness) as well as sharpness though. The phone — unlike the OnePlus 3 or the Xiaomi Mi 5 — looks and feels a lot sturdier and firmly grounded, after all. I have come across people who find the Mi 5 supremely light and the OnePlus 3 alarmingly slippery. The Z11 will certainly appeal to that audience.The Z11 certainly made a lot of sense to me, only, ergonomically speaking however. Nubia, for some unknown reason, has decided to launch just the black gold version of the Z11 in India (for now). It comes in all-black with gold accents. Honestly, it’s not as flashy as the shimmering gold version of the ZenFone 3 that I recently reviewed, but it is still, a little too flashy for my liking. But, that’s just one opinion, and design is subjective. There are all kinds of buyers, those who like to flaunt and yet others who prefer the sobriety.With the Z11, rest assured, you will get a lot of attentionNot because of its gold accents. Not because of its fiery red circular motifs. But because the phone has almost no bezels. It comes with what Nubia calls an aRC 2.0 bezel-less display that allows the Z11 “to appear thinner and lighter due to significant reduction in thickness of the glass panel” according to the company. That’s a lot of fancy marketing talk, but what does it mean for the average buyer? Well, the Z11 has 2.5D curved Corning Glass 3 on the front. On the inside, the company has – using some clever optics — managed to stretch the length of the main display area ever so slightly so it actually extends beyond the frontal curve. The whole thing – when lit up – gives the illusion that the display is gradually wrapping around the glass and is virtually edge-to-edge. Clever optics or not, what it does for the average buyer is give them more real estate to work upon (an 81 per cent screen-to-body ratio to be precise) without having them to invest in a bigger phablet. Because it has almost no side bezels, the Z11 even though it is a 5.5-inch phone, also feels smaller and a lot more compact than the OnePlus 3.advertisementAlso read: OnePlus 3 review: Flagship killer that will make you want to settle On the inside however, it’s a pretty standard 1080p IPS LCD affair. It doesn’t sound all that convincing on paper. But it’s actually quite good unless of course you’re all gung-ho about virtual reality. The Z11 produces surprisingly accurate colours by default, and also gives you an option to manually tinker about with on-screen saturation for slightly better results. The screen gets pleasantly bright and ambient light sensing works as it should. Viewing angels are excellent, and all that extra real estate gives you plenty of room to breathe, even in outdoor sunny environment.The Z11 has lots of power and lots of gimmicksBecause well a flagship-killer ought to be powerful and there’s no harm in (some) showing off. The Z11 is powered by a 2.15GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor coupled with Adreno 530 GPU and whopping 6 gigs of RAM. You get 64GB of internal memory straight off the bat, and a hybrid expandable slot that supports microSD cards of up to 200GB. The phone supports 4G LTE (VoLTE-ready) and dualSIM via hybrid card slot.The Z11 is able to do justice with its top-notch hardware to a large extent. It breezes past every task– ranging from basic to hard-hitting — that you can throw at it without breaking a sweat. The Adreno 530 GPU inside makes sure all your graphical games run smooth and with minimal drops in frame rate. 6 gigs of RAM inside a smartphone was overkill before the OnePlus 3 happened. It is fast becoming the new normal. 4GB RAM may still be ample for the most of us but seriously, who’s complaining? More importantly, the Z11 doesn’t get hot, even when pushed to the edge. Now that’s a rare trait in this day and age.The mono speaker setup on-board the Z11 can get loud with some distortion at peak volume. It’s not the best sounding speaker in its price range, just a regular affair but at least it gets the job done. Phone calls made with the Z11 are of excellent quality and I did not encounter any odd call drop issues with my review unit. That said, the earpiece volume could have been a little louder.advertisementAlso read: OnePlus 3T review: Best phone in India right now With great power comes great responsibility. That’s where the Z11 falls short of a phone like the OnePlus 3 or even the Mi 5 for that matter. The Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow-based Nubia UI 4.0, even though it is very low on bloat or unwanted apps, seems to be in dire need of optimisation. Due to improper software optimisation, the Z11 feels wanting in the long run. The phone feels slower than the OnePlus 3 that runs an almost stock version of Android. However, most users with a more generalised usage wouldn’t notice the slight stutter or lag that creeps in while navigating between the home screens or opening and closing the apps overview window.Where it falls short in optimisation, it makes up with gimmicks. The Z11 is being marketed as a no-bezel phone, and just so Nubia can emphasise more on this aspect, the phone comes with plenty of ‘edge’ based features. You can quickly select your desktop by holding the edge and swiping inward, you can switch between apps by swiping up or down from the edge, you can swipe repeatedly from the edges to kill background apps and swipe from both edges to adjust brightness. Gimmicks are gimmicks for a reason. Chances are most of us wouldn’t use them ever but it’s still nice to know (and show off) what your phone can do, right?There is life beyond the edge gestures as well. Two features that really stand out in Nubia’s phone are: the split-screen view and super screenshot. While split-screen allows you to simultaneously run two instances of your desktop (and any third-party app) in one go very seamlessly, super screenshot allows you to take long screenshots as well as capture screen recordings by long pressing on the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. Speaking of which, the fingerprint scanner on-board the Z11 works like a charm. It’s fast and super accurate.A surprisingly good camera and surprisingly good battery lifeThe Z11 sports a 16-megapixel — Sony IMX298 — rear camera with f/2.0 aperture, triple image stabilisation (consisting of HIS (Hand-held Image Stabilisation), Optical Image Stabilisation and Electronic Image Stabilisation), and PDAF. It is pretty quick to focus and shutter speed is also good. The phone does point-and-shoot very well, at least most of the time. Should you need more granular control, the Z11 is practically jam-packed with options. Nubia’s Neo Vision 6.0 camera app will take some time getting used to, but once you’re through you’ll really appreciate the level of functionality that it brings to the table. The Z11 is the one and only smartphone in and around its price category to feature a bezel-less display and mind you; it’s more than just a gimmick. It’s very functional too and oh so very good looking The phone is capable of shooting some excellent photos in well-lit and indoor lighting situations with good dynamic range and no metering issues. The phone is also capable of taking excellent bokeh shots or photos with shallow depth of field. Colours are mostly true to source, if a little oversaturated at times, but overall the Z11 has a crazy fine camera.Low-light photos are a hit or miss, but at its price point the Z11 is definitely among the top contenders for the best camera phones of the year in line with phones like the Nexus 5X. XPreviousNextThe phone also gives you an 8-megapixel camera on the front that captures good selfies, with good detail in good lighting. Low-light selfies have some noise.The phone is backed by a 3,000mAh battery and metes out good battery life, if not the best. Mixed usage, which included an hour of video playback, half an hour of GPU-intensive gaming, 45 minutes of basic games, phone calls (to the tune of one hour), some music streaming and YouTube playback along with some web browsing gave me close to 16 hours on the device. A more generalised usage should see most users sail through one to one and a half days effortlessly. The phone supports Quick Charge 3.0 but does not ship with a fast charger in the box.Should you buy it?Yes. The OnePlus 3 (and now the OnePlus 3T) has become the gold standard to beat at around the Rs 30,000 price mark. This is because the OnePlus 3 commands a ridiculously cool spec-sheet and a ridiculously sensible price tag. It is one of those rare case studies where it’s hard to find a catch, simply because there isn’t any. The Nubia Z11 comes very close. If it were not for its wonky software, the Z11 could easily have outsmarted the OnePlus 3 in almost every sense of the word.But then, the Z11 has an ace up its sleeve. It’s the one and only smartphone in and around its price category to feature a bezel-less display and mind you; it’s more than just a gimmick. It’s very functional too and oh so very good looking. It has all the ingredients that make a flagship, but comes at half the cost. It won’t necessarily kill the OnePlus 3. But, it could be a viable alternative.####ZTE Nubia Z11####8/10########Good stuffExcellent build qualityBezel-less displaySurprisingly good camerasGood battery life####Bad stuffWonky softwareRivals are fasterNo fast charger in the boxlast_img read more

Sumariwalla slams countries which did not support IAAF reforms

first_imgNew Delhi, Jan 1 (PTI) International Athletics Federation governing council member Adille Sumariwalla has slammed countries like Jamaica and Ukraine which did not support the radical reforms aimed at cleansing the sport, saying they have done so due to “nonsensical political motive”. A radical governance structure reforms package was passed by the IAAF in a Special Congress in Monaco last month, with 182 member federations voting for it out of 197 present. The 15-point reforms package includes placing more governance power in the hands of the IAAF Executive Board, limiting the number of terms of office for President to three of four years each, among others. Jamaica, Oman, Senegal, Ukraine and Uzbekistan abstained from voting while 10 countries — Benin, Bahrain, Chad, Gambia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Laos, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand — voted against the reforms package. “Why people are against reforms? It reflects very badly on them. When 95 per cent of people are asking for better governance, you dont want better governance, you want to remain in 1940s. It is a shame that these countries abstained or voted against the reforms,” Sumariwalla, also Athletics Federation of India president, told PTI. “Usain Bolt has openly questioned his own association (Jamaica) for not voting for the reforms. There is some nonsensical political motive which I dont know,” he said. Some countries, including Jamaica, a leading athletics country, have reasoned that they were not happy as all the 15 points involving two Constitutions, one of which will come into force this year and the other in 2019, were asked to vote en-bloc and not separately. Sumariwalla said he was disappointed that some countries would give such “lame excuses” as he said all the 15 points were interlinked and need to be voted together. “You cant pass a single-point resolution at a time. If you make a change in one point it will effect other points, another change and it will impact on other points. For example, one is about removal of treasurer. But if you have to vote separately on that point it will have an impact on the executive board, on the elections, on the powers of new executive council. So you cant vote separately on each point. “It is a process, there is a thread going through all of the 15 points and if you cut the thread, there will be no meaning of the reforms,” he said. Sumariwalla said IAAF President Sebastian Coe went to every continent regarding these reforms and got the views of the member countries before they were put to vote. “The president went to every region. Regarding Asia, Coe went to Doha. He went twice to Johannesburg. There were some changes made in the reforms after listening to everybody, then they were put to vote. “Coe said the Integrity Unit will have to start functioning (from April 2017). So, let us pass the reforms now and when we meet at IAAF Congress in London during the World Championships, anybody can put up any modifications. “He (Coe) said if there are any contentious issues, he will bring them up before the General Body and there will be voting on them. Not only the reforms but any point in the Constitution. If there is any contentious issue, Coe said he will bring them up and let the General Body vote,” said Sumariwalla. The AFI President lauded Coe for limiting the term of the IAAF chief to three terms of four years each. “It is a good thing that the term of president is being limited to three. What is wrong with that. In the history of 103 years of the IAAF, there has been only four presidents.” He said athletics will have to innovate and reach out to the youth of the world if it has to remain a leading sport. “We have to move forward, we have to go digital and find innovative ways. For example, we can make youngsters see Bolt running a race on a mobile phone. We need mobile friendly athletics to attract youngsters. There are so many things to do and people are blocking reforms.” PTI PDS PM PMadvertisementlast_img read more

Syed Modi meet: PV Sindhu, Kidambri Srikanth advance to quarters

first_imgP.V. Sindhu, Kidambri Srikanth, B. Sai Praneeth entered the quarter-finals, while H.S. Prannoy and the men’s doubles pair of Mannu Attri and B. Sumeeth Reddy suffered upsets in the pre-quarterfinals of the Syed Modi International Badminton Championships here on Thursday.Also advancing were women’s doubles pairs of Ashwini Ponnappa and N. Sikki Reddy and Aparna Balan and Prajakta Sawant, as Indian 15th seed Harsheel Dani starred with his shocking 21-18 21-18 win over Pronnoy in 35 minutes .Olympic 2016 runner-up Sindhu tamed lower-ranked compatriot Lalita Dahiya 21-7, 21-12 at the Babu Banarasi Das Indoor Stadium. Among other women’s singles notable matches, unseeded Rituparna Das stunned Russian eighth seed Ksenia Polikarpova 21-12, 21-19.Krishna Priya Kudaravalli and Vaidehi Choudhari also entered into the last eight meetings. Vaidehi will be Sindhu’s opponent on Friday.In the men’s singles category, Srikanth moved past compatriot Ansal Yadav 21-15 21-16, while ninth seed B. Sai Praneeth overcame Danish fifth seed Anders Antonsen 21-17, 21-19 in 45 minutes.Sourabh Varma moved past compatriot Lakshya Sen 21-14, 21-16. Sourabh’s brother, eighth seed Sameer also advanced following his win over Malaysian 10th seed Wei Feng Chong 21-15, 21-16.In the women’s doubles category, Ashwini and Sikki eased past compatriots Dimpal Hazarika and Sanghamitra Saikia 21-7, 21-10.The pair of Aparna-Prajakta won over Juhi Dewangan and Aakarshi Kashyap 21-13, 17-21, 21-11.Also moving to the next round were Jakkampudi Meghana and Poorvisha S. Ram, who moved past Deeksha Choudhary and Deepali Gupta 21-16, 21-10 in 23 minutes.However, Indian men’s doubles third seeds Mannu and Sumeeth exited the competition with a shocking 15-21, 21-17, 17-21 loss to unseeded Malaysians Mohamad Arif Abdul Latif and Khim Wah Lim.advertisementSumeeth, however, extended his stay till Friday as he partnered Ashwini to reach the mixed doubles quarter-final following a 21-15, 21-18 win over fellow Indians Rohan Kapoor and Sanjana Santosh.Sanjana’s campaign at the tournament is still alive with she and her doubles partner Arathi Sara Sunil beating Kuhoo Garg and Ningshi Block Hazarika.Sikki won also in the mixed doubles, partnering Pranaav Jerry Chopra for a regular 21-16, 21-15 win against Ketan Chahal and Mohita Sahdev.Prajakta also kept her mixed doubles campaign alive when she paired up with Malaysian Yogendran Khrishnan to beat Tushar Sharma and Tapaswini Samantaray 21-15, 20-22, 21-16.Mixed doubles top seeds Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen of Denmark had it easy as they defeated unseeded Indians Venkat Gaurav Prasad and Juhi Dewangan 21-8, 21-13.last_img read more

IPL: ED notice to SRK, Gauri, Juhi for Rs 73 Cr violation

first_imgunder FEMAMumbai, Mar 24 (PTI) The Enforcement Directorate today issued a show-cause notice to actor Shah Rukh Khan, his wife Gauri, actor-friend Juhi Chawla and others for alleged loss of Rs 73.6 crore foreign exchange in a FEMA case related to the T-20 cricket league IPL.The agency said it has also issued notice to Knight Riders Sports Private Limited (KRSPL) which owns the Indian Premier League (IPL) team of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).The notice has been issued for the sale of some shares of KRSPL to a Mauritius-based firm at a cost lower than their “actual value”, resulting in loss of foreign exchange to the extent of Rs 73.6 crore.The agency said the notice has been issued for “contravention of provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management (Transfer or Issue of Security by a Person Resident Outside India) Regulations, 2000 made under the Foreign Exchange Management Act”.While Gauri is a Director of KRSPL, Khan and Chawla are the owners of the IPL team KKR.The case pertains to 2008-09 when the ED first began investigation against the IPL franchise and its owners.Khan and others have been questioned by the ED multiple times in this case and the actors statement was also recorded under FEMA provisions.A show-cause notice under FEMA laws is issued when the investigation gets completed.Khans company Red Chillies Enterprises Private Limited (RCEPL), the agency said, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Red Chillies International Limited based overseas in Burmuda and is co-owned by Gauri.”In 2008 Red Chillies Enterprises Private Limited formed a special purpose vehicle namely M/s Knight Riders Sports Ltd for the purpose of acquiring IPL franchise rights of the cricket team named Kolkata Knight Riders.advertisement”Initially, the entire share holding of Ms Kolkata Knight Riders Private Limited was with Red Chillies Enterprises and Gauri. After the success of IPL, about two crore additional shares were issued by KRSPL out of which 50 lakh shares were issued to The Sea Island Investment Ltd (TSIIL), Mauritius and 40 lakh shares were issued to Chawla.”These shares were allotted at a par value of Rs 10 whereas the actual value of these shares was much higher,” it said.The ED said its investigation showed that Chawla subsequently sold her 40 lakh shares to TSIIL, Mauritius at the par value of Rs 10 only.”Thus, foreign based company TSIIL was issued 90 lakh shares at par value while the actual cost of share at the time of issue/sale was ranging between Rs 86-Rs 99 per share. This has resulted in loss of foreign exchange to the extent of Rs 73.6 crore,” the agency said.The agency has given 15 days time to all the parties to reply to the notice after which the adjudication proceedings will begin in this case. PTI NES SMNlast_img read more

Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid in Sourav Ganguly’s best XI

first_imgFormer Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has revealed his all-time cricket XI, with only two Indian players featuring in the team which comprises of four Australians, two Sri Lankans, two South Africans and one England cricketer.Ganguly revealed his all-time XI on the Lord’s Cricket YouTube channel, with the criteria being that he had to have played with or against them, or have been strongly influenced by the players mentioned.The 44-year-old, who is currently the president of Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), has decided to go with an opening combination of Australia’s Matthew Hayden and England’s Alastair Cook.Ganguly’s middle-order includes ever-so-dependable Rahul Dravid, followed by Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, South African all-rounder Jacques Kallis, Sri Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara and former Australian captain Ricky Ponting.The former Indian skipper picked paceman Dale Steyn as his fast bowling option alongside former Australian legend Glenn McGrath., Sport24 reported.Reflecting on Steyn’s inclusion, Ganguly said that the South African has been named as his second fast bowling option because of the quality of his bowling and his wicket-taking ability.Meanwhile, spin wizards Shane Warne and Muttiah Muralitharan have been chosen to take care of the spin department.Ganguly, who bid adieu to international cricket in 2008, appeared in a total of 113 Tests for India scoring 7,212 runs and appeared in 311 ODIs amassing 11,363 runs.Ganguly’s all-time XI:Matthew Hayden (Australia), Alastair Cook (England), Rahul Dravid (India), Sachin Tendulkar ( India), Jacques Kallis (South Africa), Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka – wicketkeeper), Ricky Ponting (Australia – captain), Glenn McGrath (Australia), Dale Steyn (South Africa), Shane Warne ( Australia), Muttiah Muralitharanadvertisementlast_img read more

Philanthropy Reconsidered

first_imgDeborah Elizabeth Finn has a great new review of the book, Philanthropy Reconsidered by George McCully. She notes:George explains how our rhetoric (and perhaps therefore our thinking) has shifted, as we’ve moved from the industrial age to the information age in philanthropy. It’s no longer about grand patrons giving away their bounty to the deserving poor – it’s about all of us wanting to make a difference, working together, and investing in the change we want to see in the world.We tend to make use of terms such as “nonprofit” to describe our organizations, thus allowing the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to define not only our sector, but to define the taxonomy by which we understand our missions. In his book, George proposes an alternate taxonomy that he developed in the context of his work with the Catalogue For Philanthropy. He points out the need for terminology not based on postive rather than negative definitions (e.g., “nonprofit” or “nongovernmental”), and a taxonomy that orients us to philanthropy as an integral part of our human mission.I agree with that for sure.It reminds me of what our friends at For Impact like to say: We’re not not-for-profits at heart. We’re for impact. And we need as many people behind that as possible.last_img read more

Got a great video? Get a grant and award!

first_imgIf your organization made a video in 2009, now is the time to enter the 4th Annual DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards, presented by See3 Communications and YouTube! The contest will award a total of $10,000 in grants, funded by the Case Foundation, to the best videos of the year found in the YouTube Nonprofit Program—a special program that YouTube designed to help nonprofits achieve their missions. Submit any video your organization made last year by March 19, when a set of nonprofit and media professionals will select 16 finalists to compete in a public vote among the YouTube community. Awards will go to organizations of all sizes, including a special award for Best Innovation in Video. Now is your chance to get your nonprofit video featured on the YouTube homepage, receive great prizes from Flip Video and Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), and have your work showcased at a screening in Washington DC, hosted by Nomadsland. Winners will be announced on April 10 at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Atlanta. Visit here to enter today!I am a judge for the contest, so I can’t wait to see what you enter!In the meantime, here are tips for great nonprofit video from See3.last_img read more

Humiliated & isolated – why Isco’s Madrid career is in tatters

first_imgReal Madrid, despite being decimated by injuries and struggling for goals across the board since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, are showing no signs of reintroducing Isco to the starting XI under Santiago Solari – but why?The situation is a complex one, especially given the lack of communication coming out of the Spain international’s camp, but Goal will attempt to explain.Firstly, Solari is not a big fan of the four-time Champions League winner’s style of play. The Argentine coach prefers a 4-3-3 system without a recognised number 10 – the very position that the playmaker plays his finest football. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! In addition, Isco has not been in his best form since Solari’s appointment (one only has to watch his performances to note that as fact), but is seemingly showing no interest in training sessions to rectify that situation.Indeed, it is thought that Isco had counted on being given more game time to return to his best, but Solari has no intention of giving additional minutes to someone who seems not to be pushing personal limits to return to 100 per cent match fitness.Instead, Solari prefers players with a good engine and willing to run themselves into the ground for the team. One must only look at Lucas Vazquez, Fede Valverde, Vinicius Jr. and even Brahim Diaz being picked ahead of him to recognise that.Isco, Real MadridSo what chance does Isco have of regaining his spot in the starting XI? Well, he has been named on the bench several times, so there is nothing to suggest that he has been frozen out. It is more likely that his coach won’t place his trust in him until he returns to match fitness.That’s all well and good, you might say, but how does he feel about Dani Ceballos, four years his junior, being introduced off the bench against Betis, with 15 minutes to go and Madrid needing a goal?In general, the people in Isco’s camp are staying quiet, but one look at the player’s face during matches paints a picture of an unhappy and angry young man.One friend of the 26-year-old did speak out via Instagram, however, stating: “Solari has the same idea of football as I do of engineering” before calling the Real boss a “murderer of football”.Aitor Costa Instagram story, IscoAnother large matter of note is the complete lack of public support from Isco’s team-mates – not a single member of the squad has defended him during his time in the wilderness. That could be a suggestion that the players are in agreement with the coach that Isco’s style simply doesn’t suit the club’s football.And let’s not forget being booed by his own fans in Madrid’s clash with CSKA Moscow. Couple that with a lack of support from the club and it’s easy to imagine that a departure from the Santiago Bernabeu could be on the cards as soon as is feasible.So is Isco’s Real Madrid career over? In short: yes. Certainly as long as Solari remains in charge and Isco is not at 100% fitness. Even if Madrid do appoint a new boss in the summer, however, the damage may already be irreversible.What happens next? A January move is unlikely. Even with Castilla players being preferred ahead of Isco, the club are still in tatters with regards to injuries, and a player with such a high profile means negotiations will not be fast.Although he has been linked with Manchester City in the past, Goal understands that a move to the Etihad will not be forthcoming as he does not fit into Pep Guardiola’s plans. Instead, reports suggesting Juventus as a potential destination are probably closer to reality.For now, Isco’s seat on the bench is likely to stay warm until the summer at the earliest.last_img read more

Dedicated party veterans, ex-bureaucrats in Modis chosen nine

first_imgNew Delhi, Sep 3 (PTI) Nine new faces were today inducted into the Union Council of Ministers including four former senior bureaucrats and BJP leaders from Karnataka, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh which are scheduled go to polls next year.Here are their short profiles –1) Sixty-four-year-old Ashwini Kumar Choubey was a health minister in Bihar. A BJP veteran, he was born at Dariyapur in Bhagalpur and did BSc (Hons) in zoology from Science College, Patna University.At present, he represents the Buxar Lok Sabha seat. Married to Neeta Choubey, he has two sons.He played an active role in the JP Movement in the 1970s and was taken into custody during the Emergency. The movement was led by Gandhian socialist Jayaprakash Narayan, who was popularly known as JP.Chaubey is credited for the slogan — “ghar-ghar me ho shouchalaya ka nirman, tabhi hoga ladli bitiya ka kanyadaan”. He has helped in the construction of 11,000 toilets for Mahadalit families.2) Virendra Kumar, 63, is the Lok Sabha MP from Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh.From being the convenor of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) in Sagar in 1977-79 to becoming a Union minister, it has been a long journey for Kumar, who was elected for a sixth Lok Sabha term in 2014.Kumar had participated in the JP Movement and was in jail for 16 months during the Emergency. He hails from the Scheduled Caste community and hold a masters degree in economics and a PhD in child labour.3) Sixty-five-year-old Shiv Pratap Shukla is a Rajya Sabha member from the electorally crucial Uttar Pradesh. The lawyer-social worker was earlier a minister in UP. He was appointed a vice president of UP chapter of the BJP in 2012.advertisementA law graduate from Gorakhpur University, Shukla was imprisoned for 19 months during the Emergency.4) Anant Kumar Hegde, 49, has been a member of the 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th and 16th (present) Lok Sabha from Uttara Kannada in Karnataka. He is an agriculturist by profession.At the young age of 28, he was elected to the Lok Sabha for the first time. During his multiple stints in Parliament, he has served as a member of parliamentary standing committees on finance, home affairs, human resource development, commerce, agriculture and external affairs.He has also been a member of the Spices Board of India for four terms. He is a practitioner of martial art Taekwondo.5) Satya Pal Singh, 61, is a Lok Sabha MP from Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. A 1980-batch Maharashtra cadre IPS officer, he resigned as the Mumbai Police chief to take a plunge into politics.He was honoured by the central government in 2008 for his services with the Antrik Suraksha Sewa Padak and a special medal for extraordinary work in naxal-hit areas of Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in 1990. Singh has written books, including on topics like tribal conflict resolution and naxalism.Born in Basauli village in Baghpat, he has MSc and MPhil degrees in chemistry, an MBA in strategic management from Australia and an MA in public administrationnas well as a PhD on the naxalite movement.6) Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, 49, is a Lok Sabha member from Jodhpur in Rajasthan. He is also a national general secretary of the farmers wing of the BJP.A sports enthusiast, Shekhawat has participated at the national and all-India inter-university level in basketball. He currently is a member of the All India Council of Sports and the president of the Basketball India Players Association.He has MPhil and MA degrees in philosophy from Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur.7) Hardeep Singh Puri, 65, is a 1974-batch officer of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and served as Indias Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 2009 to 2013.Known for his experience and expertise in foreign policy and national security issues, he is the president and chairman of the think-tank Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS). He was also the vice president of the International Peace Institute, New York.His four-decade career in diplomacy included critical roles as Indias ambassador to Brazil and the United Kingdom, and the Permanent Representative of India to Geneva.An alumnus of The Hindu College, Delhi University, Puri was a student leader and active during the JP Movement. He briefly taught at St. Stephens College in Delhi before joining the IFS.8) Raj Kumar Singh, 64, is a former IAS officer of the 1975-batch Bihar cadre and a former Union home secretary. He is a member of the current Lok Sabha representing Arrah in Bihar.Singh studied English literature at St. Stephens College and is a law graduate. He also studied at the RVB Delft University in the Netherlands.advertisement9) K J Alphons Kannanthanam, a Kerala-cadre IAS officer from the 1979 batch, quit the service in 2006 to join politics. He was also a practicing advocate.Kannanthanam was known as the demolition man during his stint at the Delhi Development Authority between 1992 and 1995 for having ordered razing of thousands of illegal constructions.He began his political journey by becoming an independent MLA backed by the CPI(M) in Kerala in 2006, but joined the BJP in 2011. He is not a member of either House of Parliament.Born in a non-electrified Manimala village in Kottayam district to a World War II veteran, he pioneered the literacy movement in India as the district collector of Kottayam by making it the first 100 per cent literate town in the country in 1989.He was elected as an Independent member of the Kerala Assembly from Kanjirappally in 2006.Kannanthanam is a member of the committee set up to prepare the final draft of the National Education Policy, 2017. He has authored a book — Making A Difference. PTI Team ADS SC DIPlast_img read more

Responsibility of top sides to ensure integrity of cricket is upheld: Brian Lara

first_imgWest Indies legend Brian Lara has called on the top sides in world cricket to “to ensure that the integrity of the game is upheld”. Delivering the MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey lecture at Lord’s, Lara said that the leading sides of the world have a responsibility to “show the way and lead the way” in which the game is played.”The highest-ranked team in the world has the responsibility to ensure that the integrity of the game is upheld every single time they play,” ESPNcricinfo quoted Lara as saying.”And that the spirit of cricket is with them every time they enter the field,” he added.The 48-year-old felt that there were occasions in the 1980s and early 1990s when the tactics employed by the West Indies sides resulted in them “playing the game in a way it should never, ever be played.”The legendary cricketer further said that despite West Indies dominating in that period of the game and being accustomed to victory after victory, he was “not very proud of” that time.He raised the notorious 1980 series against New Zealand when Colin Croft shoulder-barged an umpire and Michael Holding kicked over the stumps in frustration. Along with this, he also raised the two series against Pakistan in 1988 and England in 1990 when he suggested West Indies employed a certain amount of gamesmanship to win at any cost.”I grew up at a time when West Indies dominated the world. For 15 years from 1980, the West Indies never lost a Test series. And just before that, Colin Croft decided he was going to take a piece out of Fred Goodall’s shoulder and ran into him during a Test Match,” he said.advertisement”Michael Holding decided he was no longer a cricketer, he was a footballer and he kicked a stump. I’m sure the occurrences during that period had a big effect on cricket,” he added.The former left-handed batsman admitted of being “embarrassed” when a series of umpiring decisions helped West Indies defeat Pakistan in 1988.He also referred to events in the 1990 series against England and suggested that seeing his heroes behave in such a manner was “one of the saddest moments in the world”.”As a West Indian, I was truly embarrassed. As a young cricketer who looked up to a lot of the individuals in the team, it was one of the saddest moments in the world,” he said.”For me, I felt the West Indies being the best team in the world needed to play cricket in a different way,” he added.last_img read more

Familiar failings at back undermine Liverpool F.C. ambition

first_imgLiverpool’s 5-0 loss to Manchester City on Saturday can be written off as the consequence of a contested red card that left Juergen Klopp’s team down to 10 men for nearly an hour, but that cannot totally mask some worryingly familiar failings.While Klopp focused his critical words on his forwards’ inability to create enough and take their opportunities, it was the performance at the other end that will be causing Liverpool fans most concern.Klopp had targeted Southampton’s Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk during the transfer window but was unable to get his club to agree to a deal.He may yet regret not abandoning that goal and finding another central defender.On Saturday, with Dejan Lovren not fully fit, Estonian Ragnar Klavan partnered Joel Matip in the centre of defence and the pairing was far from convincing.City prised open the Liverpool defence far too easily with simple through balls on the ground, through the middle, feeding the always dangerous Sergio Aguero.That was the route that brought the opening goal, when the two teams still had a full contingent of players on the field, when Kevin De Bruyne split open the defence and the Argentine finished with ease.Then, after the red card, De Bruyne floated in a cross from the left which Gabriel Jesus headed home. A reprieve came from the visitors in the form of the linesman’s flag but minutes later, the warning proved to be unheeded as the exact same method produced the same result — a Jesus header and the game effectively over at 2-0.advertisementAfter the break, Klopp moved midfielder Emre Can into a central back-three but Liverpool were also struggling in the wide positions.Trent Alexander-Arnold, the 18-year-old right back, struggled at times, and there is a lack of experience in that position where the alternative, Joe Gomez, is only 20.Klopp is clearly keen to blood some young players but perhaps the solid and dependable James Milner may yet again prove to be a decent option.The question marks over Liverpool’s defence arose again on the opening day of the season when they were far too leaky in a 3-3 draw at Watford.EXHILARATING WINBut a 1-0 win over Crystal Palace and then the exhilarating 4-0 win over Arsenal put those concerns out of mind as the attacking trio, Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, sparkled.With the addition of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who made his debut as a second-half sub at the Etihad, and the impending return to the side of Brazilian Philippe Coutinho, there is enough quality in the midfield and attack to keep Liverpool in the top four.But it will need a much tighter and more alert back line if Klopp is to get Liverpool even close to the title they have now been without for 27 years.last_img read more

360i Wins Best Social Campaign at this Year’s Creative Media Awards

first_imgA few months back, some intrepid creatives at 360i – with the backing of any equally intrepid brand – sent a regular guy on a cross-country mission with nothing but a refrigerated truck of Oscar Mayer’s new Butcher Thick Cut Bacon. Food, gas, lodging and other necessities would have to be bartered for along the way. Using only bacon.Although we knew the brand’s new product was as good as gold, we weren’t entirely sure our man Josh Sankey would make it on this solo mission. What we did know was that with the help of social media, he’d have a fighting chance.In the end, Josh made it 3,125 miles from New York to California. And at last night’s Creative Media Awards ceremony, “The Great American Bacon Barter” was named the best social media campaign of the year.Media Magazine’s Creative Media Awards competition honors creativity in the media industry, recognizing the great thinking behind great campaigns along with the actual execution of the idea. Past winners in this category include CP+B for “Shocking Barack” and AgencyNet and Island Def Jam for “Rihanna: Unlocked.”Congratulations to the entire team at 360i and Oscar Mayer for this distinction.You can read and watch the case study in our Portfolio.last_img read more

The #ChangeAgents: How Has Mobile Changed Your Business? [VIDEO]

first_imgThis is Part IV of a week-long video series about how senior marketers are approaching the shifting consumer landscape.Not only has mobile caused a sizeable shift in the way business is done, but it has also created huge opportunities for business growth. Mobile connects the digital world with the ‘real’ world and allows brands to connect with consumers wherever they may be – and to do so in real time.Tomorrow, we’ll share Part V of our series, focusing on the question: ‘How Do You Foster Innovation?’ Join the conversation in the comments below or on Twitter by using the #ChangeAgents hashtag.Cover photo via Flickrlast_img read more

360i #FuelGood Project Turns Data into Donations

first_imgThis quarter, 360i launched the #FuelGood Project – an employee-initiated program designed to get our agency more physically active while supporting some of our favorite charities.The program was inspired in part by the explosion of fitness monitoring technologies – Nike+ FuelBands, Fitbits, Jawbones, etc. – that turn physical activity into digital data. These and other wearables are tailor-made for social platforms, as friends can monitor each other’s data and compete with one another to be more active.For the #FuelGood pilot, we leveraged the digital and social core of Nike+ FuelBands to transform data into donations to the Harlem Children’s Zone, a fantastic organization that we’ve been honored to partner with for more than three years.To start the initiative, we purchased and distributed FuelBands among pilot program testers including 360i New York’s soccer team (360i FC). Employees were encouraged to use their wearables during times when they were planning on being active – e.g. playing in a game or running a 5K. The devices were each synced with a company account, where points were aggregated across all devices.Each point the 360i community earned contributed to care packages of school supplies, snacks and dorm essentials for Harlem Children’s Zone graduates who are now college freshmen.As the program builds out in 2014, the agency is accepting proposals outlining employees’ fitness goals (e.g. “run a marathon”) and chosen charities. One team each quarter will be selected to join together to earn points that equate to donations from 360i to the charity of their choice. And the more active we are as an agency, the higher our collective point total will be on the lobby scoreboards that monitor our progress.A core group of advocates for #FuelGood within the 360i community has proved vital in drumming up interest. Since the program launched, more than 60 employees have joined the cause, earning over 2 million #FuelGood points amounting to several rounds of charitable donations.For marketers looking to pair social good with traditional marketing efforts, here are some takeaways from the pilot launch of #FuelGood:If used creatively, technology has the power to bridge seemingly disparate goals (i.e. personal fitness, or in this case employee wellness and social good), creating mutual benefit and building community.A good, strategic partnership is key and should be one that is rooted in both a truth of  the organization and the people they wish to engage. Not only were our digitally-minded employees really into the idea of utilizing wearables, but we were also able to nurture this passion while simultaneously strengthening a long-standing partnership with HCZ.Keep the barriers low and the payoff high. Provide people with a tool, mechanism or experience that empowers them to make a difference – without demanding significant behavior change. We know 360i employees are active, so our goal was to incentivize even more physical activity rather than initiate a new behavior altogether.Don’t under-estimate the value of a tangible and visual representation of digital efforts (like our prominent scoreboard). The closer a digital experience is to its real world payoff, the better.Cultivating a small but vocal group of advocates can be crucial to any initiative’s success. The social sharing and engagement that #FuelGood generated on Instagram and Tumblr led to greater buzz around the office and sustained participation. In fact,  360i FC has never had so many players and spectators for their highly competitive 7 vs. 7 co-ed soccer matches as they did this season– and has never done so well (they went on to win the league championship).#FuelGood represents the kind of win-win situation that the merger of technology and social media makes possible, with digital actions translating into tangible, real world benefits. We look forward to watching the program grow in 2014 and beyond.Lucas Shanks, Creative at 360i, contributed to this report.last_img read more

360i Press Release: 360i Bolsters Executive Leadership Team with Appointments of Maicon, Malko and Perkins

first_imgNEW YORK — September 8, 2014 — 360i has elevated three executives to newly-created C-Suite positions that support the agency’s ongoing growth and expansion. Effective immediately, SVP of Strategy Lee Maicon becomes Chief Strategy Officer, VP of Marketing and Operations Amanda Malko becomes Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Finance David Perkins becomes Chief Financial Officer. These executive leaders will take on expanded responsibilities as the 700-person agency continues to grow its position as the leading agency partner for digitally-centric marketers.“More marketers are turning to us to help them develop the right go-to-market strategies in an increasingly complex media landscape, and Lee, Amanda and Dave have all had an indelible impact on continuously evolving our agency to meet this demand for true digitally-centric communications leadership,” said Sarah Hofstetter, CEO of 360i.The executive promotions come after a year in which the agency developed both digital and through-the-line programs for clients like Clinique, HBO, Toyota, Scotts Miracle-Gro and New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation. This year also marks major new business wins for the agency, including being named integrated media buying and communications planning for Pernod Ricard USA.Maicon will oversee strategy and planning at 360i, fuelling the agency’s leadership in combining data, insights and creativity to help brands engage consumers and achieve their goals. Since joining the agency in 2010, he has developed 360i’s strategy capabilities and built a diverse and fast-growing team of integrated strategic and creative problem solvers, while helping clients better organize and align their marketing to take advantage of shifts in technology and consumer behavior. His impact on clients and the agency is evident in his involvement in key new business wins; in the storied work 360i has done for its clients; and in his significant contributions to building 360i’s culture of curiosity.As CMO, Malko will lead 360i’s positioning, branding and communications, to differentiate 360i and attract great clients and talent. She will also continue to oversee the agency’s new business strategy. Since joining the agency in 2007, Malko has played a key role in building 360i’s business and reputation as a leading digital agency recognized for its innovative work and thought leadership. She led the agency to evolve its reputation from search and social to attract more robust strategic partnership opportunities with brands, while positioning 360i to win the industry’s most prestigious recognitions and awards.As CFO, Perkins will oversee the agency’s finance, IT and legal operations. Since joining 360i in 2013, he has advanced and streamlined the agency’s financial operations and delivered efficiencies as the company grows. Perkins brings strong financial and through-the-line operational experience to 360i. Prior to 360i, he served as SVP and Director of Finance & Operations at RAPP New York where he oversaw the creation of standardized systems to improve agency efficiencies and workflows, and he was a Vice President and Finance Director at Digitas.“Building out our executive leadership team keeps us poised to continue evolving our capabilities and the caliber of work we produce for our clients, and I’m confident that Lee, Amanda and Dave will help take our agency and our clients to the next level,” added Hofstetter.last_img read more

Reimagine [Almost] Everything: What Worked Before to What’s Right for Now

first_imgIn 2016, our industry continues to rapidly shift from TV-led to digitally led marketing, making it more important than ever for marketers to reimagine their approaches to marketing and take steps to move the industry forward.To kick off the new year, we’re sharing a page from our Marketing Leadership Playbook week by week, to help set marketers up for success in this digitally led era. This post marks the third of our Marketing Leadership Playbook blog content series “Reimagine (Almost) Everything.”****In Post III of our Series, our Chief Strategy Officer Lee Maicon reminds us that, “What got us here, won’t get us to where we need to go next.” Tweaking last year’s marketing plans for a version ‘2.0’ will not yield marketers the brand success they are capable of seeing in the digital age. We are in the age of new approaches, “Decisions can now be driven by real-world data, behaviors and cues, allowing marketers the flexibility to optimize performance in days where it once took years, and to create campaigns that are right for right now,” reports Lee. By treating strategy as constant set of decision making, marketers can tap into incredible opportunities to build larger brand audiences and deeper connections.Lee shares four ways for marketers to strategically get ahead in 2016, including tips on gathering decision making insights, takeaways from our client case studies, and inspiration around finding reasons for consumers to believe.Marketer Takeaways: Make Strategic Choices on Current Data. Consumers act, and their actions produce a wealth of data marketers can tap into for strategic planning. “These data points are often leading indicators for where the broader population is going and where brands need to be right now,” says Lee. He touches on the key tools and data trends for brands to consider for when developing a strategy, including social listening, search trends, and Application Program Interfaces (APIs). Plan for a Second Act. Don’t only plan for the possible negative contingencies, but set aside a fund for a ‘Part II’ or even ‘Part III’ for when campaign results come in positive. “Now more than ever, marketing ideas and activations need to exist as part of a bigger whole, a point along the path to telling a great story,” Lee shares.To download the full Playbook click here. To read more on how to reimagine digital as an organizational mindset, scroll to page 10.In case you missed it, be sure to check out Post I of the series: “Reimagine (Almost) Everything: Establishing New Success Metrics,” and Post II of the series: “Reimagine (Almost) Everything: Digital as an Organizational Mindset.”Cover photo via Huffington Post. Find Hidden Differentiators by Combining Feelings to Believe with Reasons to Believe. “Research continues to prove that even if a product or service can be differentiated in its rational qualities, or reasons to believe, people over time will not be convinced of its superiority,” says Lee. Brands must tap into consumers’ feelings to believe.center_img Provide Briefs That Focus on Business Problems Rather Than Tactical Outputs. Bad briefs are unfortunately far more common and typically too tactful. Lee shares the importance of developing briefs that focus on challenges brands are currently facing. “Strong briefs frame problems clearly first, provide insight into the consumer or category second, and then pose a strategic direction that can open up possible solutions.” Strong briefs lead to better ideas, which lead to better work.last_img read more

360i Welcomes Chief Operating Officer, Andrea Terrassa

first_imgWe’re thrilled to welcome Andrea Terrassa to 360i as our Chief Operating Officer. Andrea will serve as a key member of our executive team, responsible for driving growth and efficiency across all capabilities and clients.Andrea TerrassaCommenting on Andrea’s arrival, our CEO Jared Belsky said: “Andrea has earned a reputation in the industry for her ability to tackle complex challenges with an exceptionally high standard of integrity, and in close partnership with her teammates and clients. As we continue to broaden our capabilities and create more customized client engagements, Andrea will help us make ongoing improvements to how we operate so that our talent can focus on doing what they do best as they help our clients capitalize on change.”When asked why she is looking forward to joining us, Andrea noted: “The modern marketplace’s demand for agency partners that can provide a breadth of deep specializations at scale can be a complex operational undertaking for agencies. I’m happy to be joining 360i at such a pivotal moment in the marketplace, as the power of their integrated agency model increasingly earns the attention of progressive marketers. I look forward to working hand-in-hand with the team to create smart, effective ways of working that empower the team at 360i to do the best work of their careers.” Andrea joins us from Red Fuse, a WPP agency that integrates multiple companies and capabilities to service one of the network’s largest global clients. As a founding member and Chief Operating Officer at Red Fuse, Andrea was instrumental to the construction and evolution of the company and played a leadership role in areas including client contracts and contractual compliance, finance, reporting, delivery, project management, production and information technology.Andrea was part of WPP for nearly 20 years, having joined Y&R from its Colombian subsidiary in 2000 before moving to New York in 2002. During the first half of her career with WPP, Andrea held varying local, regional and global roles in Account Management and Client Finance. In 2009, upon receiving her MBA from Columbia Business School, Andrea formally made the move into Operations.Andrea’s appointment is the latest in a series of promotions and new hires amongst our executive team, including Raig Adolfo joining as Chief Strategy Officer , Sarah Hofstetter moving into a role as Chairwoman, Jared Belsky becoming CEO, and Abbey Klaassen being named President of 360i NY.last_img read more

MintFamily with Beth Kobliner: How Do I Start Saving for My Child’s College Education?

first_imgDid you know Giving USA reported that in 2018, Americans donated over $410 billion dollars?! It’s around this time of year especiailly that giving back becomes top of mind for many. Whether it’s for a particular occasion or we’re looking… Full Story,Dressing up for Halloween is one of the best parts of the holiday, especially if you’re a creative person. But buying a Halloween costume can get expensive, with many costing more than $50 a pop. And unless you plan to… Full Story,Open enrollment season is here!   We’re expecting to receive a big packet from human resources with all the options and benefits that our employers’ offer. While I won’t say that this is an exciting thing, we are eager to go over… Full Story,What are some of the biggest lessons you received about money growing up? For me, a few things stand out. We didn’t get too many formal lectures about money, but from time to time, I’d get a lesson sprinkled in here… Full Story,As the year winds down, you may find your spending picks up. With holidays approaching, families may be preparing for trips to see their loved ones or they’re buying gifts. However, if you haven’t been saving beforehand, it can mean… Full Story,While Raleigh is not exactly super close to the beach (we used to have a tiny apartment right across the street from the Chesapeake Bay when we were first married), it’s pretty easy to hop in our car and have… Full Story,How much money are you planning on spending this year during the holidays? For the average American family, it’s a good chunk of change. During the 2017 holiday season, Bank of America found that of those surveyed, they spent on… Full Story,It’s amazing how things change when you have kids. Before kids, weekend getaways and trips were fairly easy. When we needed to take a break, I remember we could look at the calendar and twenty minutes later, have a few… Full Story,How much does your family spend on food? If you’re like most, food is one of your top three expenses (the other two being housing and transportation). While it’s an essential expense for sure, but when digging around those receipts,… Full Story,If you’re a parent, helping your kids avoid or minimize college debt is a goal you’d like to help them tackle. Right now the average price for a public four-year college is $25,290 in-state ($40,940 out of state) while a… Full Storylast_img read more

Setting Your Sights on Reaching Your Financial Goals

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